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wake med qs

california_love8california_love8 549 replies548 threads Senior Member
edited July 2006 in Wake Forest University
1. Hey I wanted to know if Wake has a ba/md program
2. How good is the undergrad med program and do they give special attention to people that attended undergrad for their med school?
3. Is their med school any good?
4. How does this school compare to versus Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill...please no basketball or sports analogies..
5. Do I have a chance at admission into both their BA/MD is applicable or the school in general given:

*I am an Asian Indian from one of the best high schools in oregon (won top AP school award this year) and am top 10% in a 500+ class.

*Freshman year:
Lit 9-A, A with honors both sem
Spanish 1-A,A
Social Studies-A,A
Health 1 (req)-A
PE (req)-A
Adv. Algebra 2-A, A
SAT Verbal prep-A
SAT math prep-A
10th Grade Science-A, A with honors both sem

*Sophomore Year (really messed up):
Lit 10-A, A with honors
AP Chem- B, A
Precalc-A, B
Social Studies-B (note: can I explain a grade anywhere because this grade was ridiculous), A
Physics 2-A,A
Spanish 2-A,A
Band-A,A (needed for an EC)
Health 2-A (req)
PE-A (req)

*I'm projecting to finish high school with around a 3.7 or 3.6 UW...maybe even 3.5 worst case senario in IB diploma (aka f-ing hard) classes.

*Varsity tennis 4 years
*Science Team 4 years
*World Quest Trivia 4 years
*Science Club VP
*Math Club VP
*Portland Youth Philharmonic 3 years
*National Youth Leadership Forum in Medicine Nominee
*National Honor Roll
*Mathfest Algebra 2 1st place fresh year
*OIMT Participant Fresh Year
*Mathfest Participant sophomore year
*Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Rising Star Program (will have 150+ hours done)
*Mathcounts Tutor (about 30+ volunteer hours)
*expecting to work a lot to get around 2000-2100+ on SAT, 30+ on ACT
edited July 2006
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  • ginnyvereginnyvere 923 replies6 threads Member
    We don't have a BA/MD program. To my knowledge, there isn't a BA/MD program in North Carolina.

    I've been very happy with the pre-med program here. There isn't a pre-med major, but for people who are pre-med, there are lots of resources available. I've heard that a student from Wake undergrad does have more chance of getting into Wake Med. School, but they always say that the only place it comes into play is if there are two students who are more-or-less tied with each other. In that scenario, we're told that the student from Wake is most likely to get the spot.

    When you ask about how the school ranks to Duke or Chapel Hill, I assume that you're talking about the undergrad school. I've loved it here, and I think that most people really do. Carolina is a great school, but it's huge, and I really like going to a small school where my teachers can actually get to know me. Compared to Duke, for me there's no real reason that I didn't go to Duke other than that, when I was on campus, I just didn't like it all that much.

    Wherever you go to college is going to be a personal choice. You shouldn't choose a school based on who has the best medical school or even who has a medical school. The bottom line is that if you do well enough at almost any four-year college and on your MCATs, you can get into medical school.
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  • mkm56mkm56 3009 replies53 threads Senior Member
    East Carolina has a BA/MD program. Their school is geared towards primary care physicians. My son chose Wake over Chapel Hill due to the smaller class sizes and no TA instruction (except in labs). My D.-in-law graduated from Chapel Hill and spoke often of huge classes and many taught by TAs. If you want to know your profs, a smaller school makes that easier.
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  • emsibdnemsibdn 762 replies52 threads Member
    "Sophomore Year (really messed up):" ?!?! What's your definition of failure? Relax, man/girl/whathaveyou. Ginny knows all the med stuff, so she's probably on the money.
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