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team_ventureteam_venture 68 replies6 threads Junior Member
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Does anyone know the average cost of books at Wake? Wake recommends $1000 on the DeaconOne card, but they don't cost that much right?
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Replies to: Books?

  • borntorunborntorun 102 replies1 threads Junior Member
    i averaged $600 a semester
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  • shaffer144shaffer144 10 replies0 threads New Member
    Mine was about $500 for the first semester. The second semester I bought my books online and I saved about $200. As long as you have them express shipped, and make sure that you get the right ISBNs from the bookstore, it can save you a lot of money. Also, at least from my expirence, the more sciences that you have, the higher your book cost will be.
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  • saketmsaketm 372 replies29 threads Member
    books are that expensive? wow!
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  • ginnyvereginnyvere 923 replies6 threads Member
    I'm a science student (science textbooks are notoriously expensive), and my books generally run about $500 a semester. That's if I buy them from the bookstore. If I feel like I have time, I'll order them used online. Personally, I can't see why Wake recommends $1000 on your Deacon Card. With the new meal plan, I would never come even close to using a thousand dollars even with textbooks.

    If you do put on more than you can use, the balance keeps rolling over until you do use it, and if you put on less than you can use, it's really easy to add more. You can't really go wrong.
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  • juba2jivejuba2jive 983 replies18 threads Senior Member
    Amazon.com or Half.com is a lot cheaper than the bookstore. There's a couple of things you'll HAVE to buy at the bookstore, like lab manuals and stuff, but otherwise, I try to avoid buying there.

    I basically did the same thing as shaffer, bought through the bookstore first semester and paid ~$600, went through Amazon second semester and paid half that.

    I agree - I have no idea why they recommend so much a semester on your card. I had less than $1000 and it took me all year to spend it. Actually, I'm not putting any on my card this year because it just seemed like "funny money" to me and I felt like I wasn't aware of how much I was spending...
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