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Please chance me for wake forest!

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High school junior, USC is one of my top choices

Sex: Male
State: NJ
School: Public (no religious affiliation)
Religion: Roman Catholic

GPA: 4.25 weighted, 3.7 unweighted (all A's and B's)
Freshman year
Honors LA I (B+), Honors Bio (A), Honors World History (A-), Geometry (A),
Spanish II (A), Photography (A), Band (A), Phys Ed (A)
Sophomore Year
Honors LA II (B+), Honors Chem (A-), AP US 1 (A-), Honors Alg 2/Trig (B),
Spanish III (A), Computer Applications (A), Band (A-), Phys Ed (A)
Junior Year
Honors LA III (B), Honors Physics (B), AP US 2 (B), Honors Precalc (B),
Honors Spanish IV (A), Technical Drawing (A+), Phys Ed (A)
Senior Year Schedule
AP LA IV, AP Bio, AP Environmental Science, AP Spanish V, Calculus, Phys Ed
How much will my bad junior year grades affect their decision?

SAT: 1990 (570 CR, 730 Math, 690 Writing). Going to retake to get CR up.
ACT: 28
SAT 2's: Spanish 500 (haha) math II 600. I'll probably take these again. How big of a deal are these tests? I heard they are only used for placement.
AP US History: 5

Technical editor for school newspaper 10, 11
editor in chief 12
Newspaper photographer 9
Varsity golf 10, 11, 12
Swim team 10, 12
Marching band 9, 10, 11
Concert band 9, 10
Junior jazz band 9, 10
FBLA 10, 11, 12 (treasurer senior year)
Nominated for Understanding American Business, a summer business leadership conference. For anyone that is wondering, I went. (This probably counts as a special award/ hook, but I'm not sure)
Peer counseling 11, 12 (shows excellent character and leadership qualities)
Academic team 11, 12
Student council treasurer 11
National Honor Society 11, 12
I've been taking weekly guitar lessons since 6th grade
I am also in a rock band with some of my friends in which i play lead guitar. We write our own music and play gigs regularly. We were finalists in 2 state-wide battle of the bands competitions out of approximately 300 bands.

Volunteer hours- not many, probably only like 100 or so hours.
CCD teacher at local church 11, 12
Antioch retreat team member at local church 11, 12
Volunteered at some hospital charity events
Confirmation service hours
I also have a summer internship in the office of an NJ Assemblyman. I'll be getting a recommendation letter from him, and I assume this looks impressive.

I really want to attend a school I know I will enjoy (particularly warm climate) and a school that has a strong study abroad program. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!
I also have trouble with a choice of major, so I'll probably apply undeclared everywhere.

Please give me feedback! I hope I get in!

PS- sorry this says USC at the top. I just can't go up and change it since I'm typing on an iPod touch.
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