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futurebankerfuturebanker 78 replies23 threads Junior Member
edited September 2010 in Wake Forest University
chances please
catholic school
multiracial (white/asian)

GPA UW 3.6 W 4.0 , i hav a significant upward trend after a bad freshman year
ACT 31 (E:35 M:28 R:30 S:32 W:8)
will have taken 3 APs by the time i graduate
havent taken sat2 yet

solid ec's
around 100 hours as an assistant basketball coach
on nationally ranked high school volleyball team, and very competitive club team, this takes up like all of my time outside of school so i dont hav other great ec's other than a few clubs im a member of

edited September 2010
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  • njmomnjmom 374 replies24 threads Member
    futurebanker- you sound like a solid applicant, but I would send your ACT as it is very good. Make sure you express your passion to volunteer for your team in some way. Most colleges are somewhat understanding of a shaky freshmen year, an upward trend is nice to see, so do not worry about that much. Best of luck to you!
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  • futurebankerfuturebanker 78 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the feedback!
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  • futurebankerfuturebanker 78 replies23 threads Junior Member
    any other chances? also how good would u say the business program is? r ther a good amount of kids from the midwest?
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  • willmingtonwavewillmingtonwave 3183 replies161 threads Senior Member
    The business program is very good. Business Week ranked Wake #1 (tied with Wharton at UPenn) for undergraduate business academic quality.
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  • futurebankerfuturebanker 78 replies23 threads Junior Member
    thanks for the input, can anyone else please chance me??!!
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  • cocoabeancocoabean 11 replies0 threads New Member
    My son is a Freshman at Wake (and loving every minute of it) - his stats are similar to yours. Hispanic/white from catholic school in the midwest. All the other is very similar. He scored a 1990 on SAT's and submitted those scores.

    He made a campus visit and did his interview on campus. He submitted two teacher recs which I'm sure were very good. He also made sure that when he interviewed and wrote his essays that he spoke and wrote from the heart and did not say or write what he thought they wanted to hear. If they didn't like what he had to say or write then it wasn't a good school for him.

    The Business School at Wake is excellent. It is not easy to get into because they have more students than openings. Last year, they had room for 225 students and 325 students applied. Based on these numbers, they ended up with a gpa cut off of 3.25 but they also look at your grades in three classes: Math 111, Econ 150 and Accounting.

    Good luck
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