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W&L vs. Davidson

cbrandcbrand 229 replies19 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
4) Davidson and W&L are very similar on paper - but very, very different experiences. Some kids love W&L while others love Davidson. Rarely does a kid love both.

This was posted in another thread. Could people talk about the differences between Davidson and W&L.
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  • Xwords59Xwords59 128 replies36 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    There are several other threads on this exact topic; just search for them.
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  • yauponyaupon 570 replies12 threadsRegistered User Member
    Here's a link to a 2011 thread. Since that discussion, W&L has begun renovating first-year dorms and is moving toward requiring juniors to live on campus. W&L introduced a certificate of international immersion with the class of 2013 with the goal of making study abroad more meaningful than just a semester or summer experience.

    I would highlight some points made in the discussion:

    Davidson's proximity to Charlotte is a plus in terms of more direct and less expensive flights as well as internships, access to retail, and hotels for Parents' Weekend.

    W&L awards significantly more merit aid. Davidson's Belk scholarship is a very small program, while W&L's Johnson scholarships are awarded to ten percent of the first year class.

    National sororities at W&L offer opportunities to alumnae when they relocate to a new city; Davidson's local system functions much like sororities for the undergraduate years but does not provide the same kind of Panhellenic alumnae network.

    Sports are a much bigger deal at Davidson, which competes in Division I. W&L is Division III.

    A campus visit while school is in session would be helpful in assessing fit. Both are terrific schools with many similarities, and I'd be careful to not give too much weight to the stereotypes -- kids who like to party can certainly find that crowd at Davidson, and religious non-drinkers can find like-minded folks at W&L.

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  • cbrandcbrand 229 replies19 threadsRegistered User Junior Member

    Thank you for your thoughts.
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  • warblersrulewarblersrule 9999 replies170 threadsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    I agree with the quoted statement in your original post; I think most people are drawn to one or the other, largely for the reasons in yaupon's post. (I certainly was.) I don't think being in the same region makes Davidson and W&L any more similar than, say, Haverford and Colgate.

    For those looking for less selective colleges, I'd add that many who like Davidson like Rhodes as well. W&L arguably shares more overlap with Sewanee.
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  • UnivProUnivPro 43 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Yes, there are about 40 Johnson's given out every year, about 8.5% of a class. The misperception is that they are all merit scholarships. There are about 20 pure merit scholarships in the 40 awarded. Those go to students with no demonstrated financial need. The other 20 are for quality students who have significant financial need. They are not given out by stats a student achieves in high school. It is more of a total package assessment. I believe I saw posted that the "average" enrolling Johnson has SAT's of about 2220. Those are very solid but not stratospheric. W&L seems to want kids who bring a variety of skills not necessarily one note students.
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