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Mid Year Report for ED application

cliffhangercliffhanger 20 replies13 threads Junior Member
The WUSTL website stated that

"If you are applying early decision, you must submit your first marking period grades in order to complete your application."

My kid's school wont send out mid year report until early January, which is after the early decision time of mid December. I called the admission office and the reply is that it is okay to get the report in January. I assume most of the schools won't have the first marking period as early as mid December I wonder why they state this. Anyone of the past ED students have any experience on this?

The admission officer also mentioned that there is a secondary report from the school counselor, in addition to the recommendation letter which is part of the standard common app for ED students. Any idea what that is?

Thanks very much.
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Replies to: Mid Year Report for ED application

  • jheonojheono 141 replies7 threads Junior Member
    There are some schools that operate on quarters, where the option to have that mid year report sent in is viable. They understand that some schools cannot send a mid-year report in by the Early Decision date and, although they would like to take a look at the student's senior year, they can qualify you based on just your junior year performance.

    The secondary report would be the grades you get on the rest of your senior year.
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  • foursitefoursite 107 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Going through this with my daughter right now as well. Her Wash U Admissions processor told us that they will accept a letter on high school stationery from the counselor reporting the current grade progress in each of her courses. The letter can be faxed or emailed to the processor directly. Suggest you contact your processor for that information.
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  • cliffhangercliffhanger 20 replies13 threads Junior Member
    foursite, How do we find out who is the processor for the kid? I talked to some one in the admission office over the phone last week. I was told that the mid year report before Mid Dec is not a must because high schools reporting schedules are different. In the case of my high school which is a bog public high school. There is no chance they can make special case for one school. High School will send out a mid year report in early January but that will certainly miss the ED decision time. i.e the ED decision will not be made with the mid year report.
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