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Suspended from Careerlink?

DarkKnight666DarkKnight666 329 replies90 threads Member
A WCC career advisor recently suspended me from using Careerlink and other WCC resources, so I can no longer submit my resume on this site until this issue gets resolved. The reason was that he got off the phone with a company recruiter I was in contact with and told me I "tarnished this school's reputation by providing inconsistent information" and that the company would likely not recruit from WashU again. He didn't mention the recruiter's names or what office, but I have an idea because I've been in contact with only 2 recruiters.

This company already doesn't recruit here, except for a few locations, but I know those offices are very small. There's only two big offices and neither of those recruit here.

Second, he told me via email that I displayed "repeated unacceptable behavior." I don't know what "repeated" unacceptable behavior I've committed. I spoke with one of them recently (a few days ago) and she only stated I should set up a time to speak with the other recruiter. That was the first time I talked to either of them of them in months, and I still haven't spoken to the other recruiter.

I have a hunch as to what this could be about: I wanted to apply full-time and had submitted a resume. But then I decided to delay my graduation to build up work experience, so I withdrew that full-time application and told the second recruiter when I called that I would be graduating December 2014 and looking for an internship. I wanted to get in touch with the other recruiter to tell her that; I've been reaching out to her for months and she never replies to emails or voicemails.

My other thought is they might be annoyed with me because I'm trying to contact them all the time. I also know the CEO of this company, so maybe they're don't like that I'm having the CEO bug them. In the end, I'm just a person being persistent in getting work experience, but I guess that's a violation...

Regardless, I'm meeting with the associate dean soon and I don't think it's going to go well, so I'm bracing for the worst. If I were guilty of "tarnishing the school's reputation" what's going to happen? Will I never have access to Careerlink again? Should I get a lawyer?

And this would be my first offense, if it ever counts.
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Replies to: Suspended from Careerlink?

  • DarkKnight666DarkKnight666 329 replies90 threads Member
    And if this doesn't work, should I take it to Dean Gupta (Business School Dean)?
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  • marcdvlmarcdvl 1296 replies19 threads Senior Member
    You should stop being stupid, and conduct yourself professionally.

    The business school dean has no say over the career center.

    Your posts over the past several years have shown a level of immaturity. Somehow I think whatever happened is justified, especially if you jeopardize other students -- small firm or not.

    I'm also not sure what you think a lawyer could possibly do.
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