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Chance me for WashU ED c/o 2024 ?

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I know these posts are annoying, but this school is my dream school and I am hoping to get some feedback as to what I should expect.
GPA: 4.0 unweighted, I take the most rigorous courses my schedule will allow.. All my classes are honors/AP
ACT: 33 (34 superscore)
High School: Very Competitive Residential Public School
Location: Mobile, Alabama
AP's: AP Euro (5), AP Chem (idk.. prolly a 4), AP Lang (prolly a 4).
Senior Course Load (we are on a trimester system so it's kinda weird): Organic and Biochem, DiffCal-Integral-DiffEq, Spanish-Survey of Art- PE, AP Lit, AP Physics 1/2, Govt-Econ-American Minorities, Classical Genetics- Biosystems- Inorganic Chemistry, AP Art
My major is Chemistry btw..Also I switched high schools for Junior Year bc i got accepted into this rlly selective school.
Extracurriculars (they are fine): Nursing Home Volunteer Club (Founder and President, 11 and 12), Chemistry PeerTutoring Program (Founder, 12), LitMag (Head Editor (12), 9-12), Art (Teacher Assistant (12), 9-12), Debate (9 and 10), Chemistry Club (10),
Summer Activities: CRISPR Research (11), Job (10 and 11), Hospital Volunteering (10 and 11)

Awards (they aren't great): 2nd Place in local Chem Olympiad(11), Student Judiciary Acceptance(11), Most published Sophomore in LitMag (10), 2nd Place in State-wide Varsity Debate Tournament (10), Silver on National Latin Exam (10) and Bronze on National Spanish Exam (11)
Essays: I'm a good writer, and I have some very good ideas .. probably going to write about masculinity and discovering myself and my individuality.
Hooks: None (I'm from alabama??? lol )

*Demonstrated Interest: Visiting and Interviewing this July for Pre-Med Day. Emailed Admissions Office, Early Decision.

sorry that was long but If you guys want me to clarify or if you have any feedback I would extremely appreciate it. Thank you so much :D!
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