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WashU chances

steven02steven02 8 replies11 threads Junior Member
Hi there. I am a total newbie for this and I would like to see what you think my chances are :
Ethnicity : Egyptian ( arrived from Egypt right before the start of junior year)
GPA : 3.9
Classes : for freshmen and sophomore year I was in Egypt, so there is nothing called AP or IB, but any class there is a lit difficult than an even most AP classes ( I say this by experience and I know a lot of people who say the same) students in Egypt pass out after exams and some may even commit suicide.
Only took 1 AP class (Bio :4) for Junior year because my family was moving a lot since it was our first year, also my parents know little English so I had to take care of all the staff that required speaking with someone lol. (Like renting houses for example or buying furniture)
Gonna take 4 AP classes next year (AP calculus AB/BC, AP Lit/ AP comp. Gov/ AP chemistry)
I obviously know another language ( Arabic) but I am also taking French.
The only classes I have ever gotten a B in were Arabic, Art and Sports lol.
ACT : 34 ( planning on making it 35 or 36 )
SAT subject test : haven’t taken them yet, taking Biology and Maths2 next time and most probably going to be >750
Volunteering :
Volunteered at a nursing home (300+ hours ) ( Egypt )
Volunteering at a medical center (50+ will have more) (U.S.A)
Will shadow my family doctor (probably 40+ hours)
Visiting seniors’ houses (60+ hours) (U.S.A)
Extracurriculars :
Soccer and Volleyball ( freshmen and sophomore ) (JV)
Internship at Fred Hutch cancer research in Seattle, probably the research will get published but later next year )
Will make a presentation about my project at the end of the internship
Tutor Maths and English (Egypt ) for summer school grades 5th,6th and 7th
Didn’t participate in any clubs in junior year because of all the family conditions (and there are no such things in Egypt) but going to join Maths club, Science Olympiad and Science fair next year.
High school Scouts (Egypt)
Children High school servant in church (Egypt & USA)
Choir and hymns church (Egypt & USA)
I know my conditions are weird compared to anyone else here but that’s just the way it is.
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Replies to: WashU chances

  • AshtashAshtash 649 replies26 threads Member
    edited July 2019
    If you write good essays and have strong LORs, then you probably have a good chance. Are you able to apply early decision? If so, then I highly recommend doing so if Wash U is 100% your first choice because ED applicants have a better chance than RD when it comes to Wash U. Also, since you've been in Egypt for most of your life, make sure you are familiar with ED. It is binding, so if admitted, you have to pay tuition.

    Keep in mind, you have a good chance just like many other applicants. However, admission to top schools is obviously very difficult, and, if you're not admitted, it's not personal and it should not be treated as such. You are clearly intelligent and motivated, so don't let an AO's decision define you
    edited July 2019
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