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Wellesley College EDII: Chance Me! :)

hvd2020hvd2020 2 replies1 threads New Member
I am a junior in high school. I go to a public school in Maryland
Race: White
Unweighted GPA: 3.71
Weighted GPA: 4.59
SAT Score: 1360 RW:760 M:600 (I'm taking the SAT again in august, hoping to increase math score by 50 points to superscore to a 1410)
All AP Courses:
AP United States History
AP European History
AP English Language and Composition
AP Music Theory
AP French
(courses I'll be taking as a senior: AP English Literature, AP World History, AP Psychology, AP AB Calculus, Honors Physics, Women's Chorus and Chamber Chorus)

I took Geometry as a sophomore, took algebra 2 over the summer (worst way to spend a summer since its not my favorite subject, also an on-level course) to take honors pre-calculus this past school year. Despite my precalc teacher telling me to switch down to on level I was too stubborn so I managed to get B's all year, which I consider a win :).

AP Lang teacher: done very well in his class, got an A+ on a paper about gender roles in science that i'm still very proud of
AP European History Teacher: VERY friendly, can write something good about me

Chorus teacher: I have been in his class for 3 years, in non-audition choruses for three years, as well as the chamber choir for 2 years (going to be in chamber chorus in senior year as well)
Honors Precalculus: I started in his class with a D and managed to get the grade to a B. Want to show proof that I have an interest in CS. Not very friendly though because I don't play a sport, love biased teachers :))).
Extracurriculars/ Notable Things:
President of the Red Cross Club
Studying music for 12 years: violin, viola, guitar, bass guitar, voice
Participating in County Chorus for 3 years
Participating in All-State Chorus for 4 years
Participating in Community Youth Orchestra for 4 years (viola)
Participating in Washington National Opera Institute this summer
Voice lessons for 3 years
Participating in schools Talent Show for three years
Participating in Pit Orchestra for School Musical sophomore (playing viola)
Applied to All National Mixed Choir Honors Ensemble; will find out about in mid-June (fingers crossed)
Legacy (Mother)
Interest in minoring in Computer Science
Will be interviewing in the fall

I love Wellesley, and despite my grades and sat score I hope that overall I have a chance

Thank you!

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Replies to: Wellesley College EDII: Chance Me! :)

  • hvd2020hvd2020 2 replies1 threads New Member
    also to add: I have 296 student service learning hours, many of which I got from interning at a classical music camp with the national philharmonic
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  • WendyWellesley13WendyWellesley13 90 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Over the last two years, applications to Wellesley have increased significantly, so it's difficult to say "yes, you're in for sure" or "no way" at this point. I think you have a solid application, and your extracurriculars and service learning hours are especially strong. I'm glad to see you plan to be interviewed, since that will probably help your case. My impression is that Wellesley takes the application essays pretty seriously, so spend plenty of time on those and make sure you get a few extra sets of eyes on them before submitting.

    Good luck!
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  • 3puppies3puppies 1749 replies12 threads Senior Member
    First off, I presume you are female. If you are male your chances would not be so good. :)

    What is your class rank? How do you do versus your peers? At some Maryland high schools, you might be at the very top, while at others, you might not make the top 20%. What is your intended major?

    I agree that so far you present yourself as a solid candidate that will get serious consideration, and you're on the right track. You are clearly also a smart enough student to realize that virtually nobody is a slam dunk at top schools these days, so you know you still have a lot of work to do. It looks like you're not afraid of hard work, and you are an interesting person - these qualities will be of great value to you.

    Best of luck to you!
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  • DSAlum2019DSAlum2019 6 replies0 threads New Member
    Like so many of the top high school students in the USA, you have a very solid profile. You're not likely to hit the rejections pile right away, in my opinion.

    What gets you out of the "maybe" pile into the accepted pile has less to do with your numbers (GPA, test scores) and more to do with your self-marketing. What story can you tell about yourself that is unique to you? Wellesley College values academics but also service to others and the breadth of your education. You need to show them that you have sought out education using your own initiative.

    Things you might think of as weaknesses can be strengths if you frame them in a way that demonstrates growth. Talk about how you were too stubborn to let somebody convince you to try an easier class. Talk about why that experience was valuable to you, and how you should never let anyone talk you out of challenging yourself. Talk about pulling a D up to a B and how you did it. Opine a bit about how an obsession with perfect grades has never stood between you and a topic you wanted to master. Show more initiative than just being passively dragged through high school and to extracurriculars.

    Being perfect isn't as interesting as being resilient and willing to try. If you can demonstrate that you are an interesting and unconventional human being, your chances increase. Tell them a good story about yourself. Show them that, if given the chance, you will work hard and grow immensely.

    Good luck!
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