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Please chance this male applicant from India.

chau14chau14 24 replies10 threads Junior Member
edited January 2011 in Wesleyan University
General Stats
GPA: The Indian schooling system does not give a cumulative GPA:

9- 84/100-Ranked 4/31
10- 91.2/100- Ranked 2/150
11- 67/100- New school does not rank
12- Mid years- 80/100

Predicted scores for grade 12 finals-

English, Math, Physics, Political Science- 90
Econ- 95

Rank: Unranked, (on inquiring the Counselor informed that Top 5% of class)
Class size: 950students.

SAT I: 2080
590 Reading
770 Math
720 Writing

730 Math 1
800 Math 2
(Taking World History and Biology M in December: won't be considered for ED)

AP Tests:
School does not offer, VERY rare to find students with APs in India.

Senior Classes:
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Physics
4. Economics
5. Political Science(changed from Chemistry in junior year)

Course load:
Most rigorous possible.

In-School EC's:

Have participated in several inter-school debates(and won a handful) in both Hindi as well as English.

- Model UN(3 year)
Pretty intense. (wrote my commonapp short essay about this too). School does not have a formalModel UN club. But I'm one of the main guys in school. Have attended around 10 MUN conferences, included 2 international as well as a few college level ones. Won Best Delegate in 9 of those. Been on the Executive Board thrice.

- School Soccer (2 years)
Was part of the school team for grades 9 and 10. Didn't continue since changing school. Played as a defender, look forward to continuing in college.

- Member- Computers club (3 years)
Avidly participated in/and won several Intra as well as inter school quiz and animation competitions. Including an Honorable Mention Award at Doors to Diplomacy Contest (in grade 9 in the under-19 open level) or organized by the US State Department. Also won the award for being the Best in Computers in school, and scored highest marks in Northern India a computers olympiad organized by the University of New South Wales.

- Vice PResident Youth Congress-2 years(11- member, now in grade 12-vice prez)
A school club responsible for organizing a monthly forum for different classes to discuss various issues (organizing group discussions, poster making events, cleanliness drives, tree plantations etc.) and organize an annual city-wide event.

-Quiz Club (member)
Not won too many. Most recently reached the quarter finals(top 32 of 450) of the Columban Open Quiz (the biggest open quiz in Delhi)

-SQCC-Student Quality Control Circles (grades 6-9) [F#[email protected], I didn't mention this on my Commonapp]
A concept based on the Japanese format of the Industrial revolution of Kaizen-continuous imrpovement. Carried out several case studies in previous school on topics such as Disaster Management, Environmental degradation, peer pressure etc. and presented them in Lucknow, India and Mauritius as well as Colombo, Sri Lanka.

-A few other random inter school as well as intra-school competitions won.

Out of School EC's:

- Interact Club of Gurgaon Cosmopolitan (President)
The usual stuff that Interacts club do. Associated with one of the biggest Rotary clubs in/around the city. Organize tree plantations and often fund raisers. Most recently organized a fund raising soccer tournament and collected 1100$ from an investment of only 120$.

-Volunteer at Chaupal(non-governmental) (800+ hours in 3+years)
Assist visiting doctors to free medical camps in nearby villages for treatment and diagnosis of the poor.

-Founder-Leader of the Gurgaon Richies Cashflow Club-the only in the city
A cashflow club(affiliated with Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad Foundation) which meets every 3 months for a day-long session of Cashflow. Cashflow is a board-game which is meant for its players to learn the art of investment in a risk-free zone. (Wiki it for more!) I started this club, and it now have 100 odd members from all age groups.

-Selected as UN Youth Rapporteur at the World Urban Forum 2010 at Rio de Janeiro
Youngest in the world and the only Indian to be selected in the panel of 8 from around the world in the age group of 16-32.

-Selected to receive the Global Scholars and Leaders Award at the Global Scholars and LEaders Conference in Singapore in August 2010. Got full scholarship and air tickets to attend; couldn't attend due to mid-term examination.

Academics Out of School:
-a Silver medal(top 100 rank) at a national-level Computer olympaid way back in grade 8.

-Accepted for EPGY 2010 at Stanford University. Did not attend as did not receive scholarship. (haven't mentioned this one either, since I didn't attend)

Work Experience:
- Writer, theViewspaper.net (2 years-summers)
Wrote movie reviews as well as social opinions/comments for two consecutive summers for-www.theviewspaper.net, India's largest e-newspaper.

Common App: About my experiences with people from all over the world on dad's ship(He's a sailor.), and the dilemma every summer whether to go meet him or not. Counselor loved it.

Common App activity: Wrote about Model UN, and how and why I love it, and how it helped me get recognition in my new school(with a class of 955 kids!) which I joined in grade 11.


Grade 11 English teacher(and class teacher): must've written good stuff.

Grade 12 Econ teacher and Head-of-Department - an Amazing one; I've consistently topped Econ!. she had infact offered by herself to write me a reco as soon as she found out that I'm applying to college.

Counselor- Emphasizes that I have the most rigorous curriculum, and how I've adjusted brilliantly to such a large school in a matter of just a year and a half.


1. Nationality: Indian

2. Gender: Male

3. Applying for Aid: YES. [ :-( ] Applying for approximately 85-90% aid.

Pros and Cons: You tell me.
edited January 2011
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Replies to: Please chance this male applicant from India.

  • sozesoze 2253 replies8 threads Senior Member
    Admission: Borderline, you SATs are below the line for Wes by about 100 points at least.
    FinAid: Are you aware of how extremely limited aid is for non-US applicants? This might be a big problem for you, even if you are admitted.
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  • johnwesleyjohnwesley - 4473 replies137 threads Senior Member
    FinAid: Are you aware of how extremely limited aid is for non-US applicants? This might be a big problem for you, even if you are admitted.

    I think that because non-US admissions are non-blind in terms of FinAid, it means that the size your FA is factored in before they send out decisions. You might not agree with the award, but, it's highly unlikely they would admit you without any FA whatsoever. As an aside, there is a huge discussion within selective admissions circles as to just how an American college goes about verifying income in another country?
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  • giajalegiajale 156 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Don't quote me on this, but I think Wesleyan allots a certain number of scholarships for international students every year. My dad's friend's niece got a full ride there, but ended up choosing Wellesley (and she is from India as well).

    I also went to high school in India (but was born and raised partially in the US). You really need to work hard on making your mid-term scores higher (by the time you get notifications of decisions, you'll just be finishing up your exams). If you've already applied to Wesleyan - and it seems like you have, because you mention your 12th standard - then there is nothing to do but sit and wait.

    Your SAT scores are lower than the 25-75th percentile of students at Wesleyan. Your ECs, if presented properly, may supplement your percentage and SAT scores.

    Also, it is really hard for colleges to offer such large scholarships to international students. It is a very, very competitive pool of students from all over the world and you will be at a disadvantage because you have applied for aid. They may accept you but not offer you the aid you need. Because of this, I hope you have back-ups that offer more financial aid to internationals.

    I am a Wesleyan transfer.
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  • giajalegiajale 156 replies9 threads Junior Member
    That last part was to clarify my sources (I read the scholarship thing on the Wesleyan website, you should look into it!)
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  • CladdaghCladdagh 80 replies7 threads Junior Member
    There is a Freeman Asian Scholars Program. Somehow I get the impression that if you are from Asia, that program is your only/biggest chance for FA. I could be wrong.
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