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Barack Obama to speak at 2008 Commencement

madjoymadjoy Registered User Posts: 625 Member
edited May 2008 in Wesleyan University

Replies to: Barack Obama to speak at 2008 Commencement

  • WeskidWeskid Registered User Posts: 1,288 Senior Member
    Everyone I know is freaking out, whether they are a Obama supporter or not.

    In the words of someone on wesleying "he's like a rock star."

    This is so cool!
  • icantfindanameicantfindaname . Posts: 256 Junior Member
    As soon as it was announced the idiots on cable were all caught up with the potential undertones of Obama speaking at Clinton's alma mater. LOL
  • smartalic34smartalic34 Registered User Posts: 783 Member
    SO annoying... Wesleyan != Wellesley
  • wyldeonewyldeone Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
    I've lost count of the number of times I've told people here in California that I'm going to Wesleyan, only to have them reply, "isn't that a girls' school?"

    But that's incredible that Obama's speaking. I can only hope we have someone that awesome in four years.
  • LACtransferhopesLACtransferhopes Registered User Posts: 233 Junior Member
    "In the words of someone on wesleying "he's like a rock star." "

    um, i assure you that's not the first time it's been uttered. that's been said by a million glossy-eyed obama supporters in these past several months, ready to follow the glitter-covered pied piper into any sort of doom he leads them.
  • madjoymadjoy Registered User Posts: 625 Member
    "The glitter-covered pied piper into any sort of doom he leads them?" Don't you think that's a little...harsh? But I guess I won't get into a political debate/discussion here.
  • LACtransferhopesLACtransferhopes Registered User Posts: 233 Junior Member
    no, i don't think it's too harsh, but i don't want to discuss it here either, it's not the proper place.
  • RobinsnestRobinsnest Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    "The glitter-covered pied piper into any sort of doom he leads them?" Don't you think that's a little...harsh?

    I don't think it's harsh...I think it's true. Obama really scares me and he should scare everybody...
  • krongmankrongman - Posts: 78 Junior Member
    both of you haters go off and sit in your corner

    the rest of the wesleyan community's reaction can be described thusly: "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!"
  • millerw16millerw16 Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    uhoh, anti-obama people!

    Are you scared because he hates Jews or because his preacher is nuts and thus, by the transitive law, Obama must be crazy too and is a racist...?

    I am not a fan of people who latch onto ignorant beliefs founded on a lack of evidence or with loose arguments...

    He should scare us because he scares you?

    Okay, because your opinion is superior to a large portion of the country who disagrees with you...
  • krongmankrongman - Posts: 78 Junior Member

    what, exactly, are you trying to say?
  • smartalic34smartalic34 Registered User Posts: 783 Member
    I think he's trying to say: stop latching on to the lies spread about Obama, such that he is anti-Semitic or racist.
  • calgalcalgal Registered User Posts: 332 Member
    The only people on this thread who said Obama is antisemitic or racist are the last couple of posters who are presumably pro-Obama. The three posters who are against Obama politically didn't say any of that.
  • Leibow11Leibow11 Registered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
    Obama has little experience, really poor ideas on what he wants to do to our tax situation (which only matters to those that work for a living and pay taxes), a scary idea of how to handle foreign policy (let's talk to those that want to destroy the US), etc. Damn right, he scares me too. I'm not necessarily a McCain fan but I'm much less of a fan of a lightweight like Obama. Don't support him with a blind eye and naive ideas. Look at the facts. He will lead us down a path we shouldn't go down.
  • krongmankrongman - Posts: 78 Junior Member
    Obama has little experience? The same charge could be leveled at Hilary, seeing as how very little in her 'experience' cited is independent of her husband/husband's presidency. She hasn't actually DONE anything. And when she did earnestly try to DO something, it collapsed miserably (Hilarycare in the 90s).

    Barack has no idea what to do about our tax situation? Umm, and the current GOP administration, the guys who are supposed to be of the same party as Barry Goldwater, THEY haven't presided over the largest absolute and inflation-adjusted public debt in all US history??!? Good job the 'small government' guys did turning Bill Clinton's record surplus into a historic deficit. And they did it by cutting taxes for the rich and increasing them for everyone else, but not enough to actually pay for their profligate programs. Seemed to work like a charm, combined with their massively increased military spending on their two ridiculous and immoral wars, to balloon our national debt and make us borrow tons and tons of money from CHINA and other states that could decide to redeem all the money they have locked up in treasury bonds at any time and totally destabilize our country's financial situation. Having debunked the alternative, I'll turn to Barack's personal merits on the subject of the 'tax situation'. If you're referring to the Republican canard that Barack will raise taxes on those in the middle- and working-classes, you're mistaken for several reasons. First, as a lifetime member of the middle-class who grew up during the inflation crises of the 70s and 80s (as opposed to Oooooooold Money hilary and Bushlet, both of who were born to more privileged circumstances than any human being would know what to do with), he knows firsthand what it means for middle-income households to feel the strain under monetary matters. And second, as a community organizer among some of Chicago's poorest residents in the years after law school, he gained an appreciation of what monetary strain for those in the LOWEST classes means. Point being, he gets into office, he's going to cut military spending/get us out of Iraq and, hopefully, Afghanistan (saving several hundred billion a year, for a start, which could then be devoted to fixing, say, Social Security or paying down the 'scary' national debt), and furthermore he's not going to raise taxes on the lower to middle-class people, on account of his life experience interacting within those classes.

    As for his 'scary' idea of how to handle foreign policy? You're an idiot if you call that scary, and I mean that. The rest of us call it PRAGMATIC. You know, the kind of foreign policy that SOLVES international crises instead of CREATES them. Bush's whole cabinet was supposed to have so much collective 'experience' in foreign policy, am I right? So many former high-level statesmen and soldiers collected within it...and look what they did, blundered us into two UTTERLY WASTEFUL wars of dubious morality, both...I honestly think Barack's approach, which involves communication and engagement with possibly hostile powers, is a much better way to go. It's a much better way to deal with the Islamic world, communication and engagement is, than sending armies to it to kill and maim and torture and...? It's called winning 'hearts and minds'. This is something the British learned fighting Maoist insurgents in Malaysia in the 1950s: HEARTS AND MINDS, active and positive engagement within the target community, beats GUNS AND STEEL, trying to individually kill the guerillas, any day of the week. In the end the guerillas' own community rooted them out and killed them. The British didn't even have to. That's the way to beat al Qaeda, constructive engagement with the Muslim world. That's the way a liberal society SHOULD deal with the world's illiberal elements: let our way of life, let our ethos and principles triumph, and let the other man burn himself out with his carnage and violence.
    And this is the way represented by Senator Obama.

    I submit to you, then, that Senator Obama is the best choice as candidate for the post of President of the United States of America.
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