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What does Wes want to see in an applicant?

Tzar09Tzar09 Registered User Posts: 854 Member
edited July 2008 in Wesleyan University
What does Wes want to see in an applicant?
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Replies to: What does Wes want to see in an applicant?

  • KicharoKicharo Registered User Posts: 185 Junior Member
    I would suggest reading "The Gatekeepers."

    The book follows an admissions officer through an entire admissions year at Wesleyan.
  • FridaKahloFridaKahlo Registered User Posts: 78 Junior Member
    I read The Gatekeepers and found it riviting, informative and well-written. On the other hand, it made me feel that an "ordinary applicant" with extremely high grades, boards, very good recs, and "regular" ec's (as in hasn't invented anything and isn't the first violinist in the state orchestra) has little to no chance to be noticed by the ad-coms...not that this is any different at any other top tier school. If most of the students admitted to the top tier schools truly excel at their "passions" at the highest levels, I am duly impressed with their accomplishments. However, this makes me nostalgic for the time when top high school students who had after-school jobs or babysat, tutored or coached inner city children, ran a club, and made a commitment to community service were considered strong candidates. Sometimes kids just need to be kids. I must be dating myself or am too cynical.
  • krongmankrongman - Posts: 78 Junior Member
    "What does Wes want to see in an applicant?"

    why would you even ask that
  • Tzar09Tzar09 Registered User Posts: 854 Member
    oh please, dont be so foy-angelic

    this whole site is about findout out what sort of things colleges want to see in your app...
  • krongmankrongman - Posts: 78 Junior Member
    well i guess that some combination of good grades, high standardized test scores, meaningful extracurricular involvement and solid teacher recommendations would do the trick.

    does that answer your question?
  • Tzar09Tzar09 Registered User Posts: 854 Member
    not at all boy, not at all....

    haha..its like wtih those brosures that come home

    i feel like every insitutions of higher learning around has professors who love their students, good one on one environments, and a slue of other things that they all boast about

    i feel like i have no idea what makes one college any different from another ....
  • yankeeman90yankeeman90 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    first off, there's no magic formula. i would hope you know this by now, assuming your a rising senior (based of the 09 in your name).

    second, no offense, but if you cant spell brochure or slew (slue means to turn on an axis/to pivot), you probably wont get into wes without a really really really expensive "college advisor"

    third, this site isnt solely for getting into college. i didnt find out about it until after i was admitted and have found it extremely useful
  • Tzar09Tzar09 Registered User Posts: 854 Member
    my spelling sucks...thats not representative of my academic ability

    and i know that theres no "magic formula." I didn't ask for one. I know theres not 'sure bet' but I wager anything that if you were to look at the apps of every kid to get in to any college over the last five years there would be trends for each college. Things that many of the applicants have in common.
  • katiestan1katiestan1 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Ummm, yankeeman90, you may want to look at YOUR use of your (you mean you're, right?)
  • krongmankrongman - Posts: 78 Junior Member
    ahaha at the post above me...

    to the OP:

    If you meant to ask "what DISTINGUISHING FEATURES would an admitted wesleyan student possess over a waitlisted or denied one", i refer you to my first answer. my first answer is the obvious one. yes?


    IN MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (and I emphasize that what I am about to tell you is maaad subjective) as a current wesleyan student, I have found that among my classmates, certain unexpected character traits or achievements or backgrounds or whatever have resurfaced time and again, to the exclusion of other traits/achievements etc.

    1) Few played varsity sports in high school. This is not Syracuse or UMD, we're not a jocky place. Instead,
    2) Most students seem to have participated in theater, or taken studio art/photography classes, or play(ed) some kind of musical instrument, in high school. This could be important.
    3) Many seem to be way out of the ordinary in some way, particularly in having a highly developed relationship with a musical instrument. Echoing (2), this could be important. It seems just about everybody plays something here.
    4) Some students that I know possess compelling personal stories. Also, I've met a whole lot of kids from "flyover" country, Middle America way between the coasts, as well as various foreign countries. It seems geographical and other diversity can play a role. I went to racially diverse schools my whole life, so maybe that doesn't stand out as much to me as it would to others, but it might also play a role.

    That's a list of things that I have noticed about Weskids. Some things that I have conspicuously failed to notice are:

    1) Super high achievers, in high school or college. Maybe they're here somewhere, but I haven't run across any.

    So from my own experience you could draw the conclusion that Wes uses a more holistic than stats-based process in admitting students. It also seems that admissions rewards being artsy more than it awards being jocky.

    These are my own personal reflections and I have no idea whether or not they coincide with the official line. You mentioned that "I have no idea what makes one college different from the other"...I hope this helps.
  • madjoymadjoy Registered User Posts: 625 Member
    On the other hand, in high school, I never played a musical instrument, nor did I participate in theater, nor take any art classes. In fact, I don't know that most of my friends have, either. One thing I do think helped me get in, though, was expecting to be a science major. Wesleyan is trying to increase its focus on the sciences right now.
  • twomoretwomore Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    Hmmm.... if Wes doesn't have a lot of jocks, how come its soccer, lacrosse, crew, tennis, swimming teams are so hot?
  • Tzar09Tzar09 Registered User Posts: 854 Member
    is the campus pretty political? Like I'm really into activism and what-not, would admissions appreciate that?
  • MissStefaniMissStefani Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    So, could being in choir for 8 years help? And taking a musical theater class one semester?
  • MeadesportMeadesport Registered User Posts: 340 Member
    Wes does have a jock, preppy contingent. It is not huge, but it is there with some very strong teams...It is diverse
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