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double major+?

jojodevkajojodevka Registered User Posts: 313 Member
edited July 2008 in Wesleyan University
It's possible to double major at Wesleyan, right? What about to double major AND get a certificate? There just happen to be 3 fields of study i'm interested in, and I can't find anything about it on their website.
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Replies to: double major+?

  • smartalic34smartalic34 Registered User Posts: 783 Member
    double majoring is very popular at wes. doing a double + certificate is doable, but are the fields of study overlapped at all? if not, it will be difficult. you can also just take classes in one of the fields instead of actually getting the certificate/major if you feel squeezed for time
  • WeskidWeskid Registered User Posts: 1,288 Senior Member
    It's certainly allowed, and doable if you plan carefully, but as smartalic says, unless one or more of the subjects overlap, it'll be hard (though I know people who've triple majored, so there you go :P)
  • jojodevkajojodevka Registered User Posts: 313 Member
    Unfortunately, the fields of study don't relate directly, but there should be some overlap between the two majors (can one course count for two majors at the same time?), and, depending on the courses, possibly one or two with the certificate. I would just take the courses and not do the whole program, but one of the majors in my double major is the more practical one-- the one that i would probably be able to find a job with-- but i much prefer the other one.
  • jumble_jjumble_j Registered User Posts: 261 Junior Member
    The more overlap, the easier it will be. It really depends on which majors and which certificate you're considering.

    And yes, one course can count for two majors if it's crosslisted in both.
  • krongmankrongman - Posts: 78 Junior Member
    wisdom from experience tells me that once you actually get to wellesleyan you'll end up with a single major like 90% of the rest of the kids here. double majors massively restrict your ability to explore other fields, while at the same time forcing you to take many classes in your majors that, frankly, you do not want to take. example: i considered double-majoring in art history for a while, but a) did not want to learn french/german and b) discovered i was only interested in about 5 courses that the department offered. if i'dve gone ahead and majored i would have wasted the remaining 4 or 5 courses learning about things that i didn't want to learn about, which is a criminal shame because i could've been taking classes in other departments which i found more interesting.

    look at it this way: you take 32 total classes during your time here, maybe up to 34 or even 36 if you really press yourself by taking 5 classes a semester. double majoring means that 20 out of those 32 classes are going to be in one of your 2 majors, leaving you 12 classes to explore other subjects. i don't know how many courses a certificate requires, but i'm pretty sure it's not less than 6, leaving you exactly 6 classes out of 32 that you can afford to take outside your major. if you try to fulfill geneds then that's it.

    in other words, you have almost no time once you've actually gotten to college to decide what you want to do. you'd have to take only classes counting toward your majors and gen-eds from the second you step on campus freshman year, with no allowance made for the possibility that you might not actually like or are good at (2 very different things) the majors you chose before you got to wesleyan.

    in conclusion: double major + certificate = not a good idea. p.s. i only know of 1 person on campus who triple majored, Mytheos Holt (gov-econ-history, though why he didn't do CSS is a mystery), and it doesn't seem like he has a social life outside of writing obnoxious columns for the Argus. don't get the idea that triple majoring is common, because it isn't.
  • WeskidWeskid Registered User Posts: 1,288 Senior Member
    Oh yeah, tripples majoring is NOT common, I just meant its possible :D (The girl I know tried to get honors in all three by writing a combined thesis with all three...now THAT'S insane!)
  • madjoymadjoy Registered User Posts: 625 Member
    krongman, what are you smoking? Double majors are hugely common at Wes; there's no way 90% of students here are single majors.

    That said, double majors and a certificate IS tough, and would take a lot of planning. (No dallying around with half classes that sound interesting but are unrelated to any of your majors your freshman year, like most students do).

    Seriously, I am a double major with Math/Sociology (which have no classes in common), and I am done with my math major (going into my senior year). Before last semester (my 3rd-to-last!), the only Soc class I'd taken was Intro, and a Social Psych class that they'll let me count toward the major. I still have 5 classes for my major left in my senior year, which is kind of tough, but my point is - it's completely doable, and it's done a lot.
  • jojodevkajojodevka Registered User Posts: 313 Member
    yeah... see, the thing is, i'd probably take all the classes anyway! And hopefully one of my college credits i got while still in hs will count towards the introductory course for one of the majors, and an AP credit for another. That makes 17 credits left for both majors, plus 7 for certificate = 24/32 to 36 = 8 to 12 courses to explore whatever? Lets take off two more of those to pursue a language (for 2 years, but 2 credits can count towards the certificate) = 6 to 10 courses to explore whatever. Hmm. gosh.......

    so, do any people do the thing where they and an adviser design their own major?
  • krongmankrongman - Posts: 78 Junior Member
    it looks like you did your homework. e-props.

  • WeskidWeskid Registered User Posts: 1,288 Senior Member
    So, do any people do the thing where they and an adviser design their own major?

    They do. I know a girl who just declaired a University Major in Arabic Studies. They aren't easy to get approved, but if you start working with your advisor early and present a strong argument, that might be a good way for you to go.
  • doudou Registered User Posts: 207 Junior Member
    Sorry, what's the difference between a major and a certificate?
  • smartalic34smartalic34 Registered User Posts: 783 Member
    a certificate is sort of like a minor...
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