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Hi, I am a US Citizen female applying from India. I was educated in an Indian system and am really keen on going to Wesleyan! I'm applying for English and International Relations . Please tell me my chances!! any help would be appreciated!

SAT I: W680 89% CR730 96% M620 84% E10
SAT II: Literature: 700; French: Oct 2008 (I'm fairly sure I'll get a 650+) Math I: Oct 2008 (Again, fairly sure a 650+)

I did my national board exams for 10th grde in 2006, getting a total of 83%. I took my 12th grade examsd in 2008, and ranked 2nd in my school in the Humanities group .I topped the school in Sociology and Advanced English Literture, winning the award for the latter. I scored a total of 90%.

IMPORTANT: I graduated in May, and am taking a year off. For my year off, I traveled to France for a month and studied Advanced French and World War II and the French Resistance. I also volunteered in Mumbai for a month, teaching underprivileged kids English. Since I didn't take Math in my 11th adn 12th (I know this is a negative) I am currently taking online Pre cal courses at Wash U.

WRITING:I am a huge writer. With my year off, I am working for a major newspaper here as a journalist. I also attended the University of Virginia's Young Writers Workship in 2006 and got my work published there. I also wrote the preface to a book on a hill station called Kodaikanal. I wrote and directed a play for my school and I was Editor of the School Newspaper for the year 2007. I also was on the board for 3 years. I was also elected as School Prefect. I have had my work piblished in a number of journals. I also got a call yesterday that a local publishing hourse wants me to write a series of children's books for them :D

LANGUAGE: I can speak English, Tamil and French fluently and I can speak conversational Japanese and Korean. With my gap year, I am learning German and Spanish.

MUN: I have participated in MUN since 2006, winning 1 award at the national level (INMUN, Over 2,000 delegates), 1 award at the international level (COMUN, over 1000 delegates) and 3 awards at the local level. In 2007, I planned, proposed organized my school's first MUN which housed 155 kids from all over India, UK and Sri Lanka; it is the second largest MUN in my city. I was Secretary General for the aforementioned MUN. Again in 2007, I was invited by the local American International School to be a participating co-chair at their MUN event. I was head of the MUN club for 2007.

I have debated a lot at the Inter-school level winning a total of 5 awards. I also delivered a speech at the United States Educational Foundation in India on "International Education in a Shrinking World" and at the Rotary Club on "The Importance of Reservation of Seats for Minorities in Educational Institutions." I was head of the Debate Club for 2007. I was also featured in a CNN piece where I spoke on my views of the Indian Jammu-Kashmir conflict.

Community Service
I was nominated by my teachers to be the Director of the School's Interact Club in 2006. I organized drives and fundraisers to raise money for Little Hearts Orphanage, the Spastic Society, and on Rose Day, I organied a rose drive inmy city to raise money for kids with cancer. In 2006 and 2007, I tutored dyslexic kids in Shakespeare for their 10th board examination. In 2007 summer, I volunteered at the Dean Foundation ,a palliative health care clinic. In 2007, I volunteered at Pathway, teaching mentally challenged kids Enlgish and Math with interactive board games that me and a friend designed.

I passed my Trinity College of Music Exam grades 3 and 4 with 79% merit in Classical Voice. I have trained in both Opera and classical music. I have performed in the schoor choir since the age of 7 and I won the best soloist award in 2007 by my school for proficiency in voice. I also organized our school exhibition on Broadway Musicals and Music Through the Ages.
I have also acted in many school and out of school plays. I acted in a rendering of a Hindu sotry called te Dasavatharm, palying the god Krishna and in a recreation of the Ramayana playing Kaikeyi. In school, I won multiple awards for acting and have been in the school play, first as a minor role but then as a principle starting from August 2005. I was also part of a major local choir for a year.

I know this is reaaaallllyyy long and I have listed my awards specifically, mainly because they are too long! Please tell me my chances considering my credentials: I',m not too +ve but I hope these are good! Pleae let me know my chances!
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