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Truth about Wesleyan ED

alexkayealexkaye 74 replies21 threads Junior Member
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I have heard this somewhere....
Does Wesleyan like to fill up its ED acceptances with all the sports kids, legacies, and SCIENCE KIDS?
Does that mean if you are good at science, there is a slightly bigger chance to get in?
I always thought ED increases a candidate's chance of acceptance, but if the above is the case, then it seems as if Early Decision cannot be so different from RD for students who do not belong to those categories.
Also, is there much difference between ED I and ED II at all?
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Replies to: Truth about Wesleyan ED

  • madjoymadjoy 619 replies6 threads Member
    Both ED1 and ED2 signify the same thing to adcoms and will give you the same boost in admission: it shows you're passionate about Wesleyan.

    For this reason, I'm pretty sure that ED gives a boost to anyone who applies through it, because it does show that you really want to be at Wesleyan. People who really want to be at Wesleyan often happen to be the same people who belong at Wesleyan. (But don't stress if you can't apply ED for financial reasons or whatever; they understand.)
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  • gg0624gg0624 141 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Oh, God, I hope not. I'm not one of those things and I'm applying ED!
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  • johnwesleyjohnwesley 4473 replies137 threads- Senior Member
    I think I may have been one of those who created that impression. I may have been repeating something I read in another post. If I come across the cite I will post it.

    What I can tell you is the following: 1) that it is Wesleyan's policy to accept an ED applicant if the adcom is reasonably sure that the same applicant would be accepted anyway, if they deferred them to RD, 2) that for most of the elite colleges that were part of a 2002 Harvard study, ED scores of applicants tended to be slightly lower than those for RD applicants: n1

    however, 3) in the case of Wesleyan, the ED scores were actually higher: n1

    What are we to make of this? One explanation may be the one proffered by Dean Pyke at the time, i.e., that "the bottom fell out" in terms of the scores of certain ED applicants, a kind of self-selection -- or, rather, non-selection process on the part of applicants with weaker stats.

    Another possible explanation is that people with comparatively higher scores might see ED as a "tipping point" in their favor and may be seeking to cement their chances at a school where their chances for admission may have been quite good in any event.

    Who might fall into this category? Athletes who score too high to merit a coach's "tip" but, want some stronger assurance of getting in; legacies who score well enough to get in on their own merits, but, who like the athlete who isn't at all sure of what the competition looks like -- wants the extra assurance.

    In other words, it may not be that Wesleyan is "filling up" on these kids, but that there may be a higher percentage of them in the ED applicant pool.

    If that is the case, HUMANISTS, nerds, and second-generation Williams legacies needn't fear. :p
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  • Gabs91Gabs91 468 replies45 threads Member
    gg0624 - I hope not too because I'm ED as well! Only thing I got going for me is URM. Ugh as time goes on I'm getting more and more nervous!
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