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Existing students, please comment

danielmdanielm Registered User Posts: 29 New Member
edited August 2005 in Wesleyan University
My niece is going to be a freshman at Wesleyan. I am excited about her choice, although I was directed to this website and have become a little concerned by how some of the existing students feel about the school.


My niece is not a pot smoker and is open minded to all political views, left and right. My concern is that the population is sounding rather homogenous. I'd appreciate if any existing students who've experienced the campus could comment. Thanks.
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Replies to: Existing students, please comment

  • xmattxmatt Registered User Posts: 187 Junior Member
    I have reason to believe a lot of those are jokes. I wouldn't worry, there are all kinds of people at Wes.

    Edit: Also, a bunch of those negative comments were flagged as invalid by SR.com's system. Based on other threads in this forum, you can tell that some disgruntled people have cyber-vendetta against Wes. I wouldn't let it color your views of the school.
  • danielmdanielm Registered User Posts: 29 New Member
    Why do you think they're jokes?
  • danielmdanielm Registered User Posts: 29 New Member
    I've seen the anti-Wes stuff on this site - sad that people don't have better things to do with their lives.

    But how do you see that the negative comments were flagged as invalid by SR.com's system?? If that's the case I'm quite relieved!
  • johnwesleyjohnwesley - Posts: 4,610 Senior Member
    They may not all be hoaxes (though, I agree with Matt that Wesleyan seems to attract more than its share of ****), but I'd be very wary of any poster that begins by saying they're against pot smoking and in favor of extreme academic standards (i.e., cut-throat competition) and ends by saying they're transferring to Brown (!!!)

    Homogeneity is an issue for all LACs; they're simply too small and too expensive to always represent a cross-section of America; but Wesleyan does a pretty good job of it. If the trade-off has to be between a critical mass of social and political activists or a campus where everyone plays soccer and lacrosse (two sports that Wesleyan excels in, btw) and the latter are the only things that bring people together--I'd choose the political activism.

    I'd also be aware of the fact that over 90% of Wes frosh return for their sophomore years; eighty-five per cent will finish in four or five years; fifty-five per cent of all alum contributed to the Annual Fund last year. There's a high degree of satisfaction among people who actually experience Wesleyan.
  • xmattxmatt Registered User Posts: 187 Junior Member
    If you go to the dropdown menu next to "View" and select "Invalidated Data", you can see that two of the most recent comments were flagged as being from the same person. Also, there are 19 comments total. 4 are marked "negative." All of those 4 were submitted within 2 weeks of each other, whereas the rest of the comments span several years. I mean, anything is possible, but it seems like someone has an axe to grind if you ask me.

    As JW points out, there is really very little attrition. Most people are satisfied with their experience at Wes and don't feel the need to sound off on internet forums. I wouldn't set too much store by what you read on here. The problem with places like this is that very few people who comment about a given school have ever been a student there. Rumors like the "naked dorm" hoax get repeated and repeated until they're assumed to be the truth, when in fact they're not.

    Your niece will find her niche...and there are a lot of niches.
  • lulizteeluliztee Registered User Posts: 351 Member
    Good point...lol...about if only one thing brings people together on campus you'd rather it be political activism..lol...me too.
  • danielmdanielm Registered User Posts: 29 New Member
    Re political activism, I think it's great, but I have observed that some of the most active people are also the most closed minded to ideas outside their beliefs. My niece is very open minded and tends to consider issues from multiple vantage points. I hope there's a niche for someone who's not an extremist.

    She's a great kid, and I think Wesleyan's a good fit for her. She'll be there next month - after a bit, I'll let you all know how it's going.
  • parent2009parent2009 - Posts: 217 Junior Member
    Johnwesley, with all due respect you're hardly a dispassionate observer when it comes to Wesleyan. And shooting the messenger (the Brown transferor) because you disagree with the message isn't particularly helpful.

    There usually is at least some truth behind reputations, especially ones as entrenched as Wesleyan's. And other LACs in fact do do a better job at fostering thought and political diversity than does Wesleyan.

    I am well left of center myself, but having said that I was relieved when my son selected another LAC over Wesleyan. The truly open minded want to hear the opposite view.
  • polarbearmompolarbearmom Registered User Posts: 20 New Member
    I see by looking at your other posts, that you have a daughter (I assume
    younger than your son). That was rejected by both Brown and Wesleyan and in your own words on one of your posts you understood why she was
    rejected from Brown, but (in your words) were "miffed" when Wesleyan
    rejected her. I hope your remarks on this thread are not a reflection of
    being "miffed" at Wesleyan. I have a son who will be a junior at another
    small New England LAC, my daughter will be a freshman this year at Wesleyan.
    She was accepted at 3 of the small New England LAC's, (one of which we assumed that would pick). We had visited Wesleyan in the fall, and I went back down with her for admitted students day (WESFEST), which is the big party weekend. I excepted to see really wild looking kids with green hair, etcc, but instead found the same mix of kids that I've seen at all the other
    New England NESCAC schools. The kids we met were great. I've visited
    all the NESCAC schools twice on college tours. My son was a sports recruit and he did over night visits at 4 of the NESCACs. He plays on a
    team, and since we live in Massachusetts we're lucky enough to spend time
    at each of the NESCAC schools. Not everyone at Wesleyan is a one-sided
    political radical.

    After having been through the college process twice, my best advice to
    people is to visit, spend time at a campus and make up your own mind.
  • parent2009parent2009 - Posts: 217 Junior Member
    Polarbear mom,

    Your and johnwesley's responses are uncanny in their similarity -- both question the motives of the poster before responding to the actual message. If this is typical of debate style of Wesleyan students and Wesleyan supporters -- shoot first and ask questions later -- it only confirms my view that Wesleyan is not a school for those interested in open and honest debate and critical self-examination.
  • johnwesleyjohnwesley - Posts: 4,610 Senior Member
    I'm not sure what poster you are referring to, but, if it was the one on the studentreview site, I wasn't questioning his motive--I was questioning his _logic_. No one transfers to Brown if they want to get away from pot smoke and laid back academics. If we can't question each other's logic, then, there's no point in going to college in the first place, is there?
  • parent2009parent2009 - Posts: 217 Junior Member
    Well, johnwesley, again with respect you can label it what you will but the comment was still uncivil and did nothing but detract from your otherwise reasonable argument. Not to mention that you misquoted the student. She never said she wanted to get away from pot smoke, she merely suggested that Wesleyan students in general smoked too much pot. I dare say that, as a current student at Wesleyan, she is better positioned to have this opinion than either of us is -- and it's certainly not illogical.

    Debate is more healthy when it is respectful.
  • johnwesleyjohnwesley - Posts: 4,610 Senior Member
    People are free to form their own opinion of the SReview post (which out of the 19 listed we both apparently picked out immediately) and my reply. I don't think it's disrespectful to paraphrase someone's own words.
  • parent2009parent2009 - Posts: 217 Junior Member
    You're right that paraphrasing isn't disrespectful. But you didn't merely paraphrase - you distorted the message and belittled the messenger. Ask yourself again if you could have made the identical point in responding to the poster without your first paragraph. The answer is clear.

    In any event, there's no reason to discuss this any further - there's no changing closed minds.
  • jiminyarrivedercijiminyarrivederci Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    Good luck to your son/daughter, Parent2009.
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