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Senior Chance- Ivies with ehhhh grades?

raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
edited October 2010 in What Are My Chances?
**Stats: (retaking SATs)
[ *] SAT Verbal: 760
[ *] SAT Math: 730
[ *] SAT Writing: 710
[ *] SAT Total: 2200
[ *] SAT II: World History- 770, US History- 780, English Lit- 700
[ *] ACT: N/A
[ *] AP/IB taken/scores: European History(5), World History(5), English Language(5), US History(5), Comparative Government (4- self study)
[ *] GPA weighted: 4.13
[ *] GPA unweighted: Dont give. Approx 3.7high
[ *] Rank or % estimate: N/A
Senior Year Course Load: 5 APs and a religion class

[ /list][ b]Location/Person:[ /b][ list]
[ *] State or Country: PA
[ *] School Type: Independent- Catholic leaning- usually 3 or 4 in Penn every year ED
[ *] Ethnicity: Asian
[ *] Gender: Male
[ *] Important ECs: Forensics (District Champion, State Quarterfinalist, National Qualifier (top 65), several top finishes at large tournaments), Drexel's Honors College Visiting Scholar, Varsity Swimming (9-12, All District Team, Captain), Violin (Assistant Concertmaster at my orchestra, VP, All Catholic 1st chair), Varsity XC (9-12), NHS Vice President, Co-Founder of a school service trip to Toronto

Awards: AP Scholar with Distinction, NMSQ Semifinalist, several school awards

UPenn (ED)
Schreyers (PSU Honors College)

Will my GPA drag down my app too much for ED at UPenn?
edited October 2010
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Replies to: Senior Chance- Ivies with ehhhh grades?

  • ballpointpenballpointpen 405 replies101 threads Member
    Yale: High Reach
    UPenn ED: Reach (What school are you applying to within UPenn?)

    Overall, you have a relatively low GPA, but a rigorous course load and decent SAT scores. You also have great ECs, and if you emphasize this in your essays, you will be a much stronger applicant.

    Chance me back? : )
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  • raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    ^ I'm probably going for SAS and I think we might have chanced each other simultaneously haha
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  • ballpointpenballpointpen 405 replies101 threads Member
    @raider1999: Looking at the posting times, I beat you by one minute : ) haha

    Yale admission can get really crazy at times; its a high reach for almost everyone. I think you will be a strong applicant to UPenn though. Just make sure you package your application together with some sort of direction/passion.

    Best of luck again!
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  • idontjokeidontjoke 236 replies54 threads Junior Member
    UPenn - Reach
    Georgetown - Low-Reach
    Yale - High-Reach

    EC's and SAT's are good. Its your GPA which will stand out as a weak point in the Penn ED applicant pool.
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  • raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @ballpoint and idont joke- thats really what I was worried about, will they take my school's grading system into consideration? (94-100 A, 90-93 B+, 86-89 B, etc)?
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  • Zoidberg93Zoidberg93 563 replies77 threads Member
    Your scores are decent and your EC's look solid.
    UPenn-Low reach
    Georgetown-High Match

    I don't really know much about the rest.
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  • Matt35Matt35 103 replies24 threads Junior Member
    UPenn (ED) - Low-Reach
    Georgetown - Reach
    Yale - A bit out of range, Extreme Reach
    Schreyers (PSU Honors College) - Match
    Haverford - Don't know anything about this college, sorry.
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  • raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Thanks guys- one quick question though- how much will going ED help me for Penn?
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  • raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    bumpppppp :)
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  • ballpointpenballpointpen 405 replies101 threads Member
    Overall Acceptance rate: 17%
    Early decision acceptance rate: 33%

    Source: University of Pennsylvania | Admissions Facts and Statistics

    However, keep in mind that the early decision application pool may be a bit more self selective than the regular application pool.
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  • raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    still though- looks like I definitely have to try it ED almost doubles my chances
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35128 replies398 threads Senior Member
    Your 3.7 is not a loss, not ehhh, if your hs is rigorous. (Adcoms will know.) Thing is, IMO, the ECs are beyond the ordinary this-club and that-club listing. It's a nice range- forensics, honors coll, concertmaster. I'm guessing you also have volunteer work. I am guessing you are on-target with your list. It looks like you've backed yourself up with Haverford and Shreyers. Only thing is: admissions is so compeitive these days, be sure your list is long enough. Sure, go for ED.
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  • raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @lookingforward thanks a bunch! but do colleges really look at volunteer hours that much? (I have 200+ hours at a hospital and through a service trip to West Virginia), I never really thought they gave it much consideration?
    and my school is pretty competitive at the top 15-20 students (out of around 125) with around 10-15 going to top tier schools
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  • RichmondSeniorRichmondSenior 28 replies16 threads Junior Member
    Georgetown is a great school. You should really consider it because its reputation is becoming well known.
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  • priyankssxopriyankssxo 9 replies4 threads New Member
    UPenn (ED) - Low-Reach
    Georgetown - Low-match
    Yale - High-Reach
    Schreyers (PSU Honors College) - ? I don't know about this college.
    Thanks for the chance!
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  • italianboarderitalianboarder 709 replies53 threads Member
    Yale is not looking too hot my dude. Your grades and SAT plus the profile are looking at the medium low end, and if your ECs aren't up to par, I'm saying high reach. Penn is a little easier, but not by much. The ECs are what will push you through in all honesty, but I believe your transcript's rigor is very attractive(Don't know much about the High school).
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  • raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @Italian boarder- what do you think I would need on my SATs to be competitive for Penn ED?
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35128 replies398 threads Senior Member
    Raider, re your question to me: there's no magic formula. But, community service/volunteering, service trips, mentoring, etc, are all things that take us out of our comfort zone. Colleges notice.
    When they put the whole picture together, they'll see a kid who can aim high, manage his time, climb out of the comfort zone, persist - and more.

    As for Yale, just look at their very nice description, "What Yale looks for," on their admissions site.
    And, to all- colleges, especially top ones, know quite a bit about rigorous/competitive hhigh schools. One of the responsibilities of those travelling regional reps is to keep abreast of academic and other trends at various schools and issues in various regions, etc. Add to that, GCs usually send a detailed school profile along with their reccs

    Testing Means for the Middle 50 Percent of Enrolled Students
    (25th-75th percentiles)
    Test Range
    SAT: Critical Reading 660-770
    SAT: Math 690-780
    SAT: Writing 680-770
    ACT Composite 30-34
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  • sandisksandisk 14 replies5 threads New Member
    I don't know much about any of the Ivys, but I do know that PSU Honors does not look much into GPA and SATs (if at all). I went to a program over the summer and they emphasized essays and recommendations.. So if those are good you should have a good chance with your ECs!
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  • raider1999raider1999 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @looking forward- I just wish I had done that AND paid more attention to my grades =P
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