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Am I on the right track??? WILL CHANCE BACK

newbieenewbiee 59 replies23 threads Junior Member
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I'm currently a grade 11 student and just wanted to know if I am on the right track for getting into these schools:

Rest of the Ivies
Johns Hopkins
UC Berkeley
University of Washington... basically top10/20 schools

Here are my stats:
South Asian female living in Canada, first generation immigrant (does this matter?)

GPA: 3.8ish? (Switched from a really bad school after grade 9 that taught no math to a school that is known for the math program... taking the most rigorous courses but I got a B in the math course. Also I skipped a grade in math. Is this bad??)
Average: 93% if you consider grades 9 and 10 (10 was not a good year, right after school switch... but this year is much better)

SAT I: 2270 (too low?? I can retake)
SAT II: have not taken yet... not decided on which ones


Volunteer at local library (50+ hours) - organized art shows, children's events (gr 9)
Volunteer at hospital (100+ hours) (gr 10-present)
Tutor (9-present)
Teaching Punjabi class at my place of worship (9-present)
Leading and involved in various events at place of worship (9-present)
Diversity Day South Asian Leader (9)
Multicultural Night South Asian volunteer + leader (10, 11... at new school)
Fashion Show volunteer (10, probably 11... maybe leader this year)
Volunteer in university research lab (11)
Certified Lifesaver

Science Club (10, 11) - compete at various events in the province (so far 1st place in all of the ones I've done)
International Issues Club (10) - fund raising, raising awareness... stuff like that. the club shut down because the supervisor retired
Music: Band (9,10 - it's before school and I have no time now, waah!) piano, trumpet tenor sax (self-taught)
Public Speaking: Sikh Youth speech competition (2nd place in region), chosen to speak about a religious issue for the general public (esp. to motivate youth) (9,10)
Participated in mentorship program for high school students w/ med school students (10, maybe this year if it doesn't suck as much as last year, and I might start a school club for it)

Currently organizing a used book drive with a local elementary school (11)

Founder of Canadian Cancer Society's youth chapter at my school (11)... leadership stuff and volunteerism, raising funds + awareness for cancer prevention/treatment, etc...
Speaking of which, please watch this video! McGill Dances for Cancer Research Lipdub - YouTube Every hit means more funds towards fighting cancer!! :) Plus it's just cool!

I want to found a club this year for service, and I have a unique idea for it that people don't really do around here... but I don't want to say anything since I'm not exactly sure how it will work. It will happen, though! :) (11)

Also in the process of starting a volunteer-based tutoring group for elementary school students that joins them with opportunities to volunteer in the community and stay away from bad influences (needed downtown) (11)

That's what I have right now. :) More to come. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks a lot if you took the time to read this... I'd love to chance you back as well! :)

ALSO I'm a little concerned about my ECs... because of the whole moving schools thing and because my school in grade 9 didn't offer any ECs at all, I couldn't really have any leadership opportunities until grade 11, which is this year. So is that too late, or is that when most people start leading?? I'm really worried about this. Please help, I'd really appreciate it. AND also I don't really have any prestigious summer programs... is that really bad? I'm going to apply for some this year, but I couldn't before. Is this going to hurt me?
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Replies to: Am I on the right track??? WILL CHANCE BACK

  • newbieenewbiee 59 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Bump please??? I am really worried...
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  • hpyscmhpyscm 885 replies14 threads Member
    Looks pretty good, so you stand out based on your community service? I hesitate to give you a thumbs up for hpysm, because your academic merits are not outstanding, but what you have done is definitely on track for schools like UChicago, columbia, etc.
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  • WhoaitsMarkWhoaitsMark 11 replies3 threads New Member
    Quite a list you've got here haha:
    HYPSM = highhighhigh reach
    Rest of the Ivies = high reach (like they are for everybody)
    Johns Hopkins = lower reach
    Georgetown = reach
    Northwestern = lower reach
    UC Berkeley = out of state, so you've got a higher chance; lower reach
    UCLA = (same as berkeley) lower reach
    UChicago = reach
    UMich = match
    Duke = reach
    NYU = match
    University of Washington = match

    In general, I agree that you have inconsistencies with sticking to a particular EC for longer than 2 years haha. You've got a lot, so that's a plus, and it's good that you're getting involved (albeit admittedly later than preferred by most schools). I say apply ED to your toptop school, but be realistic; I wouldn't recommend applying ED to Harvard (no offense or anything), so try to use your ED wisely. You've got great grades, as well as an awesome SAT score (it's not too low haha, trust me).

    You're on the right track, so just keep up your grades, write good essays, and bang out those leadership positions to your fullest ability; remember, it's not necessarily quantity as much as it is about quality. Good luck!!
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  • bobtheboybobtheboy 2132 replies84 threads Senior Member
    Switched from a really bad school after grade 9 that taught no math

    All schools are required to teach math.
    my school in grade 9 didn't offer any ECs at all
    Most of the best EC's are not through school [with exceptions, of course], but things like a sport, music, job, programming, etc. are often done by students outside of school and, especially with sports, is a big factor in admissions.

    Not very good EC's, decent academics (yes, at these schools they're actually pretty average since they are so competitive), and Asian international, so HYPSM/Ivies doesn't look good, I'm sorry to say.

    Berkeley is a low reach, as is LA. Duke is a lowish reach.
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  • newbieenewbiee 59 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Forgit to list APs:
    They're only offered in gr 12 but I'm doing calc this year.
    Next year: bio, English, French, chem, physics

    Thanks for the input everyone. So we all agree that I suck and should not apply. I don't think I will... does it matter anyway if you go to a op school or not if you want to go into medicine?
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  • wcclirl444wcclirl444 502 replies41 threads- Member
    I'm not too sure about the rest of the schools, but the ivys are reaches for everyone... I would say that you have a chance of getting into one of them if you apply to all and get your ECs up to par.
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  • ilovemyego23ilovemyego23 291 replies22 threads Member
    I feel your on the right track.

    YOur SAT IS FINE! Once you get over the 2100 mark...there is no real reason to even retake the test..honestly.

    You seemed very involved and you should keep that up. I hope you are actually committed to all those things.

    You seem on the right track and good luck to you.

    Make sure you put safeties on your list also.

    Chance me?
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  • hchoprahchopra 77 replies13 threads Junior Member
    You look like your on the right track as you know ivy leagues are very random about their decisions so write a killer essay and hope for the best (:
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  • newbieenewbiee 59 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Thanks. :) Wow, I really don't know what to believe, LOL. Some of you guys have said I am not good enough, others have said I'm on the right track... ??? It's ok, I guess we'll see! I appreciate the input.

    About the ECs -- in grade 9 I knew my school didn't offer any so I did get involved outside of school.

    Also, my safety schools are all in Ontario. They only look at your grade 12 marks and ECs are for scholarships mostly, so I can't really tell for those yet. :)
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  • ilovemyego23ilovemyego23 291 replies22 threads Member
    can you chance my back please
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  • newbieenewbiee 59 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, sure! Sorry, I hadn't gotten to it.
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  • SamSaulsburySamSaulsbury 148 replies31 threads Junior Member
    okay guys... seriously? i cannot express how over-scrutinizing you guys are. you could get into all of those colleges piece of cake (although i wont say that of harvard, yale, and stanford, those are the colleges that noone can be guarenteed acceptance to). you have the best resume ive seen in... like... forever. and youre first generation
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  • newbieenewbiee 59 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Thanks a lot for the input! :) Yeah, HYPSM are reaches for everyone so I'm not expecting anything for those. Really? You think I'm doing ok? Lots of different opinions so I'm not exactly sure where I stand... but thanks again to all of you.
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  • historian17historian17 66 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I think as long as you make clear that you've triumphed in the face of adversity (and good for you! You have!), you make a compelling applicant for the lower ivies and other schools. Don't let that stop you from your dream school! If you love Harvard, apply. You've got just as good of a shot as anyone!

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  • fall2016parentfall2016parent 801 replies22 threads Member
    Your junior GPA (with a rigorous class load) will be the key. Until then it is sort of futile to chance.
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