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Chances at MIT/Harvard/Georgetown

visionvision 92 replies29 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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I go to a pretty competitive college prep high school. Every year, to my knowledge, there is atleast one person accepted into Harvard, but not into MIT. Only one person got into MIT this year, first in 8 years.

Intended Major - International Business (OR) Biotechnology
MIT - Firstchoice
Harvard - Second choice
Georgetown - Third Choice

Test Scores:
PSAT: 1790
Sat I: 2100
Sat II:
-Math II - 720
-Physics - 740
-Biology - 740
-Spanish - 700
AP Exams:
-Calculus AB - 5
-Physics B - 4
-Biology - 5
-Spanish Language/Comp - 4
-Calculus BC - Not taken yet
-Chemistry - Not taken yet
-Economics (Micro/Macro) - Not taken yet
-English Language and Composition - Not taken yet
-Spanish Language and Literature - Not taken yet

Biggest/Hardest workload in my class 3 years straight; sophomore, junior, and senior year

Senior Schedule:
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Economics
AP English Lang/Lit
AP Spanish Lang/Lit
Models of Leadership

School Related:
Rank: No ranking system
QPA: 4.1
Majority of A+ on transcript, excluding several AP's. Nothing below an A.

Freshman year - 3.8
Sophomore year - 3.6
Junior year - 4.5
Senior year - 4.8 First Quarter

Recs - Very good (teachers that like me)
Essays - Fairly well written

Indoor Track - 2 Years, 1 year varsity
-States 3rd place championship
NHS - 2 years
Attention for Diversity in Action - 3 years, 2 years leader
Academic Decathlon - 4 years, 1 year captain
-some awards
Senior Mentor - 1 year, high level of responsibility
Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter - 2 years, 1 year president.

Community service - 150 hour project
New England Aquarium Volunteer - 150 hours, 21 hour training
-lots of responsibility, "leadership exemplified"
Part time data entry job; 20 hours a week
Habitat for Humanity - Involved with my local branch; on and off work
Student Center - Summer camp for kids; high level of responsibility. 100 hours in a month.

So thats it. What are my chances?
Also, how much does my job affect with the college admission process? Will they see it as a positive or neutral thing?

Thanks in advanced!
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Replies to: Chances at MIT/Harvard/Georgetown

  • FlippyFlippy 1154 replies130 threads- Senior Member
    MIT: Reach
    Harvard: Reach
    Georgetown: Match

    Don't count on getting into MIT or Harvard with those SATs. Also, you didn't do any really nice ECs for math/science.
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  • visionvision 92 replies29 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Well, my school doesn't really offer much extra to do. I did take the initiative and took a summer science class. I am the only one in the whole school to ever finish AP Physics, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry. Usually seniors (majoring in science) leave with, at most, two of those classes.

    How big of a reach are we talking about?

    Thanks for the reply!

    Oh, and should we add an "asian factor" in here? Born Chinese-American. First language was Chinese, second was English, third was (is) Spanish. I plan to continue studying spanish and maybe french in college.

    Also, first generation Asian (no, I was not pressured into studying and all of that... not during high school anyways)
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  • IDefineCoolIDefineCool 160 replies43 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Your SATs look great to me. A 2100 is good enough for Harvard, but doesnt qualify as a lock. But then again nothing is a lock for Harvard.
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  • FlippyFlippy 1154 replies130 threads- Senior Member
    2100 is below the Harvard/MIT average.

    MIT M+V = 1500 avg. (Around 2250)
    Harvard M+V = 1490 avg. (Around 2250)

    You're a 150 points short of being average. Keep in mind that MIT and Harvard applicants have very strong GPA/SATs and the "getting in" factor is their superb ECs.

    You have no varsity sports, no leadership positions, no musical talent, no Robotics team, no science fair, no RSI/ISEF/Siemens/AIME/Olympiad for math or science.

    They will understand that your school is a disadvantage, but did it really prevent you from doing all you could?

    MIT and Harvard are both the best of their well known fields (MIT = engineering, Harvard = law, English, other liberal arts).
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  • venus121venus121 141 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Being Asian isn't exactly a plus. I go to a school where 80% of the student body is Asian and everyone has near perfect good grades, SAT scores, and extracurriculars. And all of them are applying to schools like Harvard and Yale. It's ridiculous that people talk seriously about getting into these schools. Everyone is overqualified and so there has to be something that sets you really apart. It's more like the people who think they get in, won't get in. and those who don't, will. It's always been like that, at least that's the experience with my siblings who went to Harvard and Yale....they weren't the perfect students. That isn't what these colleges want....they want people who could offer something to the college in addition to the memorization or high scores on a test. they want people who really love learning and are motivated by it...
    College is what you make of it and is not an indicator of your intelligence.
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  • Sephiroth226Sephiroth226 652 replies35 threadsRegistered User Member
    2100 is below the Harvard/MIT average.

    MIT M+V = 1500 avg. (Around 2250)
    Harvard M+V = 1490 avg. (Around 2250)

    from princetonreview.com

    MIT: Average GPA: 4.10
    Average SAT: 1467

    Harvard: SAT - Verbal Range (25-75%): 700-800
    SAT - Math Range (25-75%): 700-790

    So I assume 1500 for Harvard and 2100 for the lower 25%.
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  • FlippyFlippy 1154 replies130 threads- Senior Member
    Sephiroth, I was estimating using collegeboard's 25-75 percentiles. I was off about 30 points I guess.
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  • amptron2xamptron2x 1041 replies17 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Realistically, it's highly unlikely you'll get into either Harvard or MIT. Your SATs are towards the bottom of their applicant pool. You have a shot at Georgetown, though it's not by any means a slam dunk. I hope you also applied to some matches and safeties.
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  • xgyrosxxgyrosx 91 replies15 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    but it's not impossible, is it?
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  • stambliark41stambliark41 2223 replies304 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    no not impossible. However, I think chances are extremely low at MIT, low at Harvard, and iffy for Georgetown.
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  • hideANDseekhideANDseek 543 replies57 threadsRegistered User Member
    You guys kept pinpointing her/his SAT scores as her/his weaknesses. I thought essays were more important than SAt scores?!
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  • dukeclassof09dukeclassof09 476 replies1 threadsRegistered User Member
    Above-average SAT scores don't get you in (they are expected of many applicants), but below-average scores can often keep you out.

    Harvard: 10%
    MIT: 15%
    Georgetown: 55%
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  • xgyrosxxgyrosx 91 replies15 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    it's not impossible, then. but 10% chance is just too much, dukeclassof09. I would say 2% for both H and MIT
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  • suzesuze 4433 replies46 threads- Senior Member
    Your school is not competitive if your the only one to have done those basic things. Sorry, but I have to go with the majority here, I don't think there is a chance at MIT or Harvard. 2100 is not OK at those schools with a strong hook. A 720 SATII at MIT is highly unusual. No stand out ECs.

    Georgetown is a reach, but a more realistic one. Do you have some strong matches where you would be happy?
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  • visionvision 92 replies29 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Well i've also been playing the chinese dulcimer for 8 years. im part of an international group and perform on a monthly basis. ive done volunteer teaching with this instrument and also ive been in a cultural chinese band for a few years.
    does this change my chances at all?
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  • tamtheasianmantamtheasianman 17 replies10 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Let's say I had the same exact stats..
    But let's say I had a 2220 SAT..
    What would my chances then be for:

    Cal Tech
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  • FlippyFlippy 1154 replies130 threads- Senior Member
    UCLA: Match
    UCB: Match
    MIT: Reach
    Caltech: Reach
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  • tamtheasianmantamtheasianman 17 replies10 threadsRegistered User New Member
    darn it.. but what if I took every single AP offered (like 13), and get A's in all of them, and rank at least 4 out of 250?
    but berkeley.. i guess that's good enough for me.
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  • FlippyFlippy 1154 replies130 threads- Senior Member
    ^Still wouldn't make MIT more than a reach.

    Anything special in scientific research?
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  • gmmangmman 522 replies17 threadsRegistered User Member
    Don't hijack threads, and MIT and Caltech is a reach for almost everyone (including geniuses, you have to be something really special for it not to be a reach IMO)
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