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Did I ruin all my college hopes?

themtgmagethemtgmage Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
edited November 2012 in What Are My Chances?
Well folks, I am nearing the end of first semester of Junior year in high school, and what can I say: I screwed up bad. I had high hopes and aspirations shortly before I started the eleventh grade, but probably destroyed them with my performance this semester. Here is why I am concerned:

For Sophomore Year, my GPA was... not too bad:

AP Euro: B/B and 3 on Exam
AP Enviro Sci: A/A and 4 on Exam
English IIP: A/B
Algebra IIP: A/A
Spanish II: B/B

This brought it to a 3.5 UW and a 3.9 W.

Here is where my situation gets bad. Going into Grade 11, I decided to take on many more weighted classes. This backfired hard, and my grades are oddly enough in a position where I will finish with a C in my only regular class. Someone shoot me.

For this semester:

AP Comp Sci: Maybe an A, most likely a B
AP Statistics: B
AP Chem Lecture: B
AP Chem Lab (it's not weighted): A
AP US History: B (and damn proud)
IB English (weighted once I take my test): A
Regular Pre-Calculus: C
Spanish 3 (Taken over the summer): B and B

Abysmal would be a good word. Why I did so well in Algebra II but am basically the class Dunce in Pre-Calculus is totally and utterly beyond me. I would go into a test knowing everything but at a crawl-like pace, ultimately doing bad on a test due to running out of time. This pattern relentlessly hammered me to the point where I will end this semester with at best a C in the class.

At the very best, if I can muster up straight A's (and the B from Spanish) next semester, I can graduate High School with 3.5 UW and 4.0 W roughly.

As for EC's?
Varsity Shot Put/Discus
Chess Club President
Math Honor Society (I kid you not, I got in because I tutor Algebra students)

So why did I compose this list and what do I really want to know? I want to know how bad that C in pre-Calculus will hurt me. The class really hit me hard and was made more challenging by severe ADD, in addition to me taking other really tough courses.

I have yet to take the SAT. I plan on applying to all the UC's, UIUC, UT at Austin, Michigan, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Polys, University of Washington, University of Rochester, University of Wisconsin- Madison, and Ohio State. Do I have hope at any of these schools? Or did the C in pre calc ruin it?
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Replies to: Did I ruin all my college hopes?

  • themtgmagethemtgmage Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    Over a 100 views, someone has got to reply.
  • RPreZZRPreZZ Registered User Posts: 249 Junior Member
    If you're doing engineering, you might be screwed. Many people with the same classes get straight A's. Keep mind that your SAT Score can make up that C, so work hard. Good Luck, don't lose your hopes (:
  • Thursday8Thursday8 Registered User Posts: 643 Member
    If I were you I'd
    1. Look at the average GPAs of the schools. Of course they usually like to see a flat if not upward trend, and your chances would also depend on your race (for an asian, this is not good), but that might give you a general idea.
    2. Improve your grades! You're only in the beginning of junior year, right?
    3. Remember that grades are important but there are other factors that could help/hurt you
    P.S. Some schools (UCs I think) don't look at freshman grades
  • Thursday8Thursday8 Registered User Posts: 643 Member
    Oh and I didn't see that you have ADD... that could possibly help.
  • themtgmagethemtgmage Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    @ RPreZZ I was actually considering Engineering. I think I still may qualify if I can bounce back my Pre-Calc to an A next semester. And SAT

    @ Thursday8 I'm white haha. As for the GPA trend, I don't really know because my numeric value dropped but the rigor of course exponentially grew. Don't know how the adcoms will look at it. And yes, I plan on raising the grades to all A's next semester.
  • ClassicRockerDadClassicRockerDad Registered User Posts: 5,941 Senior Member
    I think you can fix this.

    Your target schools are not so competitive that you have to carry a load like this to be competitive.

    Why do you NEED to be in AP US History?

    You do NEED to master every morsel of precalculus, not for admissions, but because so much of your future course work relies on it. You NEED time to do that.

    My suggestion
    1. Lighten your load - drop down in history.
    2. Get a tutor for yourself to catch up in precalculus. Don't be embarrassed, it is what is is. Study harder and do more practice problems so they don't take you as long.
    3. Get treated for ADD
  • VAMom2015VAMom2015 Registered User Posts: 1,348 Senior Member
    Is your ADD documented? If so you may be able to get extended time from your teacher on your calc tests. You may be able to without documentation. Have you spoken to your teacher?

    Sent from my DROID RAZR using CC
  • CatriaCatria Registered User Posts: 11,349 Senior Member
    CSU-LB is your safety.

    But do you have another major as a backup plan if engineering falls through?
  • jjmae00jjmae00 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    you'll be fine! if worse comes to worse theres always UCR, they accept everybody! Your picking a lot of good schools, they can't all penalize you for a C.
  • ELIZABETHDMELIZABETHDM Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Your GPA isn't too bad; and remember colleges look at extracurricular activities as well. Also, a lot of the time they are looking for a PERSON, not numbers on paper. Most colleges want intelligent leaders, not just a studyhound. However, that is not to say grades are not important. The best advice I can give you is to go for extra help in pre-calc (if engineering is your goal), and work your ass off in the next semesters. Try to get out of the AP if its hurting you that much, and look for resources in your school. Most students don't know it, but there usually are student tutoring programs available.
    Hope this helps.
    PS: Selesyna is epic and Jace the Mind Architect can kiss my ass! XD
  • themtgmagethemtgmage Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    I have to bump this.

    Would an A in next semester's Pre-calc class really offset the crappy grade I got in the first semester?
  • ClassicRockerDadClassicRockerDad Registered User Posts: 5,941 Senior Member
    it certainly would go a long way toward that end
  • MichiganGeorgiaMichiganGeorgia Registered User Posts: 4,417 Senior Member
    I think an A would help. Remeber it's your total grade point they are looking at no just 1 class for 1 semester. However the thing I would keep in mind for the future is that every college we toured said the same thing when asked this question. " Is it better to take an AP class and get a B or a regular class and get and A? Their answer was its better to take the AP class and get an A! You are taking a lot of AP classes. I would think about lightening the load a bit.
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