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Chances for Harvard

diddly123diddly123 497 replies84 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 581 Member
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Hi everyone! I'm a junior and I'm applying EA for Harvard next year. Here are my stats:

**Keep in mind, honors is 4.5 and AP is 5.0 on our school scale but they messed all of them up. ill just put them anyway lol

GPA: 4.37 (prob should be higher but again, school messes them up)
UW GPA: 3.99
ACT: 33 (35E, 33M, 34R, 30S) superscored is 34 (32S)
SAT: 2200 superscored (710M, 710R, 780W)
PSAT: 219
Freshman year (none offered)
Sophomore year
-AP World (5-only offered), pretty much self studied this because we did nothing in class
Junior year
-AP US History, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP English Language, AP Studio Art (all solid As first semester)
Senior year (prospective)
-AP Macroeconomics, AP Biology, AP English Literature, AP Studio Art, AP Calculus

Honors courses:
english freshman and sophomore years, algebra II sophomore year, chemistry sophomore year, history freshman year

Uhhh extracurriculars
-founded my own organization called HOPE which sends supplies such as clothing, toiletries, bedding, etc. to Latin American countries. We began with an orphanage in Haiti and branched out to Costa Rica this year. It all began after the 2010 earthquake there. Have done many events at school and at the summer camp where I work as a counselor/administrative assistant. We've also started clubs in elite private schools across the country (which send students to Harvard/ivies every year, so they'll be familiar with that). We started working with Feed My Starving Children, a famous organization which is now helping us get our supplies to Latin America. We are meeting with the president of it soon!
-very avid artist
-won several national contests (ex: ravsak - first place)
-some of my paintings are being exhibited right now at a nearby, well-known university
-yearbook editor in chief for 3 years for the whole school
-summer job working as an administrative assistant/counselor
-work with mentally disabled children, teaching them to get active and play sports. i got my friends to do this too (isn't this what they're looking for? like making the people around you better?)
-editor of key club 3 years
-vice president of National art honor society
-varsity tennis team, treasurer of Israel advocacy club, very active NHS member, national spanish honor society, etc other things

hmm thats as much as I can list right now but assuming i write a very strong essay too and have good recommendations, etc., what do you think my chances are for EA? Thanks everyone and good luck! :D
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Replies to: Chances for Harvard

  • diddly123diddly123 497 replies84 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 581 Member
    bump!? 10char
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  • GcetzyGcetzy 42 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 48 Junior Member
    Great chances but you never know, but what are you female or male? Ethnicity? Is there any hooks? Like possibly low income???
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  • bgallobgallo 45 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
    I guess I didn't end up applying to Ivies (too much money), but you sound like the kind of applicant they're looking for! If anything, maybe up the scores a touch. I don't know how much superscores matter, but a 35/2350 plus normal score would look great coupled with the rest if your holistic application. If you're serious about this, there are entire books about applying to Ivies. The bottom line is there is no single thing that will get you in; rather, a number of factors are taken into consideration. I didn't apply to Ivies, and I don't feel entirely comfortable chancing you, but with a slightly higher score on one test or the other (I guess I don't know how many times you've taken then) I feel you'd have as good a chance as any one of the other applicants.
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  • ArtsyGirl13ArtsyGirl13 2947 replies39 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,986 Senior Member
    It's Harvard, it is a reach for everybody. You have good numbers, but it is a reach...
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  • diddly123diddly123 497 replies84 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 581 Member
    i guess possible hooks could be that I have a deceased father and a mother with multiple sclerosis? and i guess low income lol
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  • caroline26caroline26 46 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 48 Junior Member
    I would say that based off of that and your extracurriculars you have a pretty good shot. I would try to get your SAT scores up though just to be on the safe side, especially for early decision. Another thing to think about are SAT subject tests because those are extremely important at schools that require them
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