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Chance Me UPenn ED/Yale/Brown/Princeton/etc... Will Chance Back!

writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
edited February 23 in What Are My Chances?
Hi, everyone! I'm a junior and am trying to figure out how I should approach the college process -- I want to apply to Penn ED because of KWH, and I've been in touch with people there. Chance me ED/RD Penn, SCEA/RD Yale & RD Princeton, Brown, Harvard, Boston University, SUNY Geneseo, Emory, Georgetown, Vassar, Wellesley

I may end up declaring a second major, but will apply to schools as an English major.
White middle-class female from NY.

[ *] SAT I (breakdown): Will take in March
[ *] ACT (breakdown): 33 [(36 E, 35 R, 33 M... 27 S :'( )--> I totally messed up the last passage on science because I didn't get the concept and freaked out. I know I should 100% be able to move that section up to mid-high 30's, since that's what I got on all of the timed online tests. I know Penn does superscore. My major-related scores are obviously much better, but I'm definitely retaking in April & (re)doing every official science test I can find.]
If, worst case scenario, I couldn't bring up my composite to a 34, how badly would this hurt my chances?
[ *] SAT II: Am planning to take Math 2, US & perhaps one other in June. I plan to get high 700's/800 on both.
[ *] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0 -- I've only seen my weighted GPA, but my lowest grade is a 96, so I'm assuming that's a 4.0
[ *] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): N/A, but should be in the top few in a class of ~250, if not at the top
[ *] AP's: AP World (5), AP Lang (current), AP Calc (current), AP Spanish (current), APUSH (current), AP Lit (next year), AP Macro (next year), AP Micro (next year), AP Stat (next year), AP US Govt (next year)
[ *] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): 2016 Scholastic Writing Awards National Gold Medalist (2017 nationals aren't announced yet, but I've won 4 total Gold Keys & like 7 Silvers, I think... but I'll probably only list Gold on app), other creative writing awards & publications

[ /list][ b]Subjective:[/b]
[ *] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parentheses):
[Sorry to keep a lot of these vague to keep my identity safe... trust the prestige evaluations I give]
1) Editor-in-Chief & Programme Director of an international youth writing and art magazine. I manage 35+ staff members from California to Singapore -- the publication receives submissions from over twenty-five countries and thirty US states. I will also be speaking at a writing festival in Singapore through the publication.
2) Prose Reader at [Mid-Prestigious Literary Journal]: evaluate prose submissions for publication (both magazine issues & literary competition entries), as well as solicit writers for submission.
3) Business Development at [Prestigious Journal]: Solicited professional writers for submission and mentors to participate in their summer mentorship program, which I participated in as a freshman.
4) Teen Intern at the Guggenheim Museum: Work with museum supervisors to assist in child art studio and tours through the education department. Coordinate educational activities under the season’s featured artist (previous examples being Moholy-Nagy and Agnes Martin.)
5) Fiction Mentor for [Name Redacted] Online Writing Workshop: Taught two sessions of workshops for young writers, coordinating prose lectures, facilitating peer mentorship activities, and providing feedback on their work.
6) Political Activism: Worked on a Democrat state senate campaign last summer. Also write for various political publications, including The Progressive Teen (High School Democrats of America.)
7) Founding Editor-in-Chief of School Newspaper: Oversee staff of over thirty students, manage budget issues, supervise newspaper layout, and publish student articles.
8) Debate Team Captain, Assistant Coach, Summer Debate Camp Counselor: Supervise school debate team, assisting in research and debate strategy. Ranked in the top 10 speakers in New York State in my division (2016.) Coached a beginner policy debate lab (taught debate fundamentals, prepared lesson plans, and planned student rounds.) I also volunteer to judge debate rounds at monthly tournaments.
9) National English Honor Society (Organization President): Coordinated tutoring sessions and book drives to promote peer collaboration, as well as writing projects for members (creating school posters, compiling book lists and submitting to competitions.)
10) Head of Yearbook Writing Department: Oversee the writing staff and the publication of all written articles for senior yearbook.

[Can you guys tell I like to write?]

[ *] Job/Work Experience: If this means paid, then N/A
[ *] Volunteer/Community service: Guggenheim, debate, etc
[ *] Summer Activities: I have taken classes at the Gotham Young Writers Workshop & Skidmore College. I'm not 100% sure yet what I'm doing this summer, but I'm applying to a bunch of writing programs & internships, so it will likely be various activities to further develop my writing interest.
[ *] Essays: Planning to write a more poetic "place of solace" bookish type essay about my relationship with reading. The essay I'm thinking about would be strongly based off a Scholastic personal essay that won a Gold Key this year, so I know I can write the piece well.
[ *] Teacher Recommendations: I am planning to get recommendations from my AP English & APUSH teachers, which should be strong.
[ *] Additional Rec: If I apply Penn ED, then I will get one from a writing alum. For other schools, I'm not sure I will submit one... I'd need to see how this summer goes.
[ *] Supplementary Material: I wrote a literature research paper about the nature of time in Nabokov's work for MIT Inspire. If I get finalist for my research, I may provide an abstract, but otherwise likely nothing

Replies to: Chance Me UPenn ED/Yale/Brown/Princeton/etc... Will Chance Back!

  • CliffShablomCliffShablom Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    you seem like a well rounded student who is very involved with the community and has many extracurriculars under their belt. You have plenty of time to focus on your standardized test scores, I could see you having lots of success In getting accepted to the ivies. Harvard and Yale are really some of the more selective schools but I still think you would put up a good fight for admissions. I wish you the best of luck in your college endeavors!
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    Thank you! Best of luck to you as well. :)
  • admiral12admiral12 Registered User Posts: 117 Junior Member
    edited February 25
    actually a whole lot of people (including myself) have a 4.0 unweighted... even at my school (ncssm) there are several others as well....

    @op- you are a very strong candidate and i think you've got a real good chance to get accepted to most of these schools. yale, harvard, and princeton are probably toss-ups and penn leans accept i'd say

    best of luck!
    Post edited by vonlost on
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    I'm pretty sure a 4.0 is not impossible, or even uncommon for Ivies... My transcript says lowest class is a 96, so that's what it is. I did get one 85 in gym, but that's not counted towards my average, and I don't think the ad-coms would care much. Does that make me seem more human to you?
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    @admiral12 : Yes, I know HYP are toss-ups for everyone, but at least I have a chance. Good luck to you too!
  • LehnsherrLehnsherr Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    ED/RD Penn - I'd guess that you get in here ED, so none of the others here would dome into the equation, BUT on the nontrivial chance that you don't...

    SCEA/RD Yale & RD Princeton, Harvard - Probably a rejection just because these schools are stupid
    Brown - Around 50/50 RD

    Boston University, SUNY Geneseo, Emory, Georgetown, Vassar, Wellesley

    Probably accept at all of these.

    You're clearly passionate about writing, and have the stats to back it up. Hopefully things work out for you. Take a look back at my post to see how you feel about the "story" I tried to tell? Good luck.
  • admiral12admiral12 Registered User Posts: 117 Junior Member
    @writergirl0316 thanks!!! yeah unless you're getting like Siemens finalist and placing at like IBO ICO and IPO you're really not gonna be "guaranteed" admission at HYPSM but you've got a good chance

    also back to the 4.0 thing i'm pretty sure there's a reason kids these days do so many extracurriculars for HYPSM schools and that's cuz 4.0 is like the "norm"
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    @Lehnsherr I just meant that it seems like you have a lot of interests and it's great that you tailored your essays to the schools, but I think you might want to emphasize a single passion so your application's "story" is cohesive. I.e. Are you a debater who does Parkinson's research? A researcher who plays soccer? Through what lens do you want the ad-com to view your application?

    I hope that makes sense! Best of look to you :)
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    @admiral12 Agreed. I'm not sure why that poster seems so angry.
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    Gulp, I meant *luck, not look. Autocorrect!
  • morgantmwmorgantmw Registered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
    I'd say that your chances are certainly better than most at all of your schools. Not a guarantee of course, but I think you'll end up somewhere great!
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    @morgantmw Here's to hoping that you're right! How much do you think the ACT (33 -> 34, or staying the same, for example) affects my chances? Is there anything else you think I should do to improve my app?
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
  • yonceonhismouthyonceonhismouth Registered User Posts: 1,972 Senior Member
    ED/RD Penn, SCEA/RD Yale & RD Princeton, Brown, Harvard, Boston University, SUNY Geneseo, Emory, Georgetown, Vassar, Wellesley

    I think you have a better shot SCEA at Yale than ED at Penn, because of your incredible ECs- I think Yale will like your emphasis on writing.

    SCEA Yale- Accept (RD maybe a waitlist)
    ED Penn- deferral (RD same, waitlist)

    Princeton- reject
    Brown- accept because of the writing
    BU- accept
    Geneseo- accept
    Emory- accept
    Georgetown- accept/waitlist
    Vassar- accept
    Wellesley- accept/waitlist

    Except for the Ivies, I think you have a pretty good shot at all the schools on your list.
  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    @yonceonhismouth Really? I thought Penn would be much more likely because of the Kelly Writers House... could you explain a bit more why you think Yale would like my writing more than Penn?

    Thank you! :)
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