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Predict My Results? Will Chance Back!!

hehaotimhehaotim Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
edited March 20 in What Are My Chances?
Hey! I am an international student and really anxious about admission decisions which are only a few days away! For the past few weeks, I have felt incredibly insecure and reasonably so. I really disliked the idea of chance posts, but I really want to consider this seriously in order to plan for college. I am considering applying to a few European schools in case things are not likely to work out. For one, the Harvard and MIT interview processes for students of my country are selective; they are initially waived but offered to some upon evaluation in late Feb and early March. I am still waiting but nothing has come up. I read somewhere that it may be either because you are already accepted or rejected or your application is still under review. The latter sounds unreasonable and even the former a little so because I haven't known a single person from China/Singapore/India who got into Harvard without an interview. So I am in a mental fix and this is an outpour

So, here it goes.
Schools I applied to
Dartmouth College
Williams College
Amherst College
Middlebury College
Vassar College
Johns Hopkins Univesity

Income: $25000-$30000
Prospective Major: CS/Physics

ACT: 33
SAT Subject Test Math II: 800
SAT Subject Test Physics: 800
SAT Subject Test Chemistry: 800
APs (forgot to self-report on CommonApp and MIT application) : Chem: 5, Physics C Mechanics: 5, Physics C E&M: 5, Calculus BC: 5 [We are supposed to take APs in China, but did that to skip out of introductory classes]

Rank: Top 1%
Counselor: My school principal wrote a recommendation letter for me instead of the school counselor. Must be very good because she was enthusiastic about it. Has known me very well throughout high school. (probably 9/10)

English: My English teacher showed me her recommendation a few days back. It was glowing, full of anecdotes and personality. (10/10)

Physics: My teacher has known me forever as a student. Probably the person who knows me best! I haven't seen the rec, but she has a reputation for writing amazing recommendations. (probably 9/10)

Other Recommendations:
From my research mentor (President of the Polish Academy of Sciences), a social activist and a representative of the national government (related to my activities). All should be positive and additive as they all know me very well.

Main ECs:
Research Fellow, Polish Academy of Sciences - Submitted a project in applied mathematics to the Academy and was awarded an all expense paid month-long research stay to expand on the project. It was computational physics.

Research Fellow, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and Dutch institute for Fundamental Energy Research (EuroFusion)- with the computational modeling of materials and plasmas.

Intern, Chinese Academy of Science and Brookings-Tsinghua Center

International Astronomy Olympiad 2016 - Bronze Medal
International Physics Olympiad Camp 2017
International Chemistry Olympiad Camp 2016

Volunteer at an Old Age Home - Conducted monthly art events for giving opportunities to young artists, volunteers, and musicians to engage with the elderly.
Volunteer at an orphanage - Raised money and created learning tools available to orphanages through an online charity match and funding platform.

I do a lot of art. Sent in an art portfolio along with a research portfolio to MIT and Yale. Sent only an art portfolio to Harvard.

President, School Student Council
President, Science Society
Member, Quizzing Society

I also realized that I forgot to mention my internship along with APs to MIT. I couldn't find space for some other things too. Should I consider updating them now? It is only 5 days to Pi day Tau time

Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate your kindness!
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Replies to: Predict My Results? Will Chance Back!!

  • spadesmitespadesmite Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    I think that your stats are great! Congratulations on accomplishing so much! Only that being an international who likely needs financial aid, it is tough to say what falls in your bag!

    Though according to me:
    Harvard - waitlist/reject
    Yale - waitlist/accept
    Princeton - waitlist/accept
    Columbia - accept
    Penn - accept
    Cornell - accept
    Dartmouth College - accept
    Caltech - reject
    MIT - waitlist/accept
    Vanderbilt - accept
    Tufts - accept
    Stanford - accept
    Duke - accept/waitlist
    Rice - accept
    Williams College - accept/waitlist
    Amherst College - accept
    Middlebury College - accept
    Vassar College - accept
    Johns Hopkins Univesity - waitlist/reject
  • hehaotimhehaotim Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    Thank you @spadesmite! It sounds rather optimistic though :P I hope I get Harvard, Stanford, MIT!
  • calenrussocalenrusso Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Harvard - waitlist
    Yale - accept
    Princeton - waitlist/reject
    Columbia - accept
    Penn - waitlist (FinAid is meh for internationals)
    Cornell - accept
    Dartmouth College - accept
    Caltech - reject
    MIT - waitlist/reject
    Vanderbilt - accept
    Tufts - accept
    Stanford - accept
    Duke - accept/waitlist
    Rice - accept
    Williams College - accept
    Amherst College - accept
    Middlebury College - accept
    Vassar College - accept
    Johns Hopkins Univesity - reject (FinAid again)
  • hehaotimhehaotim Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
  • mimimo7890mimimo7890 Registered User Posts: 513 Member
    did you apply to any safety schools?
  • hehaotimhehaotim Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    @mimimo7890 I didn't! I applied only to the schools I wanted to go to after thinking about those for a lot of time! it is not randomly applying to top schools but places where I thought I could be a good fit and get a great atmosphere. If I don't get into any, I stay in my country or go to a European school! Could you tell me what you think about these, though? Thanks a lot for your concern!
  • hehaotimhehaotim Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    edited March 12
    @aunt bea Please help! How does the financial aid affect my chances at these places? What are my chances?
  • tanguttangut Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    edited March 12
    I guess nobody can ever really know right. But I feel like the system would be broken if you didn't get into any of these schools because of your creative ability in mathematics. It would just ruin my confidence in elite institution.
  • tanguttangut Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Pretty sure most of these schools are need blind. Especially Ivies. So it doesn't matter [affect admission]. But you have to look at each schools admission policies.
  • ANormalSeniorGuyANormalSeniorGuy Registered User Posts: 315 Member
    Great stats, shame that international students have to face a lot of need aware situations and so unless you are rich places like that will reject you. But overall you look great and tbh if you were from the US you would get into 90% of these places.

    Harvard - waitlist/accept
    Yale - waitlist/accept
    Princeton - waitlist/reject (stress personality and obstacles- i.e. URM's and Literary types)
    Columbia - waitlist
    Penn - waitlist/reject (Finaid)
    Cornell - accept
    Dartmouth College - waitlist/accept (they stress random URM's like native americans and other small personal stuff, so you may be knocked out due to that)
    Caltech - reject
    MIT - waitlist/accept
    Vanderbilt - accept
    Tufts - accept
    Stanford - waitlist/reject (sorry, they like special snowflakes and they recieve so many international applications unless you did something crazy or overcame an major obstacle then prob not)
    Duke - accept
    Rice - accept/waitlist
    Williams College - accept
    Amherst College - accept
    Middlebury College - accept
    Vassar College - accept
    Johns Hopkins University - reject (FinAid)

    There you are. Granted, I know very little about Liberal Arts colleges as I didnt apply to one. Could you chance me back over pm? Thanks
  • suzy100suzy100 Registered User Posts: 4,283 Senior Member
    I believe the only schools that are need-blind for international students are MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Amherst.
  • hehaotimhehaotim Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    edited March 12
    @suzy100 Yep! You are absolutely right! But some other are really generous with aid and some don't spare much of anything financially for internationals :/ That really frightens me because the need-blind ones are really tough to get into any road and those easier to get an admission to would move me down the priority list for needing financial assistance. Let's see! What do you think, though?
  • hehaotimhehaotim Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
  • hehaotimhehaotim Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    The interview process for Harvard is selective in my country, so the RD interviews are taking place even now. However, most of the people I knew, who got into Harvard received notifications very early in March or in late Feb. I am told that the interviews are still rolling in, but when do they generally stop? Also, is it possible to get into Harvard without an interview or get waitlisted? Also, can one get into MIT without an interview (which says waived for me) but is again selective (and it is common knowledge where I'm from) :/
  • PlumbusPlumbus Registered User Posts: 163 Junior Member
    edited March 14
    Wow, that's a lot of top places. Overall, you look like a solid applicant, but being international and needing aid is going to be a big obstacle for you at a lot of these places.

    Harvard - Reject
    Yale - Reject
    Princeton - Reject
    Columbia - Reject
    Penn - Reject
    Cornell - Accept
    Dartmouth College - Accept
    Caltech - Reject
    MIT - Reject
    Vanderbilt - Accept
    Tufts - Accept
    Stanford - Reject
    Duke - Reject
    Rice - Waitlist
    Williams College - Waitlist
    Amherst College - Waitlist
    Middlebury College - Accept
    Vassar College - Accept
    Johns Hopkins University - Not sure

    I don't see any huge weaknesses with your application, and you've got a lot of good research experience. However, your test scores may be on the lower side for a lot of these schools, all of which I would say are top 30 in the country, which may hurt you. Most of all, being an international makes it very, very hard to get in, and needing aid as an international student makes it harder still, since most of these places aren't need blind for international students. Perfect scores and perfect GPA and perfect extracurriculars may get rejected, it's so hard to get in as an international. Some places also look at international extracurriculars more skeptically. Regardless, it's clear you've worked hard, and you'll end up somewhere really good. Best of luck.
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