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Will I get into a good college?

broadwaymelodybroadwaymelody 0 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1 New Member
I understand that regardless of whatever college I get into I'll be just as capable of becoming successful and happy in life as anyone else but there's no harm in being curious.

I am currently a junior in CA.

GPA: 3.6 unweighted, my school does not weight grades
SAT: Taking it this weekend but on my practices I've gotten between 1470-1530
I've taken 3 honors courses and 1 AP so far, but senior year will most likely be 5 APs and two regular classes

Participated in my school's drama department for the past three years (plan on continuing through graduation)
Lead role in our last musical, supporting role in our last play, I've directed two one acts, and have participated to some extent (crew, front of house, usher) in every show since my freshman year
Competing in Hospitality Management for FBLA
Model UN club officer, I've been to five conferences and plan on continuing club through graduation (hopefully be the new president next school year)
Worked part-time in computer repair and sales for two years
Boy Scout for the past five years

College prospects (tentative, of course):

UMichigan, Northeastern, Boston College, William and Mary, I don't really have a full hard setlist yet

Major: Computer science or some business field, again, not 100% set on anything really
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Replies to: Will I get into a good college?

  • jumpyjoeyjumpyjoey 4 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Your GPA is OK, and if your SAT is scored out of 1600, that is really good. Your EC's also shows you are well rounded, however, a lot of people will have the same EC's as you because they are all pretty common. Good luck!
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