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Do I stand a chance?

THEGZATHEGZA 14 replies18 threads Junior Member
Hello CC,

I am a current HS senior in Northern Virginia, and i was wondering whether i have a shot at Dartmouth(My top choice by far).

GPA (Unweighted): 3.75
GPA (weighted):4.22
ACT: 34, 35 superscored (2 tests)
Sat Subject Scores: Math II: 800
Rank: Top 4% (Contradicts with my low uw GPA)
Senior Classes: Calc III, Linear Algebra, AP Economics, AP Comp Gov, Orgo/Bio Chemistry, PTE Class, Science Research

- part founder of Indian Cultutral Nonprofit organization at 8 years old, helped run it for 9 years, donated over $5000 dollars to local hospitals. Helped me be in touch with my culture and business practice.
- As part of my nonprofit, i also participate in Voice of Specially abled people, where we help disabled people in india
- President of Computer science committee: Tutor students, compete, and make apps using computer science.
- Worked on Developing an ios game app, now on App Store (game name is Arö, check it out)
- I teach java programming to students who want to take it but can't, I have 7 students
- Invest in Stocks outside of school, one experience i bought DCTH stock, which went up over 100 percent in a day. Wrote my Personal essay about this experience
- National CyberPatriot Competition - CyberSecurity competition, eliminate vulnerabilities on a computer. Certificate Winner - State Platinum competition twice, 14th and 18th place in Northeast Competition (top 12 go to Nationals)
- participated in a club where our school refurbished electronics and donated them.

Took STEM classes at George Mason University Junior and Senior Year
At GMU, I did University Research and Innovation Classes
- Developed a Water proof Life Jacket that heats up to prevent Hypothermia using resistance wiring.
- Junior Year Research: Researched and coded a bipedal leg implementation made from 3-D printed parts focused on cost efficiency
- Currently finishing an audio to text translating AR headset that will display translated text in field of vision
- Currently Researching and developing an Infrared HUD display for firefighters. It will display sensor data in a field and it it has access to thermal imaging to facilitate firefighting
- Hoping to qualify for ISEF 2018

Counselor's - Great
Calc II Teacher - Great

Intended Major: Mathematics or Economics
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Replies to: Do I stand a chance?

  • LushLilliesLushLillies 384 replies22 threads Member
    Dartmouth is a reach for most, but I think you have a great chance! Your reasearch is super cool + your nonprofit will be interesting to adcoms imo. Your scores and courseload are also great. However, Dartmouth does recommend 2 SAT subject tests, and you only have 1. I wonder if that will be an issue? As you know, your unweighted GPA is a bit low as well. But I think your ECs will make up for the GPA.

    Good luck!
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  • accaccaccaccaccacc 16 replies1 threads New Member
    Pretty good chance, I agree w/ the above, you need another SAT II. ECs look great. Stocks as an essay choice is risky as it might come across as being privileged, but I'm sure you spun it the right way.
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  • THEGZATHEGZA 14 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Thank You. In my essay, i mention that i buy stocks using money from a summer job. Also, I did get a 690 in the chemistry exam, but i wasn't sure if i should submit it.
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