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Chance this intl boi

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I had originally written something longer but it's against the rules to post a link and it had too many words to be posted here, so I'll give you a summairzed version.

Grades: great in STEM except for chemistry, regular in humanities. Not enough to get into Oxford (because humanities averages it down) but enough to get into Bristol. But the Spanish system sucks so I'm worried that's going to be a disadvantage.

SATs: haven't taken them, will need to work to afford, but enough time to study. Obviously I aim to score at the level of ivies. I also already have IELTS band 7.

Recommendations: I'd previously asked my physics teacher one for UCAS and despite I didn't see it it seemed it was very good. It can only be better now because I made the class laugh for half a year with internet videos. I have mixed feelings for my Spanish teacher recommendation though. Maybe I should ask my English teacher?

Activities: I read and write in a knowledge exchange website, watch lots of anime(they need to fill those clubs!), and when I'm bored I do maths. It's difficult to find EC opportunities in the hispanic world. I'm also bad at sports. The only volunteering I've ever done was at a anime con, had to lie and say I was 18. I recently attended a public lecture on the new international system of units. I dont read much but I've read the modrrn school out of my discontent with this educative system and next i'll read homage to catalonia. I also used to draw digital art. I also write about my life in logs. I'm probably forgetting something.

Summarized bio: (ofc I'll have some of this in my essays, that's why I wrote it in the first place)

I am a 18yo in Barcelona, just graduated, I'll probably take a gap year so I want to apply to USA top unis. Because of the 2008 crisis my family became poor af again and we've been since then. When I was 10 I moved to Ecuador, took interest in physics, acquired experience drawing and making animation, and started watching anime. Then at 15 moved to Texas and only then I got interest in academics. I self taught programming, and most my classes were freshman level despite I was in year 10. Except for maths, I've always been good at maths (took geometry). My grades were still pretty average but I'd never really tried. I was still poor af and had to repair my laptop like a quintillion times. Then I moved to Spain (junior year, first year), I initially struggled with school but eventually did well, a b*tch f*d me up and was depressed the whole second year (this is summarized, don't judge). Anyway my teachers say I'm a genius and my grades evolution seems to be abnormal. There was a project worth a lot of grade and I learnt graphics programming and did some nice maths & sht. I also log, like, my whole life. My objectives include studying and doing well in physics, neuroscience, pranking CERN, and leading a coup d'etat (crazy ikr).

I know this isn't very appealing so I will leave my quora description here:

Anime fan, aspiring physicist and pessimist
Hello, thank you for reading!

I am a lover of good anime, an aspiring physicist, a self taught programmer, an education anarchist. I know, I'm a weirdo. I have lived in Ecuador (5 years), the United States (1 year), and Spain.

Reality is inhuman. Remember that, because the day it goes beyond what you had thought possible, it won't turn around for you.

I want to better understand this world and to construct on it. I can also use some basic Latex dydx=afraction,getoverit

Stick with me, let’s overthrow several things!

Please ask any questions you have, and please leave any relevant credentials. Need full financial aid.

Do you think I have a chance at top unis such as the ivies?
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