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Please Chance! (Stanford, Harvard, Rice, Duke)

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Ethnicity: African American/ Native American
Class Rank 1/22
GPA:3.9 UW no W
SAT II: Math II- 790 Chemistry- 780

Awards: school department awards

State: TN
School Type: Small Religious Private

APs at the time of applying: APUSH (5), AP Chem (4), AP Stats (5), AP Euro (3)
Senior Load: AP Calc AB, AP Bio, AP Lit, Religious class, Physics, Weights, Econ (no AP offered), Personal Finance, Current events
This is the most rigorous courseload available to me

Intended major: Stats major or Econ

Varsity Football (Co-Captain)
Varsity/JV Basketball
Beta Club Chapter President
Student Body VP (maybe)
Quiz Bowl (Captain); nationals 10th grade
Summer Internship at a Venture Capital firm
Boys Nation
60 hrs volunteer work
Work at a grocery store\Lifeguard
Mission trip to Honduras

Extras: sister went to Columbia

My main worries are course rigor (it is the most rigorous available at my school),class size, and my 3 on AP Euro.
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Replies to: Please Chance! (Stanford, Harvard, Rice, Duke)

  • MrSamford2014MrSamford2014 398 replies4 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 402 Member
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    Your bio checks a number of important boxes for diversity: ethnic, geographical (especially for Harvard and Stanford), and sociological / school type. In addition, your test scores and GPA put you in the frame for admission, quite apart from any diversity considerations.

    Therefore, I think the crucial factor in your application will be your essays.

    How will you present yourself? How will you make clear that you have made the most of the academic and social resources that have been available to you at your school? More importantly, how will you explain the ways in which the academic and social resources available at each university will be uniquely suited to help you fulfill your potential and pursue your intellectual and vocational dreams?

    If your essays succeed in presenting compelling answers to these questions, then I could imagine you being accepted at any one of these four schools. At the same time, you need to remember that reaches are reaches for everyone. Good luck!
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