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Chance me for top schools + any matches or reaches? Northwestern, UChicago

bearsfan21bearsfan21 127 replies20 threads Junior Member
This isn’t really a chance me post but more of a post to see which schools I should possibly look into.

I’m a sophomore at a very competitive high school. 1000+ students in my graduating class and easily a top 5ish high school in Illinois.

Indian, Male, Income is > 275k
Major: BioChem

GPA: 3.8 Unweighted, 4. 1 Weighted (Freshman Year)

I took a PSAT just a month ago and got 1200


Just took a practice test and waiting on results

My course load is very rigorous and easily looking at 10-11 AP Classes and 3+ Honor Classes

Freshman Year:
Alg 2 Acc A-/A-
Freshman English Acc A-/A
Biology Acc B+/A-
IED Engineering A/A
Spanish 2-3 Acc C/x
Spanish 2 x/A
Computer Science Acc x/A-
World History (Summer) A-/A

Sophomore Year:
Geometry Honors
Sophomore English Acc
Chemistry Acc
POE Engineering Honors
Spanish 3
AP Comp Sci Principles
Health (Summer) A/x
Applied Health x/

Junior Year: (most likely)

Pre Calc Honors
Junior English Acc
AP Physics
AP Biology
Spanish 4 or Retake of Spanish 2-3
AP Human Geo

Senior Year: (Haven’t really decided)
AP Calc BC
AP English
AP Chem
AP Euro
AP Macro
AP Micro

Vex Robotics (Team Designer) 9, 10, 11, 12
Debate Team 10, 11, 12
Class Board 10
Swimming JV 9

Volunteering: These are all documented with reflections and images
100 + Hours Lutheran Home (Senior Home Care)
50 + Hours Class Board
25 + Hours Library Work
60 Hours Give-A-Thon Leader (10, 11, 12)
60 Hours FMP (maybe) (11th and 12th grade)

Medical Related Work:
Northwestern Discovery Medical Program (10)
RIBs @ UChicago (This or something else related to medicine) 11 and or 12
Dr. rubins Medical School (10 or 11)

Schools that I looked into so far

Reach: Northwestern, UChicago, Cornell, Brown

Matches: Case Western, Emory (not sure if this is a good idea)

Safeties: UIUC, UIC

Just need a couple of schools that I should possibly look into

Couple of reaches and matches would be awesome! Preferably schools that I could actually get into

Thanks in advance!
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