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Chance me for Dartmouth ED?

financekid123financekid123 30 replies3 threads Junior Member
Caucasian male (FL)

SAT I: 1500 (740V & 760M)
SAT II: Taking in October.
GPA: 3.89 (weighted is out of 7 and weird)
Class rank: 9/500
AP Scores: Human Geo (5), Lang (5), US History (5), Calc AB (4), Psychology (4), Chem (3), WH (3), Stat (3)

Major Awards: National debate competitions? idk if major
Minor Awards: AP Scholar w/ Distinction, Merit Commended

Debate (4 year, ToC qualifications, national breaks and placings, AAA, all-state, probably my biggest ec)
Youth in Government (2 year, junior program at middle schools, state assemblies, weekly radio show)
SGA/Class of 2019 (4 year, just school planning and fun stuff)
Mu Alpha Theta (3 years, compete in AMC, USAMO, etc. monthly)
AP Student Ambassador (3 years, meet monthly, not a big deal)
Temple youth group (4+ years, help with programming)
Varsity tennis (3yr), XC (3yr)

Major: poli sci/economics

Hooks: spike with politics/economics?

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Replies to: Chance me for Dartmouth ED?

  • mamaedefamiliamamaedefamilia 3701 replies24 threads Senior Member
    @financekid123 I'm a little perplexed by the advice you got above thread because CMC and Brown are similarly competitive to Dartmouth. You have the grades, test scores, and ECs to have your application taken seriously at any of these schools. However, as you know, the admission rate at Dartmouth is sufficiently low (11%) that it is a reach for every applicant. That said, if it's your clear first choice, if it's affordable, and if your parents agree, then why not? Dartmouth's website says that the admit rate for ED is only a little higher than RD and the main advantage is an early response.
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  • gallentjillgallentjill 2387 replies84 threads Senior Member
    What @mamaedefamilia says is right on point. Your stats are fine but no one can really give you a better idea of your chances then you can find by a careful reading of the statistics. Does your school have Naviance? Can you get a sense of what it takes to get acceptance from your school? For example, many kids from our school with stellar grades and stats apply to Stanford and no one has ever gotten in. On the other hand, we seem to do well with Brown.

    Grades and stats are only the beginning. You need to fit what the school is looking for. Some of that is out of your control, but you can tilt the scale a bit in your favor by making sure you know what the school values and makeing sure your application shows that. I don't know about Dartmouth, but, for example if you know a school values learning for its own sake in an intellectual and cooperative environment, you might not want to emphasize your pre-professional aspirations (Just an example). You can find out a lot of this by researching the school. Visit if you can. Read their web site. Watch their videos ect.
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