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"Those ECs are weak...."- So what's good?

WindCloudUltraWindCloudUltra 1703 replies58 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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These chances threads are often by nervous, scared, uninformed, brash and yet still very charming high schoolers (for the most part)....

The responses are by...college alum and current students?...equally uninformed high school peers?...random people on the internet?....well...who the heck knows?

Anyway, a response that I've seen many times is, "Your ECs are weak." This line seems to be used by both posters who are trying just to be funny/mean and those posters who are seriously trying to help. Hell, I've even used that line myself!

I've seen someone with 2 varsity sports for 3-4 years AND a demanding pt job AND 5 other things on their list get this response....(Not from me by the way; I've only used the line in worse case senarios.)

So my question for everyone is: What is a good list of ECs?
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Replies to: "Those ECs are weak...."- So what's good?

  • madeinusa817madeinusa817 131 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    i agree with you there northstarmom, i think the earlier post of all the listings was misleading by providing a seemingly comprehensive list of acceptable ECs. the whole points of ECs is to show that you have interests outside of the class and you actually pursue them. i think the distinction between being president of a school club and being president of a national club is actually pretty small. sure, a handful of kids can do the latter, but doing the former shows something too if you really put effort into it.

    how exactly does one make the move to becoming president of a national club? it doesn't strike me as the kind of thing you can just up and do. i mean, i was president of the school's young democrats as a freshman, and nobody ever alerted me to the fact that I could any more than put all my time into the club.
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  • StrykurStrykur 1731 replies28 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Well, I had 4 years of varsity swimming, plus all year swim with private clubs. Plus water polo during the summer, along with swimming, so my high school summers were basically 5-7 hours in the pool every weekday. Plus I fit in 240+ community service hours on the weekends every year with my high school mission group with my church. I had no academic ECs, just sports outside the classroom. I didn't think this was too much (in a list form this is only a few items), it's just how much time you put into the EC that matters I guess. 5:00 AM workouts for swim gave me some credit, I guess...
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  • TetragrammatonTetragrammaton 387 replies5 threadsRegistered User Member
    Would it be out of place or unwelcome to ask about the value of a specific EC of mine?
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  • yahoooyahooo 1160 replies226 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    For an "Outstanding EC", does one have to win national awards, be nationally recogized, play at Carnegie Hall...etc? How about things in the local/community level?
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  • troublesomejasontroublesomejason 357 replies12 threadsRegistered User Member
    Do top colleges really view being a student rep. on the local school board similar to getting research published or TASP? I never knew that being a student rep. was such a powerful EC.

    As a student who got into HYS... and sits on the school board, i think i can answer your question with my experience. i've talked with my interviewer, and a few other people about my stats, and i think my school board record stands out the most (even though i'm an artist, and ranked 3rd in my class, etc.) that is because the school board, especially in a diverse and political city, gave me unique experiences that usually are taken advantage of by adults.

    That said, a few examples are that i was part of our nationally recognized movement for healthy foods four years ago (way before it was a national movement), have worked on issues such as desegregation (similar to affirmative action that colleges face), founded a city youth summit (which has been running for three years now) for the promotion of a community of citywide student leaders, and have worked extensively with our notable district officials etc. It has all be an incredible experience, something that I haven't minded attended meetings that have ended 1 a.m. and even later.

    As with the above posts, i think that as with any e.c., if one gets thoroughly involved and motivated, one can almost do anything.
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