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Are my stats good enough?

gg129390gg129390 1 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 7 New Member
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I am looking to apply to top undergrads for econ/business this fall (ivies, stanford, etc.). I believe my ecs are good but I'm more worried about my stats (I know they are good but are they good enough for very top schools):
I'm an Indian male at a Very Competitive Public School
UW GPA: 3.86
W GPA: 4.6
Class Rank: 4/480
ACT: 35C (35E, 34M, 35R, 36S)
PSAT: 1480 (Likely NMSF)
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Chem, 800 Math Level 2
Course Rigor: Extremely difficult schedule with a LOT of AP/IB and a LOT of Dual Enrollment Business classes at high ranking state school (Will have completed Junior year finance course work by end of hs)
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 32625 replies349 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 32,974 Senior Member
    All you have described so far is a very common summary for applicants to tippy tops- hard hs, rigor, think ECs are good. Now you need to learn what each target values and looks for. It's not all about stats.

    The impact of UW gpa depends on what classes were less than A grades. They'll look at the transcript.
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  • tchit87tchit87 33 replies5 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    I have no idea why you are worried about your states. There is literally hardly anything you can do to make them better, and if you are more confident in your ec's than your stats, apply wherever and see where you'll go: you could get some pretty great acceptances. These colleges don't care if you are 1st in your class or 15th, they need a good applicant.
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