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Chance me for JHU ED, Cornell ED, Rice ED, Vanderbilt ED2, Tufts ED2?

platypusomeletteplatypusomelette 40 replies15 threads Junior Member
My dream school is pretty much JHU, but I'm interested in checking out the other schools too. Please give me your most honest opinion on my chances! Suggestions for other schools would also be appreciated.

Major: Cell/molecular biology
Demographic: Asian, female, 80k household, New York in suburban Long Island. I have a budget of around 60k per year (noncustodial mom sharing tuition). Legacy at cornell
School: Public. ~1 or 2 Ivy-esque acceptances per year out of 800
Rank: Top 3% out of ~250
SAT: 1580!! Bio 780, chem 750, will take math 2
GPA: around 96% UW (like a 3.8?), 105% W (4.2 on 4.5 scale)
AP: Human geo, world history, seminar, chemistry, apush, environmental science - 4. Biology, language, research - 5
Taking most challenging courses in my school and doubled honors + AP science

1. Science Olympiad - 10 regional medals, leadership position with major participation
2. USABO semifinalist - 9th and 11th
3. Science bowl nationals - 11th
4. Quiz bowl, some regional awards
5. Principal chair violinist, played as level 5 NYSSMA soloist, qualified for LISFA, in chamber orchestra and Tri-M honor society, quartet
6. Worked at a medical clinic over 4 years, ~100 hours
7. Research this summer with an individual professor
8. Small stuff like robotics one year in 9th, NHS, honor roll, ap national scholar / ap capstone diploma, weekly program at stony brook
9. Also planning on submitting to 3 somewhat obscure art contests over the summer
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Replies to: Chance me for JHU ED, Cornell ED, Rice ED, Vanderbilt ED2, Tufts ED2?

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10438 replies123 threads Senior Member
    You are a competitive applicant but these are all reach schools for every applicant. Your legacy at Cornell will only be a bump if you apply ED.
    If your dream school is JHU, then that should be the school you use your ED for.
    Be sure to spend putting together a list of match and safeties.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30495 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Yes, you certainly are a competitive candidate but you are also very typical. Especially for Hopkins premed. Your profile is very much like a bulk of the applications they receive. You can only give it a go, and ED is your best shot at it. It also gives you a good boost at Rice and Cornell. You have to make that decision where you want to use your early card.

    ED might also be a wake up call on what financial aid you can expect Having s NCP in the picture throws a wrench into the accuracy of the net price calculators. It’s great that Non custodial mom is sharing the cost, but what she feels is an adequate contribution may not mesh with what the schools decide is what she should be contributing. Also, if there are any step parents in the scene, PROFILE for all of these schools except for Vanderbilt is going to want their financial info too. Run the Net Price Calculator foe Vandy see what you get. Your other schools will be coming up with more money from you because they will require info from your mother and her spouse if she has remarried.
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3926 replies52 threads Senior Member
    Legacy will really help a lot. Esp at Cornell. Given your background, if you were to apply ED to CALS, I think you have a very good shot. But if you wait until RD, the legacy benefit will be neutralized.
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3926 replies52 threads Senior Member
    Also if ED1 doesn't work out, have you considered ED2 to Uchicago? You seem like a good fit.
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