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Chance me + reverse chance me - targets and safeties (really need help!!!)

okaycoollokaycooll 9 replies5 threads New Member
I'm sorry if you guys don't do reverse chancing here (I'm kind of new to the website) but I'm kind of panicking and I could really use some help!

According to everyone on this website and r/applyingtocollege, essentially every school I thought was a target for me is a reach. It's my own fault for not doing the adequate research and realizing this earlier but now I'm really struggling to find good safeties/targets that offer my major (and have good programs for it).

Mixed female (white and black)
ACT: 33 (R:35 E:35 M:27 S:34; W:9)
SAT: taking in August (hoping for a 1500 but it doesn't look likely)
7 APs: APEuro (5), APUSH (5), APLang (5), APES, APLit, APGov, AP Italian
GPA W (school does not do unweighted): 4.99/5.00 (this looks low for weighted but I think it's just because my school's grading system is weird; for reference, my final grades from 9th to 11th grade are all between A- and A+ with the exception of one B+ in 9th grade)

Essay (s): average - currently working to improve

Extracurriculars (this is where I fall flat):
2 years of junior choir, 2 years of honors choir
Advanced Orchestra - Violin (2yrs)
Children's library volunteer (2yrs); I was offered a job as a page there (which I accepted) so I can no longer volunteer (I still currently work there)
Will be volunteering at an animal shelter this fall
Cashier for one summer
Minimal involvement with my school's diversity alliance this year to create and present a project to the 9th-grade class
Peer Mediator (end of 11th to 12th grade)
Parkinsons Awareness Club

Major: I want to major in communications, preferably with a focus in media and production or journalism. While many schools offer a communications major, their programs are not extensive and usually only offer a major in communications (and occasionally journalism). This is my biggest issue along with the fact that my family can't afford much but we will most definitely not be receiving any need-based financial aid

Current Reaches: NYU, Northeastern, BU, BC, Northwestern (this one is really just for fun - I know I have a 0% chance)
Current targets: Syracuse (I know Newhouse is difficult to get into though), Ithaca, University of Deleware, Pace, SUNY Purchase (possibly)
I'm still iffy on many of these though so I'd really appreciate recommendations
Current Safeties: please help!!
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Replies to: Chance me + reverse chance me - targets and safeties (really need help!!!)

  • txstellatxstella 1124 replies7 threads Senior Member
    What budget have your parents given you? Is you instate flagship affordable? It sounds as if paying for college will be your challenge.

    Look at GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs degree offerings. GW may not be affordable but the program is strong. Look at the coursework required.
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  • okaycoollokaycooll 9 replies5 threads New Member
    @txstella Thank you for replying! I probably overexaggerated with the money a bit (I was thinking mostly in terms of private institutions). My parents said the most they can contribute (per year) is $20k which I realize is substantial for many state schools but then I again run into the issue of many not offering a comprehensive program for my major (or in some cases not even offering it at all). Any aid I receive will most likely be on merit alone as my family has financial difficulties that are not taken into account by any need-based financial aid applications. That's mostly why I'm looking for some good safeties that might consider me for scholarships.
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  • LuckyCharms913LuckyCharms913 1104 replies15 threads Senior Member
    You might look at Miami U (Oxford OH) and Ohio U (Athens OH). Both are admissions safeties. Ohio U will be affordable after merit. Miami U has variable merit of half to full tuition for your stats. You may need to take some federal loans and save summer earnings.

    Both schools have broad offerings in Communications. Ohio is strong in journalism, Miami perhaps moreso in media. Both schools guarantee the same tuition and R&B costs for four years which is especially helpful for someone on a tight budget.
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2945 replies8 threads Senior Member
    It sounds like finances are a concern for your parents, but there's a reasonable amount to work with. I would scrap the private schools, because that $20k won't go far at all. Try going further south. You may want to consider University of Alabama. You're already qualified for the presidential scholarship worth $104,000. That's basically full tuition, add the $20k a year, and you're looking at a full ride. University of AZ offers even better scholarships. Other schools to consider that offer generous nonresident scholarships are Texas State University and UTSA. There's also Auburn and Mississippi State.
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  • cinnamon1212cinnamon1212 1215 replies11 threads Senior Member
    I don't know how the finances would work, but I thought the University of Missouri's Journalism School was very well regarded.
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  • inthegardeninthegarden 1789 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Don't know anything about their financial aid but I believe Elon University has a strong pre-professional school of communications, and your stats suggest to me that you MAY have a good chance for merit aid there. You'd need to check it out, as I don't have specific knowlege. I do know that they have a snazzy newish communications facility and a strong emphasis on experiential learning/internships if, that interests you.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43281 replies471 threads Senior Member
    Rowan has good scholarships for your stats and a pretty good communication program. It'd be a safety.
    The Bellisario School of communication at Penn State would be another safety but, while they have special scholarships there's no way of knowing you'd get one and for how much (basically, you apply for the scholarship after you've been admitted.) You may have a shot a Schreyer on top of it, but you only find out in March and it's $5,000. So, an academic safety with an uncertain financial profile.
    Wholeheartedly seconding Mizzou, Ohio U, and Miami of Ohio. Definitely apply there.
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  • LuckyCharms913LuckyCharms913 1104 replies15 threads Senior Member
    Another safety you might research is St. Bonaventure. It’s small and rural and you’d likely get enough merit to make your price about $25,000. I don’t know how strong their program is now, but I believe it was (and still may well be) well regarded.

    The reach schools on your initial list will likely not offer enough merit (if they offer any at all) to meet your budget. You might get very lucky at one; but please apply to several schools, even if not your top choices on paper, where you are virtually assured enough merit to be able to attend.
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