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CS Chances to UCs, UW, USC, HMC etc.

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Rising senior, very hard private school in California.
UC weighted 4.32, Capped 4.23, Unweighted 3.78 (10/11 grade) 3.82 (9-11 grade). 6 honors so far (no APs, Honors are supposed to be more rigorous than AP)
Senior course: Calculus 2-3 (H), CS(H), English, MicroEcon, history
SAT 1570. ACT 36. SAT math 2 760 (plan to retake).
Senior course:
CS related: Cosmos, Girls who code summer program, paid job for app testing.
Sports: Multiple league MVP/1st team.
Leadership: Run a few clubs at school. Captains of multiple teams since Junior year.
Community service: typical volunteering.
Asian female, perfer west coast, but will consider other areas with merit based scholarship
Red flag: downward GPA--straight A in 9th, one B in 10th, and 2 B+ in 11th (worse, they are math and physics) A good SAT2 can help or not? Any other remedies? Is senior course load too light/easy?
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