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can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?


Replies to: can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?

  • fizzyizzy99fizzyizzy99 Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Class of 2017

    I’m uploading this because I want to show that it’s possible to be a normal high schooler, and still get into good schools.

    Accepted: Haverford (Attending), William and Mary, Oberlin (20k/yr merit scholarship), Skidmore, Muhlenberg, Binghamton, Earlham (EA, 27k/yr merit), Lafayette, Bard
    Note: recieved merit scholarships at at least one other school, but don’t remember the exact details rn)

    Rejected: Tufts, UVa, Wesleyan (ED)

    Guaranteed Transfer: Boston University (turned down offer), Cornell ILR (Like, 95% sure will not actually use)

    I also started a lot of applications that I didn't end up finishing/sending in.


    SAT I- (first) 1390 (730 V, 660 M), (second) 1420 (740 V, 680 M).
    SAT II- 760 Literature, 700 US History- only sent to Tufts, taken very last minute
    ACT: N/A
    Unweighted GPA: N/A
    Weighted: 92/100, showed upward trend through Jr and Sr yr
    AP: Pre senior yr: WHAP (4), USH (5), English Lang and Comp (5)
    IB: N/A
    Senior year courseload: AP Lit, AP Stats, AP GOPO, AP Psych, AP Japanese, Piano, Guitar, Music Technology, and of course, gym/health
    Awards: AP Scholar, Honor Roll (freshman year)


    Extra-Curriculars: Mostly concentrated around music. Had several freshman year, but tapered off.
    Essays: Great. Common app essay was about my ethnicity.
    Recs: No idea.
    Interviews: excellent at Haverford and Earlham, really good at Muhlenberg, not that great at Tufts, and laughably awful at Barnard. Funny thing is, my interviewer and I wore almost the exact same outfit.

    School: NYC public performing arts school
    Race/ethnicity: white/afro-caribbean
    Sex: f
    Prospective major: History
    Did not apply for financial aid

    Notes: I wasn’t really dedicated to studying for my SATs, and we decided to focus on my essays, which I think was a smart decision.
    For rising sr/jr/whoever: If you have any extenuating circumstances (I’ve had major health issues my entire high school career), make sure you write about them somewhere in your application. Also, liberal arts schools are super underrated, and shouldn’t be discounted. They’re filled with really awesome people, and are known for their excellent undergraduate teaching. Finally, make sure you visit schools, especially if you live relatively close. It shows the school that you are actually interested, it helps you write your supplements, and it allows you to cross some schools off of your list, or add others you weren’t sure of. I thought I would love Barnard and Conn College (spoiler: I didn’t), and I fell in love with Wesleyan and Haverford from visiting them and meeting students.
    Last (for real): It sucks to get rejected from your ED school, but it will be fine. For me, personally, I think that the school I am going to is a better fit than where I applied ED.
  • rkelly5182rkelly5182 Registered User Posts: 79 Junior Member
    Son went to Georgia Tech and loved it. Ranked #4 in Engineering, amazing facilities, so right up there with MIT, Cal TEch, Berkeley and Stanford (tied #4 with Cal Tech). Have a great time.
  • PoliticsrulePoliticsrule Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    "You would have spent the next 4 years struggling to keep your grades up, maybe like your doing right now."

    I mean this isn't really true. Geniuses get rejected from challenging schools all the time.
  • PoliticsrulePoliticsrule Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    Sweet, though...lol by the way, I am not a genius and do not think I am one ^haha
  • CU123CU123 Registered User Posts: 1,306 Senior Member
    Accepted: UChicago (attending)

    Deferred SCEA: Harvard (applied ED2 to UChicago so pulled application to Harvard and others)

    ACT 34 (35E, 35R, 34S, 31M)
    UWGPA: 4.0
    WGPA: 4.38
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): Top 5%
    AP/IB (place score in parentheses): APUSH (5), AP Lang (5). AP Calc BC (5). AP Chem (3). AP Bio (5). AP EuroH (5) AP Psych (5), AP Lit (4)

    Senior year course load:
    AP Bio
    AP Calc BC
    AP Psyc
    AP Lit

    - AP Scholar with Distinction
    - Honor roll, NHS, etc.

    Extracurriculars (exactly what is on my Common App):
    - Cheerleader 4 years varsity
    - Golf 2 years varsity
    - Student Council - Secretary, at large,all 4 years
    - Tutor
    - Library volunteer
    - other volunteer activities


    Very good-worked on for several weeks

    U.S. State/Territory or Country: Colorado
    School Type: Medium public 320 in senior class
    Ethnicity: White
    Gender: Female
    Income Bracket Range: Some FA
    Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athlete, development):

    Strengths: Recs/Essays
    Weaknesses: EC's
    Why you think you were accepted/deferred/rejected: I think the interview helped me as well as the recommendations!
    What would you have done differently?: Nothing. Uchicago was first choice but Harvard was 1B so I went with SCEA to Harvard and ED2 to UChicago to maximize my chances at both. Would have been perfectly happy at either.
  • geekfromsbgeekfromsb Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    Do you have any advice concerning what makes someone unique?
  • geekfromsbgeekfromsb Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    Did you apply EA anywhere?
  • BarekkBarekk Registered User Posts: 89 Junior Member
    @geekfromsb mainly the essays you submit and the interviews "makes someone unique. Because you can actually show who you are and show your character through those. You can correct me if im wrong , but thats what i think.
  • chelleshaochelleshao Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    edited October 6
    Gonna revive this thread to give incoming college freshmen/class of 2018 HS seniors some perspective! :)

    Accepted (all for CS unless otherwise mentioned):
    - UT Austin (currently attending)
    - UW Madison
    - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    - University of Florida
    - UC Santa Barbara (denied for CS, accepted for second choice biology)
    - University of Delaware (only in-state school I applied to) (accepted into honors program)
    - University of Minnesota Twin Cities (accepted into honors program)
    - I think there's one or two more but I can't remember...

    Denied/Waitlisted :( (all for CS unless otherwise mentioned):

    - UC Berkeley (Waitlisted)
    - UNC Chapel Hill (Waitlisted)
    - Georgia Tech (denied)

    My Stats:

    GPA: 4.0 UW, 5.042 W

    Ethnicity & Gender: Asian / Female

    Rank: 1 of 291

    ACT: 34 (35 English, 34 Reading, 34 Science, 31 Math, 10 Writing)

    SAT (new test): 1360 (didn't send though)

    AP classes I've taken so far: AP Lang (3), AP Euro (4), AP Enviro Sci (4), AP Lit (5), AP Calc AB (4), AP Stat (4), AP Bio (3), and AP Comp Sci Java (3)

    Major: Comp Sci

    Sports: Swimming (varsity 11th grade)

    -EAC (Environmental Action Committee)
    -Marching Band (1st chair flute & squad leader)
    -Wind Ensemble (1st chair flute, Wind Ensemble is basically what band would be like if it had an AP version kinda thing.)
    -Concert Band (1st chair flute)
    -Science Olympiad (placed 5th in the state for Experimental Design)
    -Math League (went to state competition 9th grade, placed 2nd in division)
    -National Honor Society (I have done 55.5 community service hours currently, and will have ~85.5 by the end of senior year.)
    -Envirothon competition and placed 6th in the state for my subject area (Invasive Species). School team placed 11th in the state
    - Also placed 2nd in state in 2017 for team air quality sensor project (I did the work of assembling the sensor) and 3rd for air quality subject area

    Awards: Distinguished Student Athlete, AP Scholar with Distinction in 11th grade

    Leadership Positions: Squad Leader in marching band

    Volunteering: I volunteer at clean ups and my county's Safety Town every summer and spring break.

    Jobs: N/A
  • websensationwebsensation Registered User Posts: 972 Member
    edited October 9
    Accepted: Stanford (REA; took a gap year but will attend in 2018). Didn't apply to any other school after getting into Stanford REA although thought about for 30 minutes whether to apply to Yale, Columbia, Georgetown and Harvard but decided not to.
    Other acceptances: Several top UCs, two Honor Colleges at top 150 public colleges with near or full merit-based scholarships.
    Rejected: None.

    School Type: Large Public HS in Southern CA (Male)
    Location: CA
    Race/Gender: Asian-American
    Prospective Major: Non-STEM (Economics or Intl Relations or languages -- no idea)
    Unweighted GPA: 3.90; had several B+s in math and Biology
    Weighted GPA: Have no idea
    Class rank: No rank but approximately 15th ~ 20th out of 550 students according my best guess. Definitely within top 25 though.

    SAT I Scores: 2150 taken as a sophomore
    National Merit Finalist somehow even though SAT I and ACT scores were not exceptionally high.
    ACT: 33 Composite: 35 and 36 in Reading and Grammar.

    SAT II Scores: 800 and 750s in language, literature and math

    AP Scores: 5s to 3s

    Essays: Reflected my kid as he is pretty accurately. Came across as a likable, humble and caring person who had to adapt to new situations and kept on trudging.

    ECs: Several school leadership positions; Relatively unique outside school scholarship programs related to language learning and culture) -- maybe he interviewed well. He decided to take a gap year when he was awarded one year of language learning abroad, so he's in a gap year now.

    Reflections: Our kid is neither great in math/science subjects nor in Humanities subjects, although he has certain knack in learning languages and planning. In short, he's not what I call an awesome writer or has taken any advanced math. He probably would end up majoring in Social Sciences or Language related area. Therefore, even if you are not great in math or a great writer, don't give up because you can still be admitted to many good schools. However, every year, he has gotten better in certain area either in academics or in leadership positions. His biggest assets are that he comes across as a likable, humble, appreciative and responsible person. It's not that he doesn't realize his strengths but he is truly able to see and appreciate others' strengths. Therefore, he almost never behaves as if he is somehow smarter than other kids. In fact, one time he told me "Dad, each one of my classmates I know are so smart and good at something that I am not good at." I really believe his essays indirectly conveyed this aspect of his character.

    My kid's goal as a sophomore was to attend a state college near by ranked top 60. Then, as a sophomore and Junior, his goal was to hope to get into UCLA/UC Berkeley. Then several months before the Stanford REA application deadline, he decided to apply to Stanford as REA because he would regret it if he never applied to the school he really wanted to attend, so he did. He would have been okay if he got deferred but somehow he ended up getting in. Did spend some time thinking about whether to attend Stanford or Honors College at state school outside CA on near full scholarship but did not feel that the Honors College had a good program in several areas in which my kid was interested. Also, wanted to avoid cold weather if possible. After getting into Stanford REA, we did think "Heck, if he got into Stanford REA, maybe it might be a good idea to apply to Yale, Harvard and Columbia also." But ultimately, our kid decided to invest the time and effort into getting a good summer paid internship position, which he did. He's now abroad on a language scholarship program.

    Lesson learned: We made suggestions to our kid to take a look at this and that college but ultimately, he chose to apply to and attend Stanford. I would have been perfectly fine if he went to Honors College, although my wife wanted him to go to Stanford. Hopefully, our kid will enjoy his Stanford experience and find an area which interests him and further develop his passion. We are not big on whether he will get a high paying job. If he makes a living, helps people and is happy doing his job, then that's all that matters to us.
  • ACEPLUSACEPLUS Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    @websensation Essays alone cannot get someone into Stanford. His GPA and SAT are pretty average, there must have been more specific EC's that really showed his uniqueness. Would you mind specifying?
  • websensationwebsensation Registered User Posts: 972 Member
    edited October 20
    @ACEPLUS First, he grew up in another country till 10 and returned to US, so he really had to adjust; therefore imo the fact he made NSF was impressive. His school activities focused on newspaper and cultural clubs where he occupied leadership positions. He founded one cultural club.

    For outside EC, he was selected by and participated in NSLIY language program. He also participated in a selective Japanese history and culture academic studies scholarship course. For some reason, many kids who participated in the latter program got accepted by some really prestigious schools. Our kid speaks 4 languages, two fluently and two intermediate to advanced level. In fact, one of his academic goal at Stanford is he wants to be fluent in 4 languages by the time he graduates from the Farm. If I had to pick his best areas of study, it would be languages. So, at the end, he had what could appear as "average" or unimpressive gpa and test scores for Stanford, but he had perhaps slightly stronger or more interesting skills which he tried to weave into his essays. So, unless the adcom thought his essays were genuine and resonated with them, I don't think he would have gotten in. He tried to do well academically in high school but truthfully, he never pulled an all-nighter or stayed up that late for many days. Went to sleep mostly around 11 pm. He came very close to getting B+s in many classes but managed to end up with A- by doing well in final projects.

    Although he did not come off as an academic super star, he did manage to show he used his time doing other learning stuff to grow.
  • felixbcfelixbc Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    As a highly successful pumpkin, I can confirm that essays alone can, in fact, get someone into Stanford. I wrote my essays solely on the trials and tribulations of life as an immobile living thing, and the excitement that October always brings with it. More importantly, though, I talked about the experience of being carved out, quite literally, but surviving it and coming out better than ever.
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