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can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?


Replies to: can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?

  • JulienEdJulienEd 53 replies14 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 67 Junior Member
    SAT: 1220 (went optional some places)
    GPA 3.66/5
    Good ECS
    Good Essays

    Denison - Accepted (Test optional)
    Ithaca - accepted
    elon - accepted
    SMU - accepted for spring
    richmond - defer then reject
    bates - reject
    kenyon - reject
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  • taverngirltaverngirl 723 replies15 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 738 Member
    Daughter's final decisions.

    -GPA 3.7w
    -ACT 31
    -4 years at 3 V level sports (not playing in college)
    -4 years volunteering (and this year leading) a group that runs activities for adults with developmental disabilities. Also volunteers as a peer minister at her church.
    -Two years on mock trial team
    -Junior and senior executive board
    -Works at a children's bookstore leading literary camps and parties
    -Essay was decent, reccs should have been strong as she has great relationships with her teachers in and out of the -Interviews seemed to go well
    -English and/or Environmental Science for major-though really is undecided

    Allegheny-accepted into Honors College-great merit
    Connecticut College-waitlisted
    Dickinson-accepted-no merit
    Franklin & Marshall-waitlisted
    Gettysburg-accepted, okay merit
    University of Maine-accepted-great merit
    University of Rochester-accepted-merit unknown
    Siena-accepted-great merit
    St. Lawrence-accepted-okay merit
    Susquehanna-accepted into Honors College-great merit
    Washington & Jefferson-accepted-great merit
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  • savethebeesssavethebeess 28 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    I think this is a great idea! Although I didn't get into many schools, I want others to be able to see my stats.

    Accepted: the University of South Carolina, University of Mary Washington, Lafayette, James Madison University
    Waitlisted: Bryn Mawr, Colgate
    Denied: Carleton, Davidson, Wellesley, Smith

    School: public/suburban/VERY COMPETITIVE (white collar New England town)
    Female, white, upper middle class


    Class rank: top 30%

    SAT total: 1310
    Math: 590
    Reading and Writing: 720

    ACT: 29 (25 math, 34s across the board for reading, English, etc. But I didn't send my ACT scores to colleges)

    English Language and Composition (11) - 5
    AP Environmental Studies: 4
    AP Biology: 3
    AP US History: 3

    - Gold Key Awards (Scholastics Competition), 1 honorable mention
    - Honor Roll

    - JV Cross Country
    - Varsity swim teem
    - Volunteering + classes at VMFA (curator-in-training program)
    - Key Club
    - Art Club (leadership)
    - Spanish club (leadership)

    A few other small club memberships I'm too lazy to put and I doubt they mattered.

    - My art teacher of 4 years
    - My Spanish teacher
    - Guidance counselor

    I didn't get into any of my reaches, but I honestly didn't expect to lol.
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  • illiteratemoronilliteratemoron 107 replies10 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 117 Junior Member
    I got denied from all my reaches, which sucks, but I think I'm gonna end up where I'm happy. Good luck to anyone reading this!!!

    Macalester (Attending next fall!!!!!)
    UVM (EA, 18k/yr merit)
    Mary Washington (EA, 10k/yr merit)
    JMU (EA)


    Tufts (ED1)

    Demographics: White female, mediocre public school in nova, double legacy at Williams but no other hooks
    Intended major(s): History, education, music

    ACT: (34 composite, 36e 34r 32m 32s)
    SAT: 1450 (didn't send)
    SAT II: 720 bioE, 720 lit, 740USh
    Class rank: School doesn't rank
    UW/W GPA: 3.7/4.15
    Coursework:--Full IB, only took one sam last year (6 in IB music).
    Awards: English, music, and national honor society

    Extracurriculars: Music- I play the tuba, and I'm decent at it (member of all-district band 4 years, 11 superior solo ratings, section leader in marching band).
    Science olympiad- medalist
    Volunteering- about 60ish hours for Girl Scouts, 15 for the dog rescue organization I work for occasionally
    Girl Scout for 13 years, worked for them for 4
    Colorguard- Not captain because I don't spin in the fall because I play the tuba, but have participated since inaugural season sophomore year
    Writing center tutor since 10th grade.

    Honestly I'm not 100% sure what I did wrong to get denied so many places, my essays and recs were pretty good and my stats were in the accepted range. Super excited to go to Macalester though!!!
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  • MNgurl101MNgurl101 101 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 104 Junior Member
    Well, I'm now done receiving decisions and FA, so I'll post an update with new info I sent to my RD schools, all my decisions, and where I'm attending!

    Washington and Lee University (RD, attending!!)
    Villanova University (EA)
    Trinity University (Texas) with 25k scholarship (EA)
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with 11k scholarship (EA)
    University of Tulsa with 24k scholarship (EA)
    Concordia College-Moorhead with 30k scholarship and honors program (rolling)
    University of Alabama with 27.5k scholarship and honors program (rolling)
    University of North Dakota with 4k scholarship and honors program (rolling, my "in-state" public safety as it's cheaper than the UMN system with reciprocity and much easier to get into honors)

    Waitlisted: Case Western Reserve University (deferred EA, will not remain on waitlist)

    Denied: University of Notre Dame (RD) :(

    School: Rural public, competitive but sends most students to in-state publics or regional privates, ~300 per class
    Gender: Female
    State: Minnesota
    Race: White
    GPA: 3.89 (both when I applied EA and RD, didn't budge after 1st semester)
    WGPA: 4.03 (when I applied EA)/4.11 (when I applied RD)
    Rank: 26/307 (when I applied EA)/21/305 (when I applied RD, a couple dropped out to get married)
    Hooks: First generation on a technicality

    No SAT or SAT subject tests

    ACT Composite: 33/34 superscore
    English: 35
    Reading: 36
    Science: 35
    Math: 28

    ECs (as on my Common App):
    Varsity swim from 7th grade (our team was awful, has improved much but still not great, did not get captain bc of aforementioned district politics)
    Club swim from 4th grade
    Youth In Government from 9th grade (only Model Assembly, lots of leadership positions and quantifiable impact on delegation)
    Band from 5th grade (flute, auditioned into my school's "honors" band as a sophomore which is tough on a popular instrument like flute, did lots of optional Christmas, Memorial Day, pep band stuff)
    Tutoring middle schoolers 11th and 12th grade
    Trap shooting from 9th grade (state class champions in 2016, made varsity my junior year)
    German Honor Society/Delta Epsilon Phi from 12th grade (first year offered)
    Lifeguarding from summer before 11th grade (up for promotion to head lifeguard, can't get that job before age 18 unfortunately)
    Solo ensemble competitions from 10th grade
    TA'd middle school band

    National German Exam Gold award
    World Language Student of the Month
    Superior rated flute solo senior year, excellent ratings junior and sophomore
    A bunch of letters
    Some sort of state high school league academic award, pretty minor but it went on there since I'm so light in this section
    7th place in the 5k open water state swimming championships (actually included this under my club swimming slot in the EC section but I wanted it on my app because it's memorable)

    Major: I applied chemical engineering where available, otherwise general engineering or business with a probable German minor. Ultimately I think I will do a business major and may consider a German second major rather than a minor depending on how my DE credits transfer to W&L.

    Essays: Wrote the main Common App about some school district level politics involving swimming, how it affected me, and how I handled it. I didn't think it was that spectacular but I guess it made an impression on at least one adcom because I got a note about it in my Trinity admissions package. Probably a fairly unique topic.

    Supplemental essay for Villanova was about a favorite novel of mine, The Green Glass Sea by Ellen Klages (HIGHLY recommend btw!!). I thought it was solid.

    I think my supplements for W&L were pretty good. Pro tip for writing your "Why X College" essay(s): check out their "About" page, it will illuminate what qualities they really want to see in prospective students. I also wrote about their Mock Convention and how it would be a fascinating learning experience for me because it'll be for the Democrats and I was raised in a very Republican area/family. I expanded on what exactly my leadership positions entailed for Youth In Government and I think that plus my Common App essay really showed the depth of my involvement and leadership in two of my main extracurriculars.

    Honestly, my Notre Dame supplements were solid except for one. I have a bit of history with the University since I was in their middle school pre-college program and did mention that, plus the great enthusiasm for the ND Family that their alumni have.

    Interviews: I really clicked with my alumni interviewer for W&L (a lot of overlapping interests with STEM, law, and business) . She told me she loves to recommend Minnesotan students who she thinks would be good fits, especially girls (she was among the first female students to attend), and she thought I would be perfect for the school. Honestly, I think we both sold each other on how great W&L would be for me and that interview made it a very close second choice to Notre Dame. My CWRU interview was fine, but not as strong. Frankly, I mostly applied because on paper it was a great academic fit and they sent me a fee waiver, but I wasn't super excited about the location in Cleveland. Also, I interviewed late because I didn't realize that interviews were recommended.

    Letters of Recommendation
    GC: Doesn't know much about me besides that I'm a top student and pretty active, probably a pretty generic but positive letter.
    Social Studies Teacher: Got to read this one, had a lot of grammar errors but was absolutely glowing. She's also my YIG advisor and I've known her through church for a long time.
    German Teacher: Didn't get to read but she probably adapted the one she wrote for a German scholarship competition which was pretty good, I've had her for all but one semester so I know her well too.

    Course Load (things get wonky here bc limited honors and AP):

    Geometry- Pass (credit offered on pass/fail basis only)
    Writing 9- A-
    Classical Lit 9- A
    Intro to Chem 9- A

    Honors Algebra II- A-/A
    Honors Communication Studies 10- B+
    Honors Lit and Comp 10- A
    Intro to Physics 9- A-
    Civics- A
    World History- A
    German I- A/A
    Varsity Band- A/A
    Technology- A
    Gym- A
    Art I- B+ (I'm an AWFUL artist)

    Precalculus- A/A
    Media Studies- A
    Honors U.S. Lit- A
    Biology- A/A
    American History- A/A
    German II- A/A
    Wind Ensemble- A/A
    Sociology- A
    Health- A

    AP Calculus AB- A/A (scored a 3 on the exam)
    Dual Enrollment Literature- B+
    Adv. Research, Writing, and Rhetoric- A-
    Physics- B+/A-
    Adv. Economics- A
    Human Geography- A
    German III- A/A
    Human Anatomy and Physiology- A-
    Wind Ensemble- A/A

    12th (first semester only):
    AP Statistics (A)
    AP Calculus BC (none yet)
    Dual Enrollment Chemistry I (A-)
    Dual Enrollment Java Programming I (A-)
    Dual Enrollment American National Government (none yet)
    Dual Enrollment History of Western Civilization (none yet)
    Dual Enrollment Intermediate German I and II (A)
    Wind Ensemble (A)

    Reflection: Ultimately, I think I've ended up where I'm meant to be since between the decisions and the financial aid my choices became W&L, Trinity, Concordia, Alabama, and North Dakota. Notre Dame was my first choice, but looking back I think I was blinded by my early experience with them and I think getting denied by them was for the best.

    I also just wanted to note a couple things I could've changed about my overall application list. I probably could have cut Rose-Hulman because I knew it was likely to be unaffordable and I wasn't as set on engineering after the first couple months of senior year but I was being recruited for swimming so I felt obligated to apply and figured I could switch to econ if the financial side was doable. I also might've tried to do a couple of SAT II tests (definitely German and something else, maybe Bio) and tried for a couple more reaches- Dartmouth came on my radar in November and I regretted not doing any SAT II tests.
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  • ddmfddmfddmfddmf 3 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Accepted: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell
    Waitlisted: Columbia
    Denied: N/A

    School: public/suburban/VERY COMPETITIVE
    Male, asian


    Class rank: rank 1

    SAT total: 1600
    Math: 800
    Reading and Writing: 800

    ACT: 36 (36 math, 36 reading, 36 English, 35 science (sad lol))

    English Language and Composition (11) - 5
    AP Environmental Studies: 5
    AP Biology: 5
    AP US History: 5
    AP World History: 5
    AP Calculus BC: 5
    AP Human Geography: 5
    AP Chinese: 1

    -presidential award
    -met the governor
    -idk some really cool ones lmao

    - Varsity Cross Country
    - Varsity swim team
    - Varsity Track
    - Volunteering
    - Key Club
    - Art Club (leadership)
    - Spanish club (leadership)
    -National Honors Society
    -Mu Alpha Theta

    - My piano teacher for 15 years
    - My English teacher
    - My math teacher
    - Guidance counselor

    good luck with the rest of your decisions lol

    super super excited to hear to back from duke and stanford!!!!!! can't wait to decide between all these amazing choices!!!!
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  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn 37346 replies2040 discussionsSuper Moderator Posts: 39,386 Super Moderator
    MODERATOR'S NOTE: As I posted previously, this thread is for results only. If you have questions about users' posts, you may send them a PM instead of asking in the thread.

    We will give warnings to people who post anything other than results after this. Thanks!
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  • GaizadaidaiGaizadaidai 1 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Accepted: Georgia Tech, Colgate, Holy Cross, Northeastern, Lafayette, RPI
    Waitlisted: Rice, Northwestern, Tufts
    Rejected: Brown, Cornell, Princeton, JHU, Duke

    School Type: Public
    Location: CT
    Race/Gender: Caucasian
    Prospective Major: Industrial Engineering/Applied Mathematics
    Unweighted GPA: N/A
    Weighted GPA: 4.35
    Class rank: N/A

    ACT: 34 (35 Superscore), I do not remember the breakdowns

    Extracurricular Info:
    President of Math Honor Society
    Wakeman Boys and Girls Club- Keystone Club (300+ hours)
    Tutor at Mathnasium
    Junior Staff at Wakeman
    National Honor Society
    Treasurer of American Field Service club at school (70+ hours)
    Member of a couple other clubs at school
    Varsity Indoor and Outdoor track
    Math Team
    Lacrosse (9th and 10th grade)

    Awards, Misc.:
    RPI Medal
    National Merit Commended Scholar
    Ap Scholar
    Black Belt in Kempo karate
    Headmaster's List every quarter of high school

    APs: AP MEH, Physics 1, Physics 2, Calc BC, Stat, Multivariable calc (not AP)

    Other strong point:
    Created a program at Wakeman where the Math Honor Society members can tutor. Double advanced in math since 6th grade.

    Recs: All strong. Had a good relationship with all of the writers.

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  • artrabbitartrabbit 3 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 4 New Member
    just heard back from my last school today:) if anyone's interested in an art major here ya go...

    oberlin (24k/yr - i'm a legacy), sarah lawrence (24k/yr), mt. holyoke (15k/yr), temple (9k/yr), smith (10k/yr), university of washington, smfa @ tufts, risd, mica (14k/yr), saic (19k/yr), massart (13k/yr), mcad (19k/yr)
    *all scholarships were merit based*

    rejected/waitlisted: none

    sat - 1380 (720 r&w, 680 math)
    act - 30 (32 english, 33 reading, 28 math, 28 science) (did not submit to most art schools)
    unweighted gpa: 3.9
    weighted: school doesn't give us our weighted grades but it was probably somewhere around 4.4
    rank: around top 10% out of ~450 students
    ap's taken: world history (5), studio art: drawing (5), english lang & comp (5), us history (4), japanese (3)
    senior year: ap gov, ap studio art (again lol), community college classes

    - film club 10-12 (secretary)
    - varsity golf 9-11
    - students against hunger 11,12 (founder)
    - art group @ local museum 10-12
    - reading tutor 9,10
    - internship @ art museum 11
    - file clerk 12
    - volunteering @ art class, cultural center
    - literary magazine club 11,12

    - american visions award (scholastic)
    - silver medal (scholastic)
    - two gold keys, several silver keys & some honorable mentions
    - 3rd place in the congressional art competition
    - ap scholar w/ distinction

    - history teacher - 2 yrs, advisor for a club i'm in (very good - did not submit to tufts)
    - physics teacher
    - art teacher - 3 yrs

    state: WA
    school type: big public school
    ethnicity: half asian/half white
    sex: female
    income bracket: around 150,000
    - essays were ok(?) and portfolio was pretty good (imo lol)

    honestly i'm pretty surprised i got in everywhere, especially risd but i'm guessing my portfolio was seen as pretty good! now i just need to decide where to go...
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  • cryinglightning4cryinglightning4 6 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 7 New Member
    edited March 2018
    Accepted and so excited/scared!! and I don't have insanely crazy stats like a lot of the Ivy-League-accepted people here with 1600's sats so maybe I can inspire someone :)

    Accepted: Columbia, Harvard, Cornell, John Hopkins
    Rejected/waitlisted: Uchicago, Dartmouth

    School Type: public, 85% graduation rate
    Location: suburban ny
    Race/Gender: hispanic, female
    income: low
    Prospective Major: biology

    Unweighted GPA: 97.5
    Weighted GPA: 101.3
    Class rank: 2/620
    sat: 1470 superscored
    act: 32/33 superscored
    ap's: 10 ap classes (calc bc, chem, lit, u.s., world, etc) and all the honors ones offered
    (but I didnt send in any ap test scores since most were 3's with two 4's.)

    vp of national honor society
    secretary of music honor society
    justice in a state govt program
    student council
    varsity cross county and track
    jazz band/musical/chamber orchestra/band for piano or violin(first chair)
    foreign language honor society

    - ap scholar
    - nyssma and all-state conference for piano
    - 100 on nyssma solos
    - essay contest winner
    - published poem
    - town's hispanic achievement award

    - recs: ap biology teacher, math teacher, orchestra teacher, guidance counselor. probably a little basic but still positive.
    - essay: a 7 or 8/10. had to do with music, described as "wordy" a few times, but had an interesting idea.
    - job: helping father's business
    - extra information: wrote abt family struggles bc separated parents
    - volunteering: a lot, but most came from the opportunities from the honor societies i'm in
    - supplements: unique for the most part. a lot of humor, so an honest reflection of my personality

    I think that some colleges realize that you have to deal with what you have, and with the fact that you don't have the ability to go far in a field when those opportunities that aren't really present. if you want to get into any good school just work hard, get involved, and defintely study for the sat's because you can get into so many more places with a 100 point difference, as ive seen with people in my grade. good luck to future applicants!
    edited March 2018
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  • pearls36pearls36 2 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Finally heard back from all my schools last night!

    Accepted: Oklahoma (w/the huge national merit package), George Washington (24k a year), UCSD, and UNC Chapel Hill
    Waitlisted: UC Berkeley and UVA
    Denied: Georgetown, the Columbia/Sciences Po dual BA program, UChicago, and Duke

    ACT: 36
    SAT: 1550
    GPA: 3.94 UW/ 4.15 Weighted
    Rank: 35/500

    APUSH(5), AP Bio(4), AP Calc AB(4), AP World (4)
    My senior year course load is AP US Gov, AP Comparative Gov, AP Macro, AP French, AP Stats, College English, College Physics, and Research Biotech 3.

    I'm also a National Merit Finalist.

    I go to a mid size public in Colorado.

    Essays: fine, discussed my bisexuality and activism

    Interviews: I did interviews for Chicago, duke, and Georgetown

    Amnesty International: I started the chapter at my school and am now a Student Activist Coordinator so I manage all the student groups in CO
    Model UN: Vice President and won many competitions
    French NHS, Science Olympiad, Bollywood Dance, GSA

    My intended major is International Affairs/Political Science.

    Note: I really think my weakest point/deciding factor in my rejections and waitlists was my GPA/class rank. I saw kids at school with similar backgrounds and extracurriculars and lower test scores, but higher class rank get in to schools that I didn't. I don't regret not taking an extra AP class or anything, because I truly enjoyed my high school years for the most part and didn't overextend myself too much. I guess the point is that a perfect score or National Merit doesn't actually mean much at a competitive school, despite what people might tell you.
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  • writergirl0316writergirl0316 606 replies21 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 627 Member
    Accepted: Yale (after SCEA deferral), Stanford, Brown, Penn, Tufts (Neubauer Scholar), Johns Hopkins (Woodrow Wilson Research Fellow), Wesleyan, Vassar, McGill, Binghamton Scholars, Macaulay Honors
    Waitlisted: Harvard, UChicago, Georgetown
    Rejected: Princeton

    ACT (breakdown): 35 C (36 E, 35 R, 34 S, 33 M, 12 essay/36 writing)
    SAT II: 800 (US History), 750 (Math II)
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0 (~98-99)
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 1/269
    AP (place score in parenthesis): AP World (5), APUSH (5), AP Spanish Lang (5), AP English Lang (5), AP Calc AB (5)
    Senior Year Course Load: AP Lit, AP Macro (1st sem), AP Micro (2nd sem), AP Stat, AP Psych, Gov, DE Sociology
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): Scholastic Writing Awards National Gold Medalist for personal essay, National Finalist in MIT Inspire humanities research competition (one of six literature finalists selected nationwide), Four-Time Regional Gold Key for Writing, National Merit Commended, AP Scholar with Distinction

    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
    - Editor-in-Chief of an international youth literary journal (submissions from 30+ states & 24+ countries; manage 35+ staff members from California to Singapore)
    - Prose editor at international literary magazine
    - Creative writing (featured in multiple publications)
    - Docent at the Guggenheim's education department
    - Blogging for two other literary journals
    - Classroom assistant at literary nonprofit
    - Intern for poetry organization
    - Political activism (state senate intern & political writer)
    - President of National English Honor Society
    - Debate team captain & policy summer lab camp counselor
    - US ambassador for an international education project
    - Volunteer for initiative to help progressive female candidates campaign for governmental elections

    Recommendations from APUSH & AP English teachers were honestly prob both 10/10, adored both teachers & they very clearly understood my passion, intellectual curiosity and belief in social justice. I'd like to think this was a strong point for my app.

    Essays were mostly about different aspects of writing/themes I find intriguing and embracing vulnerability through being bad at art!

    Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes
    Intended Major: I mostly put down English on the app (with History/International Relations/Sociology/etc as secondary interests)
    State (if domestic applicant): NY
    Country (if international applicant):
    School Type: Public (I was the only person accepted into Yale, Brown and Penn this year. I was the second admit ever to Yale, and maybe to Brown as well. We also had our first admit to Harvard yesterday & a handful of acceptances from Cornell)
    Ethnicity: White
    Gender: Female
    Income Bracket: Middle class
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): White Jewish girl from NYC lol nooo hooks

    Strengths: Obviously really deep creative writing spike (international ECs + national awards), GPA, ACT, AP scores, probably essays/teacher recommendations
    Weaknesses: No hooks at all (my demographic is a dime a dozen), and little things (math/sci curriculum could’ve been harder -- no AP lab science/AP Calc BC; SAT II Math 2 was a little low)

    General Comments: I did what I loved to the highest degree. It took getting my acceptances to be able to look back at my four years of hard work and realize that I was more competitive than I let myself believe I was. Georgetown was the only school I truly would've considered that I didn't get into, honestly, and I'm overwhelmed with all these incredible offers

    Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the process!
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  • angtocollegeangtocollege 17 replies4 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 21 Junior Member
    Final Results

    GPA: 4.52 weighted
    ACT: 34
    SAT: 1500 (770 R+W, 730 Math)
    from competitive public high school in Northeast

    Accepted: Georgetown (EA), Boston College (EA), Notre Dame, Clemson Honors, South Carolina Honors, Uconn Honors, George Washington Honors, Northeastern Honors (EA), Fordham Honors (EA), Villanova Honors (EA), William and Mary (Monroe Scholar), Richmond, Kenyon
    Waitlisted: Tulane (deferred EA), American
    Rejected: WashU, Cornell

    General Comments/Reflection: The one big takeaway I gathered from the admissions process is that demonstrated interest really matters. The four schools that I was not accepted to are the four I never got around to visiting/interviewing for. I didn't apply early enough to get interviews, I didn't apply for the scholarship programs there, and I didn't reach out to any admissions officers. My advice to you all would be to really make sure you demonstrate interest to each of your schools because it counts! Overall I am very happy with how everything worked out and I feel so lucky to have been accepted to all my favorite schools. Best of luck to everyone who will be applying this year!
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