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can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?


Replies to: can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?

  • TwinnyTwinny Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    I'm a high school senior and just about sure about what school I am going to. One piece of advice is DON'T BE OVERCONFIDENT. None of my friends got into their dream schools this year, be realistic. You should still apply to those reach schools, but definitely have other options.

    I got into:
    Univeristy of Florida (probably attending)
    Uni of south FL
    Uni of central FL
    Uni of Miami


    Columbia, Oberlin, Scripps, Pomona, Macalester .... and many more

    My application highlights
    Female, white
    ACT: 30
    GPA: 4.0, 5.02
    Fully Dual Enrolled, getting my AA at graduation (Don't think northern schools liked this)
    Good range of extra curricular's
    Essay was really good I think, I wrote it about being a twin
    Questbridge Finalist
    Low income

    I know this process is stressful and overwhelming, but you can do it!! Everyone that's on here seem like overachievers but please believe me when I say DON'T BE COCKY APPLY TO FITS AND SAFETIES.
    okay thats all thank you.
  • freekong12freekong12 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    edited April 2018
    Just heard back from all my colleges so thought I would do one of these!

    Acceptances: Boston U (Jan-London program), Northeastern (NU in program), UVM (18k per year scholarship), U Wisc-Mad, SUNY Bing, Kenyon (10k merit aid--will likely attend)

    Waitlists: Hamilton, Grinnell (Withdrawn), Oxford at Emory

    Rejections: Davidson, Haverford, Bates, Emory

    --White, male, jewish, upper-middle class (not applying for FA)
    --According to US News I go to the best public school in NY (High School of American Studies)

    SAT: 1460 (740 math, 720 english)
    SAT 2: 710 world history, 710 US history (didn't send in either ;/)
    GPA: 91 Weighted average (my school doesn't do unweighted)
    Class Rank: N/A
    AP's/Honors classes: All my classes are either honors or AP's....I got a 5 on US and English Lang and a 3 on Global. I am currently taking AP Spanish Lang and AP English Lit

    --Internship at Elevated Learning Services (an organization designed to help minorities get a better education) *1 yr
    --Camp counselor for Little Red Schoolhouse *2 yrs
    --Varsity tennis captain *captain for 2 yrs, player for 4 yrs
    --Futsal (indoor soccer) Co-Captain *3 yrs
    --Volunteer at church *2 yrs
    --Bowling Varsity starter *1 yr
    --Soccer club left-wing *3 yrs
    --Captain of Co-Ed tennis winter league *3 yrs
    --Babysitter (specifically for a child with special needs) *4 yrs

    --Sportsmanship award (tennis)
    --AP scholar
    --P.E. Award (lol)

    Extra info
    Recs: Thought they were pretty good as Kenyon told me in my personal letter that they were amazing. Got one from my tennis coach/US History teacher and one from my English teacher
    Supps: Supps didn't really matter for me as most of the schools I got accepted to didn't require supps
    Essay: P good, wrote about "The Spitting Lady of 77th Street" (you can look her up online) and how she inspired me to voice my opinions and stand my ground

    What I took away: My college experience was pretty wild. I applied ED to Davidson and ED 2 to Haverford and got rejected by both. My next two choices were Hamilton and Emory, both of which I got waitlisted at. The school that I probably will attend, Kenyon, I only applied to on a whim because of their free app and lack of supps. My advice: don't fall in love with one college because you really never know where you're gonna end up at the end of this bs process.
  • collegebound7789collegebound7789 Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    Hey everyone! Just thought I would share all of my results since I am done with this process.

    1. University of Richmond
    2. Lafayette College
    3. University of Delaware (Honors Program)- 15k/yr merit
    4. Fordham University- 21k/yr merit
    5. Penn State
    6. University of Maryland, College Park
    7. University of Connecticut
    8. Syracuse University
    9. Union College- 15k/yr merit
    10. Muhlenberg College- 20k/yr merit
    11. University of Wisconsin, Madison
    12. Providence College

    1. Northeastern University
    2. Colgate University
    3. Bucknell University

    1. Villanova University

    GPA: 3.8 W
    SAT: 1410 (740 R, 670 M)
    Many good extracurriculars.
    Strong essays and recommendations.

    From high income family, public HS

    Looking back, I really wish I didn't apply to so many safeties. I was so unsure of the exact environment that I wanted, and still am to this date. But, I would not consider going to at least half of my schools. Good luck to future applicants. It's not as harrowing as it seems! You will get through it!
  • drelykdrelyk Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    I thought that I would share my stats to be helpful (and maybe encouraging?) for others!
    Parentheses indicate what I thought of each college BEFORE I applied (I have bad estimation skills).

    OSU (safety)
    UCLA (target)
    Georgetown (target)
    Dartmouth (harder target)
    Stanford (far, far stretch)

    WAITLIST (but not going bother with them):
    UC Berkeley (target)
    Cornell (harder target)

    Brown (harder target)
    UPenn (stretch)
    Columbia (stretch)
    Yale (stretch)
    University of Chicago (stretch)
    Princeton (stretch)
    Harvard (stretch)

    SAT I (breakdown): 790 Math, 750 English, 19/24 Essay
    ACT (breakdown): 35 English, 35 Math, 35 Reading, 34 Science, 8 Essay
    SAT II: 780 US History, 790 Math II, 800 Bio
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.9
    Weighted GPA (by my high school): 4.83/5.33
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 13/301
    AP (place score in parenthesis): US History (5), Biology (5), Human Geography (5), Stats (5), US Gov (5), Calc AB (5), Macroeconomics (5), Comparative Gov (5) [accidentally told every college on the Common App I took microeconomics instead of Comp. Gov], Chem (3)
    IB (place score in parenthesis): N/A
    Senior Year Course Load: Music Theory, AP Latin, AP Lang, AP Lit, AP Calc BC, AP Physics I, Band
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): National Geography Olympiad Champion (2016, 2017); iGeo silver medalist (2017); won 5 medals at State Science Olympiad


    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Geography Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Academic Challenge (Team Captain, 2017-2018), Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Swim Team, Model UN
    Job/Work Experience: Busser at Olive Garden. Fun times.
    Volunteer/Community service: Hospital over summer of 2016 (about 80 hours)
    Summer Activities: Hospital volunteering (2016), iGeo (2017)
    Essays (rating 1-10, details): 8 - the common app essay I wrote was pretty personal, but not the most well-written thing ever.
    Recommendations (rating 1-10, details): idk truthfully, but they must have been convincing enough!

    Teacher Rec #1: idk
    Teacher Rec #2: idk
    Counselor Rec: idk
    Additional Rec: idk
    Interviews: Hit or miss...


    Applied for Financial Aid?: No
    Intended Major: Social sciences
    State (if domestic applicant): OH
    Country (if international applicant):
    School Type: Public
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Gender: Male
    Income Bracket: Upper, upper middle class
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): nope

    Final note: Top college admissions are incredibly random and if you get rejected, don't take it personally! But do be personal on your applications and write about stuff you care about and you can show that you care about through your achievements. Don't try to write as a lawyer if you're an artist (hypothetical). Also, do have at least one safety (although I personally dislike Ohio State, it is an excellent safety)! Many of my friends could not get into their target schools; fortunately they got OSU or Miami U. Apply to as many schools as you want; only you can determine the optimal number of schools to apply to.
    Good luck to all future applicants! No matter whether or not you get in, you will feel relieved after clicking "Submit Application" on your last application (and you certainly will)! And no matter where you apply, you will feel even better when you get your first acceptance letter!
  • shafthalfshafthalf Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    I had two 31 ACTs for a 33 superscore, a 3.5ish uw gpa and 3.8 or 3.9 weighted gpa.

    Applied for political science/political Communication/ Public Relations at the following schools (in order of personal preference

    USC (reach) — REJECTED
    Northeastern (reach) — ACCEPTED :)
    American University (match) — ACCEPTED to AU scholars
    George Washington (match) — ACCEPTED ( to poli sci, my second choice major)
    SMU (Match) — ACCEPTED
    Boston (reach) — REJECTED
    Syracuse (reach) — ACCEPTED Newhouse and Maxwell dual program
    Drake University (safety) — ACCEPTED with tons of scholarships and soecial programs
    Depaul University (safety) — ACCEPTED idk why i applied

    Ive been pleasantly surprised this admissions cycle. While admissions officers seemed to have found me charming, financial aid offices havent seemed to agree.
  • Sbp325Sbp325 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    Accepted: UCSD UCSB UCDavis UCR NYU Pepperdine LMU
    Waitlist: UCI
    Rejected: UCBerkeley UCLA USC & any ivies

    GPA: 4.5 W
    Rank: top 20%
    SAT: 1560 (790 math 770 CR) w/ top 24 essay
    SAT IIs: US History: 780
    Math II: 790
    Biology - 4
    Euro - 4
    US History - 5
    Calc AB - 5
    Also taking Calc BC, Psych, Physics 1, Gov, Econ, and Lang this year

    played for varsiy golf
    interned at UCI medical for a summer
    volunteered at local hospital
    volunteered as atutor for underprivileged kids
    part of school choir
    club president and founder for Stand Up 2 Cancer Club

    I was a bit unhappy with my results as I did expect to get into at least one out of UCLA, UCB,and USC. However, my school is very competitive and a magnet school, and although I have a 4.5 GPA, that is only top 20%. I will most likely be attending UCSD as a human biology major and then proceed to law school or medical school. Hope this helps!

  • itunes38itunes38 Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    Accepted: Emory University, University of Florida (full ride), University of Central Florida (full ride), Rollins College
    Waitlisted: Middlebury, Colgate
    Denied: Cornell, Johns Hopkins

    SAT: 1420
    GPA: 3.96 UW/4.7 W
    Rank: 53/656

    white female, middle class

    Took 5 APs before senior year, got one 4 and the rest 3s
    My senior year course load is AP Macro/Micro, APES, AP Lit, AP Calc AB, U.S. gov honors, spanish 3 honors, anthropology honors

    Essays: Kinda depends on each school, but I was most proud of my Emory supplements. My common app essay was good, I wrote about my motivation for learning Spanish. Mostly all my essays had to do with my love for learning languages and learning about other cultures.

    Interviews: Middlebury and Cornell. Had a really good Midd one but I guess that didn't matter. Never got a request for an interview from Emory so I thought that meant I wasn't getting in, but I was thankfully mistaken....

    not amazing. president/historian of french honor society, national honor society, national academy of finance honors, finance internship, hospital volunteer, daycare volunteer, swim team, certified in doing taxes, language learning, medical academies, french club, spanish club, key club (i had no set passion or career path as you can see)

    my intended major is international studies but we'll see lol

    note: my friend with much higher stats than me was rejected to emory, which goes to show that your essays DO matter. they matter a lot. i think that's what got me in. most of the schools i applied to were high reaches (i was thinking go big or go home) so i was really surprised i even got into one of them.
  • LuyanzzzLuyanzzz Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    What counts as work experiences? Does volunteer work and internship count?
  • hurley1hurley1 Registered User Posts: 20 Junior Member
    Accepted: UVA (EA), Seton Hall Honors College, William and Mary, Washington and Lee, College of the Holy Cross, Benedictine College
    Waitlisted: Boston College
    Denied: Notre Dame (EA), Northwestern

    Intended major(s): Political Science/ International Relations

    ACT: (33 composite, 35e 36r 27m 35s)
    Class rank: School doesn't rank
    UW/W GPA: 3.9/4.48
    Coursework:- APUSH, AP Human Geo, AP Gov, AP Bio, AP Stats, AP Euro, AP Lit, AP Lang, DE Russian
    all Honors for other classes
    small private school

    Extracurriculars: Model United Nations (Secretary General), Lead Critic, Student Body Vice President, Varsity Softball, lifegaurd, swim instructor, NHS Officer, Girls State, Gov School, lobbied for a nonprofit

    Essays: all really good except BC which I did not proofread at all

    Interviews: Northwestern (good stayed in touch with interviewer) W&L (great) Holy Cross (great) Wake Forest (really good but decided not to apply)

    Recs: good, took time to know counselor well and asked teachers I trusted

    Notes: I had the GPA, test scores, and extracurriculars for every school I applied to. My biggest advice is to interest at schools that care about that, put time into your essays, and know going into this process that nothing is certain.
  • freshavocadofreshavocado Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Rejected: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, UPenn, Yale, MIT, Stanford
    Waitlisted: Harvard, Caltech, UC Berkeley EECS
    Accepted: CMU SCS, Olin College of Engineering, UCLA, UCSB, UCD, UCI, UCSD, San Jose State

    SAT I (breakdown): 1560 superscore (800 M, 760 CR/W), Essay: 20/24
    ACT (breakdown): 35, did not submit
    SAT II: 800 Math 2, 790 Chem
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0
    Weighted GPA: 4.54
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): school does not rank
    AP (place score in parenthesis): AP Euro (5), AP Stats (5), AP Chem (5), AP Calc AB (5), AP Comp Sci A (5), APUSH (5)
    IB (place score in parenthesis): n/a
    Senior Year Course Load: AP SPLIT, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Gov/AP Micro (semester classes), AP English Lit, AP Calc BC
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): AIME Qualifier (2014, 2015, 2016), won engineering award in school competition


    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Varsity tennis (4 yrs, captain my senior year), animal adoption club (president junior and senior year), Best Buddies club (publicist my junior and senior year), school newspaper (only senior year)
    Job/Work Experience: n/a
    Volunteer/Community service: Peer tutor (over 1000 hours)
    Summer Activities: playing tennis, took summer classes, did computer science internship my junior year
    Essays (rating 1-10, details):
    Common app: wrote about struggles with self-esteem (7/10)

    Teacher Rec #1: 10/10 - history teacher, literally said I was the best student she had in 15 years
    Teacher Rec #2: 9/10, chemistry teacher, didn't see but I know he appreciated me for hard work during class (I would come to his classroom during lunch/after school to ask him questions, work on extra labs)
    Counselor Rec: 8/10, counselor and I know each other pretty well but she has a lot of students
    Additional Rec: none
    Interview: none


    Applied for Financial Aid?: yes
    Intended Major: Computer science
    State (if domestic applicant): CA
    Country (if international applicant): USA
    School Type: public
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Gender: Female
    Income Bracket: needs significant financial aid
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): none


    Strengths: GPA, maybe test scores (they aren't perfect though)
    Weaknesses: lack of cohesiveness throughout app, extracurriculars
    Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: I'm a pretty typical applicant lol

    General Comments: Good luck to everyone! And everyone is different, don't take stats too seriously
  • FreePariahFreePariah Registered User Posts: 127 Junior Member
    Accepted: Harvard (RD), Yale (SCEA), University of Minnesota (EA)

    Rejected: None

    SAT I (breakdown): N/A
    ACT (breakdown):
    -32 second sitting: 34E, 30M, 35R, 27S
    -30 first sitting with 7 writing
    SAT II:
    -730 World History
    -720 Math 1
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.86, H&Y would recalculate it to 3.7ish. My weighted GPA is 4.24
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 9/261, top 3% (rank is weighted though)
    AP (place score in parenthesis): Language and Composition- 3, World History- 4
    IB (place score in parenthesis): N/A
    Senior Year Course Load: AP Stats, AP Bio, Psychology (couldn't get into AP), DE Political Science, DE Macroecon, DE English, Yearbook
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):
    -Carnegie Mellon's Summer Academy for Math and Science. 7% admit rate. According to program director, 25% of admitted students enroll in a top 10 USNWR school the following year.
    -Placed in the top 5 in state for Future Problem Solvers sophomore year


    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): I have leadership positions in all of these but skiing
    -City Human Rights Commission
    -School Board Representative
    -Student Body President
    -Future Problem Solvers
    -Black Belt in Takewondo
    -Yearbook Editor
    -Varsity Ski Racing
    Job/Work Experience: N/A
    Volunteer/Community service: Vacation Bible School, taking care of disabled kids (some of my most valuable life lessons were learned here (: )
    Summer Activities: Boys State (I was a State Senator), Carnegie Mellon SAMS. See above major awards
    Essays (rating 1-10, details):
    -Personal Essay: 8/10
    -I talked about my experience washing dishes while reflecting on life. Memorable essay.
    -Supplements: 10/10
    -They were well researched and gave AOs an understanding of how I would fit in on campus.

    Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):

    Teacher Rec #1: 5/10
    -Generic teacher rec. Very templatey.
    Teacher Rec #2: 11/10
    -It was based on my USSYP rec, which said I was the best student in a decade. Talked about my passion and critical consciousness. If character is taken into account in admissions, this alone would have gotten me in.
    Counselor Rec: 11/10
    -This rec letter demonstrated many of the same qualities of the teacher rec #2, talked about me taking advantage of resources in a community that doesn't have many opportunities.
    Additional Rec: N/A
    Interview: Interviewers were very impressed, thought I was exceptional in my extracurricular pursuits.


    Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes
    Intended Major: Sociology or Econ
    State (if domestic applicant): MN
    Country (if international applicant):
    School Type: Underserved public
    Ethnicity: African American
    Gender: M
    Income Bracket: 90K during year I applied, but usually around 60K
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): URM and first gen


    Strengths: My extracurricular involvement
    Weaknesses: Test scores and GPA
    Why you think you were accepted/deferred/rejected:
    -I come from a school most here would consider atrocious, which I am told helps me stand out. Working to address issues in my community and having tangible results demonstrated to admissions officers that I would be a good fit at my schools. All in all, my story was pretty interesting and unconventional.

    General Comments: When I first found CC as a sophomore in high school, I often felt discouraged by the sheer lack of opportunity in my community. However, I think it is important for students like me to realize that they have to be extremely exceptional to get into these schools, It doesn't suffice to be the highest ranking student, you need to be "one of the best in a decade." If any students in the situation I was in sophomore year want to ask me for more personal advice, I'd gladly try to help. Feel free to message me.
  • oranqejviceoranqejvice Registered User Posts: 24 Junior Member

    ACCEPTED: UVM ( EA with 18k merit and 3k extra merit that was awarded later along with honors college) , Brandeis (15k presidential), Clark University ( 20k merit), and Boston University ( w/ grant money that exceeded our efc, will most likely attend)

    WAITLISTED: Boston College (deferred EA, probably will accept spot), GWU (yield protection I think since I didn't show much interest)

    DENIED: Georgetown (deferred EA), Tufts, Havard

    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: white
    2nd Gen College student, Public School in MI
    ACT: 35
    SAT: 1410 (only sent to non-score choice schools, but it is on my transcript since it was a school day SAT)

    Subject Tests:
    Chem: 800 (sent to all)
    Literature: 640 (only sent to GU and H)
    Math level 2: 710 (only sent to GU)

    GPA: (weighted, my school weights weird though): 3.92 ( Pretty solid upward trend with straight A's senior year so far)
    chem and lang last year, both 4s
    this year I'm taking Ap Calc BC, Lit, Bio, and Art

    Field Hockey for all four years, Varsity only my senior year but I was JV captain my Junior year, won the state championship this year.
    Ski Team for all four years
    NHS and the subsequent volunteer hours that accompany
    Animal Advocacy club and another Political discussion club that I attended a few times a year
    Art/hobby type drawing

    Rec letters:
    My Math and Ap Lang teachers from last year, my former Ap Lang teacher has also edited my common app essay.

    My common app was definitely the strongest, I put the same amount of work into my supplements but the quality definitely varied a little.

    I'm pretty happy my results, I received good merit/ aid at all the schools I was accepted to none of them were out because of fin. issues, BU just came up a little less than all the others. I really wish I had waited to submit my Tufts and Harvard apps since I sent my Brandeis and Clark apps a month later than all of my others and had figured out how to list my activities better. I was listing NHS as just an honor and I should've clarified that I did volunteer work along with being in the organization. I also should've listed my art better because I did not effectively portray that as a passion of mine at all. I also wish I had applied ED 1 or 2 to Tufts since it really was my first choice and I didn't realize it soon enough. I also wish I sent an update on a couple of awards I won throughout the year and an art show that I had work displayed in.

    For future seniors:
    Don't apply EA to BC or GU unless you're very, very confident in your stats since it's harder to get for those two colleges in the EA round.
    Send letters of continued interest if you're deferred, I sent one to BC and got a nice reply from my rep, I'm pretty sure that's the only reason I got a wL instead of a full denial.
    Don't be afraid of applying to a handful of reach schools, but put your energy into your matches and safeties first, to maximize your chances of good merit/ aid offers there. After you have those done, then have some fun with the reach schools. Just know that there is a significant amount of luck involved and don't set your expectations too high.
    Also, if you are looking at BU and are worried about lack of aid, good aid is definitely a possibility! If you show enough interest, have high/good stats, and show good fit, A good package is possible!

    This is a super long post but I wish all future seniors good luck! I hope this helps you a least a little bit :)
  • classyvintage722classyvintage722 Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    Macalester College [mix of merit and need-based aid] (will be attending)
    Smith College [need-based aid]
    Truman State University [13k merit/grants]
    Drury University [23k merit/grants]
    Wellesley College
    Kenyon College
    Grinnell College

    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: White
    ACT: 31
    GPA: 4.0 uw/ 5.0 w
    Public school in Missouri
    Valedictorian; Full-diploma IB student
    Applied as an English and Environmental Studies double major

    Chamber Choir, Girls for Good (service group revolved around girls’ and women’s issues), tennis (JV), piano for several years, and a few other smaller activities

    Recommendation Letters:
    Junior year IB English teacher and freshman year Bio/junior year IB ESS teacher (and then my counselor of course)

    I’m really proud of my Common App essay, and my supplements were fairly strong as well (the Macalester one was probably the best in terms of both content and structure because I was a little long-winded on the Wellesley essay and felt a little restricted with the word limit on Smith’s.)

    I’m not entirely surprised by my results, and my goal was to was get into at least half of the schools I applied to, so at least I achieved that goal! I feel like I represented myself well in my application through my essays and extracurriculars, and I believe that I was ultimately accepted into a school that best suited my interests and goals.

    For future seniors:
    1. Have a balanced and realistic list of schools 2. Know that stats don’t mean everything and that college admissions can be super unpredictable 3. Use college visits as a way to gauge not only with a specific school but with that type of campus environment (rural, suburban, urban, etc.) 4. Make sure to communicate with your parents about travel and expenses so you can be realistic before becoming fixated on a dream school(s)
  • jimhowejimhowe Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    UVM (72,000 scholarship)
    Northeastern (honors program and 112,000 scholarship, will be attending)
    McGill (engineering and bio/phy/cs)

    Case Western

    Harvey Mudd

    White male
    SAT: 1550, 800 math 750 writing
    SAT II’s: Math II - 800, Physics - 800
    GPA: 96%, 15ish/550
    Competitive urban public high school in Massachusetts

    Recommendation letters:
    One from a great English teacher I had who really liked me, and one from my physics teacher who I took four classes with. My guidance counselor told me they were both really good.

    Extracurriculars/other info: Three years of varsity crew, started rocketry club and participated in a few others. I loved physics in high school and even took a quantum mechanics class at Harvard my senior year and two math classes junior year.

    I always wanted to go to MIT since I was a little kid, and it was always a goal throughout high school, so not getting in was pretty dissapointing while not too surprising. Looking back I know how stressful and competitive of a school MIT is, and although maybe I would’ve enjoyed it I can see how it wouldn’t have been a great college experience. The other top tier schools on my list I realized I applied to mainly because of their prestige and name which is very superficial, and a school that interested me from the start, northeastern, actually had the programs I was most interested in. I’ll be attending northeastern after a gap year and plan to major in physics + computer science and join the rock climbing team. I’m excited for their co-op program and can’t wait to start. Maybe I’ll try again for MIT as I plan to pursue grad school. : )
  • confusedcucumberconfusedcucumber Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Major: Electrical Engineering (or Electrical and Computer Engineering at some schools)

    Cornell University(attending)
    Georgia Tech
    Carnegie Mellon
    Cal Poly SLO
    University of Washington

    Waitlisted: None

    Johns Hopkins
    UC Berkeley

    White Male
    ACT: 35 one sitting (35 math 35 reading 35 writing 36 science)
    SAT IIs: 800 math II, 800 physics, 790 US History
    GPA: 4.4 weighted, 4.0 unweighted
    Large public high school in SoCal, top 10%

    Recs: I got one from my math teacher and one from my physics teacher, I feel they knew me very well and I made a big difference in their class so probably 8/10 for each of those.

    Extracurriculars: 4 years varsity tennis at Division 1 high schools (I moved across the state between sophomore and junior year), 2 years of varsity wrestling, MUN, lots of associated community service clubs, I teach my own Sunday School class at my church, and I work a year-round part time job for the government in parks and recreation where I coordinate park permits/schedules, budget/run camps and classes, interact with the public and do overall management and maintenance work(been doing this since after sophomore year for 2 different cities, one before and after I moved).

    Essays: Even though I had not done a lot of STEM stuff and won any big science awards for extracurriculars during high school, I really got a chance to show what I am passionate about and why I am passionate about it in my essays, and I think this made a huge difference in my application.

    Reflection: I'm very happy with my results and I did not think I would have as much success as I did going in since I do not have any URM hooks or any nationally recognized achievements for these high powered schools, but I managed to get into a few great ones for engineering and I'm very fortunate for that. If I were to give any advice it would be to really budget your time well and get involved in something you're very passionate about and let that shine on your app. It doesn't have to be something related to your major, just something to show that you are a dedicated student and a creative thinker that the top colleges will want to welcome. I also think casting a wide net is essential in college choices, and not just 1-2 safety schools and 10-15 top 20 colleges, but a good range of schools to find your niche in the overall process.
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