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can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?


Replies to: can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?

  • jojolee36jojolee36 Registered User Posts: 18 Junior Member
    This is really helpful.
  • shoot4moonshoot4moon Registered User Posts: 1,267 Senior Member
    Accepted: Santa Clara University (8k merit) Loyola Marymount (expected 12K), Westmont (likely full ride), UCSD, A couple of others, Colorado College (no merit/attending)

    Rejected: none, withdrew additional applications of Tufts, etc when accepted ED at Colorado College

    Stats: IB Program, 4.6weighted, 33 ACT. ECs related to oil painting for 8 years with several local awards.
    Essays: Tied love of biology to love of realistic oil painting. submitted portfolio of anatomical oil series.
    Reflections: DS is deliriously happy at CC. Looking at schools with a major in art is grueling... ever thankful for advice on this site regarding evaluating programs. The block program, attitude of professors and students, quality of teaching in the sample class she observed, and the palpable atmosphere of passionate learning all made CC far and above other great choices. Believe people when they say it’s all about the fit! Fantastic school.
    Majors: started as art and organismal biology, but is developing a passion for Mandarin as well.
  • minnesotaman123minnesotaman123 Registered User Posts: 24 Junior Member
    could you guys look at my recent posts
  • BaikedBeansBaikedBeans Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
    Denied: Rice University
    Major: Information Sciences

    Asian male

    GPA: 3.6 unweighted, 4.2 weighted
    But I had a strong upward grade trend: 3.667 in 10th grade to 4.667 in 11th grade
    Rank: Top 20% in my school
    ACT Composite 35: English 35, Math 34, Reading 34, Science 36, Writing 10
    SAT Subject Tests: Math 2: 780, Physics: 730
    AP Exams: US History (5), Calc BC (5), Calc AB (5), Physics 1 (4), English Language (4), Euro History (4), World History (3)
    Kinda competitive high school in California
    Took Multivariable Calculus in my senior year at the nearby community college

    Varsity Swim all 4 years
    120ish volunteer hours ~ mainly spent volunteering at the Library and going on church missions
    Taught middle schoolers how to program in HTML, Javascript, CS3, and C++
    Worked part time at a restaurant
    Served on the praise team at my church
    Co-president of the Digital Animations club at my school
    Played the cello for about 8 years, but I was still pretty bad at it so I quit sophomore year

    In my essay I wrote about how hard it was to live with ADHD and how I managed to make the most out of the condition that I was given. I'd say the writing quality was ok, my essay writing skills arent that proficient.
    I couldn't read what my teachers said about me on my rec letters but I think they were pretty positive

    I think my problem here was that my GPA was just way too low and I didn't have outstanding extracurriculurs, especially since I was an Asian American male applying for a STEM based major.
  • Collegebound021Collegebound021 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
  • awesomepolyglotawesomepolyglot Registered User Posts: 3,822 Senior Member
    Accepted: Rice (ED), UNC Charlotte, UTK
    Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


    SAT I (breakdown): 1600 superscore, 1560 single sitting (800 M), 6/6/8 writing
    ACT: 36
    SAT II: 800 Math II, 770 Chem, 750 Bio E
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): n/a (top 10% is ranked, but I'm not in the top 10%)
    AP (place score in parenthesis): 5 on HG, Bio, Chem, APUSH, Lang; 4 on Physics 1
    IB (place score in parenthesis): n/a
    Senior Year Course Load: APES, AP Lit, study hall, APCSA, AP US Gov/AP Macro (1 period), AP Calc BC, AP Physics C
    Awards on Application: USABO Semifinalist (10), National German Exam gold (9), AP Scholar with Distinction (11), National Merit Commended (11), Jefferson Book Award (11)


    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Climbing (9-12), SciBowl (captain 11, 9-12), SciOly (9-12, VP 12), Linguistics Olympiad (9-12, VP 11, P 12), GSA (9-12, VP 11, P 12), BioOly (9-12, but very little time devoted), German Club (9-10), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12)
    Job/Work Experience: work at climbing gym (9-12)
    Volunteer/Community service: none (not even for MAO)
    Summer Activities: Governor's School
    Essays: CA 8/10 (about being afraid of heights), Why Rice 9/10 (about how I could do a lot of stuff there), Why Major 9/10 (about how SciOly has introduced me to a lot of cool science stuff, linked it to Rice), Perspectives 6/10 (about climbing. Also, I didn't give myself NEARLY enough time to write it!)
    Teacher Recommendation: AP Chem teacher predicted about 8/10, AP Lang predicted to be about the same
    Counselor Rec: 6/10 she has a LOOOOTTTT of students, and thus doesn't get to know any of them super well.
    Additional Rec: from climbing coach. Probably about 9/10?
    Interview: 8/10, was almost 2 hours long. My interviewer and I really clicked, but I also literally dabbed.


    State (if domestic applicant): TN
    Country (if international applicant): USA
    Intended major(s): Most anything in the science field LOL
    School Type: medium public, kind of competitive
    Ethnicity: white
    Gender: F
    Income Bracket: 150k-175k
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): none at all

    Strengths: Test scores, demonstrated interest at Rice (like, a lot), dedication to one EC and pretty good results in two others, recs from English teacher and climbing coach, interview

    Weaknesses: I'm gonna list these out in bullet point format.
    -I didn't prepare much for my interview.
    -I wasn't in the top 10% of my high school class.
    -I did NO research and ONE community service hour.
    -I didn't do much in the summers after freshman and sophomore year.
    -I'm not a physics god. The last two people from my school to get in to Rice were. Guess it didn't matter that much
    -One of my Rice supps was written kind of last minute.
    -I talked about climbing a bit too much in my interview!

    Why you think you were accepted to your alma mater: I showed a lot of interest and was able to tie my passion for climbing in to my love for science, my perspective on life, and how I'll contribute to the Rice community.

    Reflections on the whole process: I'm so, so, so glad that I EDed. It's not for everybody, but it was the right decision for me.

    Anything you'd do differently in high school: I would've quit orchestra earlier. It wasn't very fulfilling for me and I would've replaced with APCSP.

    Advice you have for future applicants:
    -Make sure that your essays could only be written by you AND that they're specific to the school. All of my Rice supps mentioned either student organizations or field work in certain classes.
    -Bring a resume for the interview!
    -Apply to your safeties EA.
    -It's okay to prepare for the interview and to refine your essays. But make sure that YOU come across.
    -You won't be prepared for every interview question.
    -Look up your interviewer on LinkedIn if you can.
    -Do NOT build your high school career around college admissions. Do as much as you can for yourself. The only things I did for college applications were taking standardized tests and filling out CommonApp.
    -There's a series of YouTube videos floating around in which a former AO discusses the strengths and weaknesses of sample admissions profiles. Don't watch them, you'll stress yourself out!
    -Your dream school will likely change. It's fine. Freshman year, I was obsessed with MIT. Now, I'm going to Rice and my best friend is going to go to MIT.
    -Take advantage of little and random opportunities. I first found out about Rice by finding a brochure in a drinking fountain. I tried NACLO because it seemed easier than Biology Olympiad. (It's a difficult comparison. They're both harder.)
    -Be happy for your friends!
    -Decision day, especially if you apply ED, sucks. Until 4:00, it was on track to be the second-worst day of my life. Bring earbuds to school. (I forgot mine...) Listen to music. Watch whatever shows and videos that you think will help you stay distracted. Recruit your friends to help you stay calm. (The only reason I survived from 3 to 4 without having a breakdown is because one of my friends blew bubbles.)
    -Be realistic. You can't plan on being valedictorian or getting a 35. On the other hand, don't sell yourself short. In my MIT-obsessed phase, I doubted that I'd be able to get a 3.5 or a 31 in high school. (But I also thought I belonged at MIT... huh.)
    -College is not the end-all, be-all. You can be happy and successful no matter where you go, and you can almost always transfer!

  • pleasehelpme340pleasehelpme340 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    edited January 7
    this is probably a long shot based on the sheer amount of posts but Spanks what are you majoring in?
  • homeeducatorhomeeducator Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    Average SAT scores to schools are readily available online. Trying to figure out what admissions officers are looking for on any given day is akin to asking The Magic Eight Ball. I know how hard my student had to work to get the scores they did and I have an idea of their strengths and weaknesses and if they can remain motivated being at the bottom of the class or really are motivated by being at the top. All of these things can factor in when choosing a school and a major. Rather than ask if your 1400 will get you into Harvard instead ask "Do I want to go to Harvard with my SAT of 1400 when the average SAT is 1520?"
  • homeeducatorhomeeducator Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    I think the scores are relevant because I have not seen many students with scores lower than 1500 on SAT even posting here.
  • iwantcollegeplziwantcollegeplz Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    edited January 13
    Accepted: Bates College (ED), UIUC, IUB, Pittsburgh, Michigan
    Waitlisted: Deferred by Colorado College
    Rejected: None
    Major: History


    SAT I (breakdown): None
    ACT: 35 34M, 35 Reading, 36 English, 36 Science
    Writing: 11/12
    SAT II: None
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): None Given. If using the B=3.0. A=4.0 Method around a 2.9
    Weighted GPA: 3.5 3.3Freshman 3.1Junior 3.7 Senior 3.6
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):Top 60-80%
    AP (place score in parenthesis): 5 on World History, Psych, Macro, Micro, Psych, APUSH, 4 on Lan
    IB (place score in parenthesis): n/a
    Senior Year Course Load: AP Euro His, USH, Calculus, O Chem, Chinese, English Lit, Creative Writing
    Awards on Application: Debate Awards(Finalist at an American National Tournament, TOC Qualifier, Winning University Tournaments in China as a high schooler), National Econ Competition 3rd Place e.t.c


    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
    Debate: First Chinese student to qualify for TOC in America, English is not my first language but I made it to the finals of some major debate competitions in America on the National Circuit. First Chinese student to break at a policy camp tournament,
    Debate Tutor(Founder): Debate In China is a monopoly by big companies. SO I started tutoring students in a lot of cities to help them with their debating skills. Organized a bunch of seniors to do the same thing.
    Unrecognized Minorities(9-12)(Founder): Researched and published essays about unrecognized minorities in China.
    History Research: researched my school's history
    Class Vice President(11-12)
    Documentary about Bipolar Patients(11): Co-founder. Shot a documentary and got around 100k views
    Econ Team(11) Created an Economics Team and went to competitions
    Investment Club(9-12) Co-Founder: Expanded the club from 0-60, weekly meetings et.c
    Boxing: 200 pounds boxing

    Job/Work Experience: Own Startup
    Summer Activities: Northwestern Debate Institute, Unrecognized Minorities Research, Internship

    Essays: CA 9/10 (How debate helped me recover from a familial situation and inspired me to love history), I SPEND 6 months of time on it.
    Teacher Recommendation: Literature 8.5/10 Friends with the teacher, real chill. English class is basically the only class i listen to and care a lot about. Business Management 9/10: The teacher knew me on a personal level and wrote on the Reco that I'm the best student she ever taught in 15 years.
    Counselor Rec: 6/10, we didn't like each other.
    Additional Rec: Debate Coach, the guy knew me for 6 years and watched me change from someone who can't speak proper English to becoming one of the best debaters in China.
    Interview: 8/10, did initial view, went great. Nothing too spectacular. The guy made me do an impromptu speech and I nailed it.


    State (if domestic applicant):
    Country (if international applicant): China
    Intended major(s): History
    School Type: Crazy competitive school, ACT Average 34, highest IB average in the world.. 90% of students get a 5 on all of their ap exams. As Chinese as it gets LOL
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Gender: M
    Income Bracket: 500k USD+
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): First Gen
    Strengths: Activities+ Essay
    Weaknesses: I'm gonna list these out in bullet point format.
    --GPA, GPA, GPA
    --I didn't study in High School and crammed all of my work.

    Why you think you were accepted to your alma mater : unique essay(I had 35 drafts), I may not have the best grades in my school but I had interesting activities that I spend a lot of time on.

    Reflections on the whole process:
    -Stop being so anxious about ED results. I gained 30 pounds from stress eating lol.
    - Chose your ED school wisely. Don't reach too high. It's a great opportunity.
    - IF you are international, apply to schools that are friendly to international students. For example, Cornell, being higher ranked than Notre Dame, is significantly easier to get in as an International Student
    -Find something you are passionate about
    -Write real things on your essay, it just flows better.

    Anything you'd do differently in high school: I would have studied and chosen my high school courses wisely. Do more community service

    Advice you have for future applicants:
    Schools can be forgiving for your GPA! JUST WORK HARD in other fields!!!!
    But it's best to have a high GPA.

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