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can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?


Replies to: can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?

  • glucose101glucose101 4585 replies679 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Do yall' mind writing your essay topics/themes also please?
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  • GetOuttaBuffaloGetOuttaBuffalo 678 replies172 threadsRegistered User Member
    yea essay topics would be great!
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  • ScurfScurf 125 replies14 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Accepted: Kenyon (attending), Oberlin, Macalester, Centre
    Waitlisted: Dartmouth, Brown, Tufts, Wash U
    Rejected: None

    School Type: Public
    Location: Kentucky
    Race/Gender: Caucasian
    Prospective Major: Undecided
    Unweighted GPA: 4.0
    Weighted GPA: 4.24
    Class rank: 1, not shared

    ACT Scores (single sitting)
    Composite: 31
    English: 34
    Math: 27
    Reading: 32
    Science: 32
    Writing: 10

    SAT II Scores
    SAT II Literature: 730
    SAT II U.S. History: 690

    AP Scores:
    US History: 5
    English Lang/Comp: 4

    *Governor’s Scholars Program 5-week selective entry program, design selected for campus t-shirts
    *Savannah Summer Seminars: 1-week program at Savannah College of Art and Design
    *Shakespearean drama 1-week seminar

    *National Forensic League (NFL): 20 Hrs/wk, 42 Wks/yr, 9th-12th
    Captain, designed t-shirts for 2 years, volunteer as coach (6 Hrs/wk, 35 Wks/yr for 3 years), numerous national and state awards listed, most notably, 17th at Nationals
    * Piano: 5-11 Hrs/wk, 52 Wks/yr, 9th-12th - Play for 9 years,
    * Art: 5-15 Hrs/wk, 52 Wks/yr, 9th-12th - Selected to paint mural for school district, volunteer as an aid at art conferences (12 Hrs/wk, 1 Wk/yr for 4 years), numerous regional and state awards listed
    *Mock Trial: 18 Hrs/wk, 31 Wks/yr, 11th-12th – Prosecution attorney, 2nd at regional against national champion team.
    *International Thespian Society: 35 Hrs/wk, 9 Wks/yr, 9th-12th - Charter member (over 100 hours), designed t-shirts, lighting technician/actor for many school plays
    *Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP): 10 Hrs/wk, 5 Wks/yr, 9th-12th – Editor-in-chief of state paper, selected for conference every year
    *Academic Team (Governor’s Cup) - 8 Hrs/wk, 22 Wks/yr, 9th-12th – Moderator, FPS, Arts and Humanities, Math, Science, Composition, both state and invitational awards listed.
    *Community Theatre Guild: 35 Hrs/wk, 5 Wks/yr, 9th-12th – 13 shows, volunteer for children’s theatre (9th-12th, 90+ Hrs per show)
    *Co-Ed-Y (Mock UN/Congress): 6 Hrs/wk, 35 Wks/yr, 12th – President, Congressional Delegate award, qualified for national conference.
    *Future Educators of America (FEA): 4Hrs/Wks, 20 Wks/yr, 12th - Press Officer, student mentor
    *Math Tutoring: 6 Hrs/wk, 20 Wks/yr, 12th
    *V/JV Tennis Team: 25 Hrs/wk, 11 Wks/yr, 9th-10th
    *School's Morning Announcements: 2 Hrs/wk, 36 Wks/yr, 11th-12th

    *College Course: Spring 2006, local university

    *All very well written, writing is a strong suit

    *Both were highly complimentary, one was written by an AP English teacher and was phenomenal.
    *Counselor was somewhat unreliable, so not sure.

    *2006 Junior Miss: Local winner with state placements
    *Foreign Language Competition Placements Listed
    *Inaugural Class of KY 2004 (selected by University of KY)
    *KY Commonwealth Diploma (State AP Recognition)
    *School Awards Listed

    Hope this helps! Sorry if it is too long. I tried to be thorough because these really helped me with my application process.
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  • glucose101glucose101 4585 replies679 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    On essays...can you share what you wrote about, not just how good they were?
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  • ScurfScurf 125 replies14 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    My essay is hard to summarize. I wrote about viewing the world 2-dimensionally, in black and white, weaving an analogy through with television. For the Tufts additional essay, I picked wich news story was ignored in 2005 and answered the decline of democratic rights in Russia.
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  • brooke_ubrooke_u 309 replies16 threadsRegistered User Member
    Accepted: UChicago EA (attending..I didn't apply anywhere else because Chicago was my top choice by far)

    School Type: Public
    Location: Saint Paul, MN
    Race/Gender: Caucasian
    Prospective Major: Mathematics/Economics
    Unweighted GPA: 3.9 approx
    Weighted GPA: 4.82
    Class rank: 11/410

    ACT Scores (single sitting)
    Composite: 32
    English: 31
    Math: 30
    Reading: 32
    Science: 33
    Writing: 29

    SAT Scores
    Composite: 2130
    Math: 790
    Verbal: 700
    Writing: 640

    SAT II Scores
    SAT II Math 2: 800
    SAT II Chem: 730
    SAT II Physics: 690

    AP Scores:
    Calc BC: 5
    Physics C E&M: 5
    Physics C Mech: 4
    Chem: Not sure yet..I took it late
    Biology: 4
    Econ Micro: 5
    Econ Macro: 5

    IB Scores (out of 7):
    French SL: 5
    Chem SL: 5
    Math HL: 5
    Bio HL: 5
    Physics HL: 5
    Econ HL: 5
    English HL: 6

    *Worked with a math professor at the U of MN on a math project having to do with wavelets
    *FEE(foundation for economic education) 1 week seminar
    *Volunteered at the math library at the U of MN

    *University of Minnesota talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP), through which I took my math classes from grades 7-11
    * Trumpet Lessons/Minnesota youth Symphonies
    * National Honor Society (committee head of the multicultural festival)
    * Econ Challenge Team (1st place in regionals, 3rd in state)
    * badminton team

    Possible Hooks: I took all of the IB Sciences offered at my school (3 years bio, 2years physics, 2 years chem). I also (through UMTYMP and through U of MN) was able to take the following math courses: 3 years of calc (including multivar), linear algebra, combinatorics, and topology(grad level)

    Essays: "mind that does not stick" prompt on the uchi app. I wrote a short story about writing an essay.

    *National Merit Scholarship
    *AP award (don't remember which one)
    *IB diploma
    *many department awards at my school
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  • A2Wolves6A2Wolves6 4039 replies193 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I agree and disagree with zoogies. I agree that you shouldn't be wasting your time looking at everyone's stats on this site because this site has the top applicants, the CC acceptance rate is much higher than the normal acceptance rate at these universities.

    However, I think it's essential to know what your chances are at schools, and where you can get in. You shouldn't be looking and researching schools out of your league.
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  • mommusicmommusic 8232 replies69 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Congrats to you Bowser!

    Otherwise, this is a pretty depressing thread. Kids with major ECs, stats, recs, who didn't get in to HYP. I guess it's useful as a warning to find other schools you can love and that will love you.
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  • american_in_canadaamerican_in_canada 332 replies59 threadsRegistered User Member
    yeah that's very encouraging... it gives me no reason to complain about stats and stuff when you had to go through something like that...
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  • julyinohjulyinoh 799 replies95 threadsRegistered User Member
    Zoogies, some of us like to see more than average test scores at schools. As a lot of us know, scores alone won't get you in and that's why we like seeing the whole package and forming our own conclusions..
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  • dvlfnfv5dvlfnfv5 2529 replies23 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I'll do a very brief version of what everyone's said...

    I'm a male from NJ
    GPA: 3.89 W
    SAT: 2060 (750M 650W 660V)
    SAT II: Math II - 720, US History - can't remember
    School doesn't rank, but I was 3rd-4th decile.

    ECs (very briefly and hastily written)

    Eagle Scout (a whole lot of other leadership stuff here and volunteering)
    NJ Youth Orchestra
    Band/Orchestra in School
    Peer Leadership
    X-C (Two Letters)
    Other miscellaneous things I'm forgetting.


    Indiana University - Accepted to KSB and honors w/$
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Accepted to b-school
    Rutgers - Accepted
    University of Michigan - Deferred-Waitlisted-Accepted-Attending (hahaha)
    NYU, Cornell, USC, UT-Austin, Wash U - Rejected
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  • GetOuttaBuffaloGetOuttaBuffalo 678 replies172 threadsRegistered User Member
    ^ what is ur state of residency? (curious about the $ from indiana)
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  • dvlfnfv5dvlfnfv5 2529 replies23 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    lol i edited it in a sec ago, if you have any Q, just ask
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