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can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?

GetOuttaBuffaloGetOuttaBuffalo 678 replies172 threads Member
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One current post lists a person's stats, what schools they applied to, and their results. This would be an even better alternative to someone randomly posting "can i get into cornell?" We don't know, but looking at the stats of people who did and did not get in will help you make a more educated guess.

See what I'm saying? So could more graduated seniors who just went through the process post their stats and results? That would rock! Thanks guys!!
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Replies to: can more graduated seniors do "actual results" threads?

  • A2Wolves6A2Wolves6 4039 replies193 threads Senior Member
    Just search for 2006 decisions in the school you're interested in's forum. Basically all the schools have acceptance/rejection threads, although you're going to find a higher percentage of acceptances posted than rejections because people aren't going to come on and brag about their rejection. Or if you find a poster with similar stats, search that member's posts and check out where they got in/were rejected.
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  • KG974KG974 424 replies43 threads Member
    i think the OP wants specific Threads to be given... prolly so they're easier to search for ... and comment on
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  • 2boysima2boysima 1737 replies57 threads Senior Member
    When listing schools, please note where you will be attending (unless you think it will create confidentiality issues.)
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  • JC-FighterPilotJC-FighterPilot 69 replies13 threads Junior Member
    ill do my brother's:

    Gpa: 3.7 UW at both community college and H.S
    4.0 W


    SAT: 1150 (math & verbal)

    - Varsity tennis
    _ JV wrestling
    - NHS


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  • huskem55huskem55 4230 replies54 threadsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation Senior Member
    i can do my sister, even though she looked at schools that people on this board would rarely be interested in:

    White female, competitive public high school, CT. documented medical issues and resulting LDs.

    3.3gpa (UW, but only took 1 AP class, no honors)
    ~1060 SAT

    Most show her passion in working with kids (jobs, volunteering)
    some other volunteer work
    active member/president of youth group
    weekly religious culture classes (at night)
    2 yrs on sports team
    2 yrs of band

    excellent recs
    good essays

    uconn- deferred, rejected
    northeastern- rejected
    bryant - accepted, large scholarship
    quinnipiac- accepted
    uri - accepted
    u hartford- accepted, half tuition, attending.
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  • XSibaginXSibagin 34 replies9 threads Junior Member
    sorry but what is UC
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  • dvlfnfv5dvlfnfv5 2529 replies23 threads Senior Member
    Generally, UC would refer to any school within the University of California system. However, it could represent a variety of other schools.
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