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Virginia Tech Engineering chances

kavskavs 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
I'm from northern Virginia.
Race: South Asian
Gender: Female

SAT: 1350 (Math: 750 English: 600)
GPA: 4.09 (out of a 4.8 scale- I took 5 AP's already and taking 3 this year with two duel enrollment classes)
Class rank: 107 out of 389 students (73% percentile)

- President and founder of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) Club

- Key club for 3 years including this year

- Teen Leadership Council (@ local library and we make and run events for younger kids there -- I have a marketing position in it)

- Varsity Tennis for two years including this year (we won districts, placed 2nd in regionals, and made it to states)

-Unicef club for 3 years including this year

-Guitar club for two years including this year

- Have over 120 volunteering hours

- GIVE Tutoring for two years including this year (it's a program called giveyouth and I help tutor kids for free at my local library)

-NHS only one year (idk if I should mention on college apps because I only did a year)

-Last year I helped with a 5k run to raise money for the national meningitis fund (I helped raised money by asking businesses in exchange for an opportunity to promote their business during the 5k run).
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Replies to: Virginia Tech Engineering chances

  • cbl1cbl1 416 replies5 threadsForum Champion Virginia Tech Forum Champion
    edited September 15
    For engineering major its going to be a bit of a toss up I'm afraid. Do you have anything like first time college in family going for you? Legancy Parents? Female and Minority help some. The more you have the better it will help. Any thought on taking SAT again or trying ACT - anything helps. If VT is first choice try Early Admission and be sure to fully answer and proofreed the short writing prompts.
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  • kavskavs 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    I'm planning on taking the SAT again to bump up a English so hoping my overall score goes to high 1300s and maybe a 1400. I felt like my math score (750) was pretty good so I'm going to focus on English. Also, I plan on applying early anyways so hopefully I get in.
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  • dmvmomx2dmvmomx2 30 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Virginia Tech engineering is definitely a hard program for anyone to get into but you still have a decent chance. As mentioned above, I would suggest taking the ACT if you can. My kid who is much stronger in math/sci did better on the ACT than the SATs. Yes, mention NHS even if it has only been one year. Speaking as an asian female in STEM myself, being asian and female may be helpful for admission but it's not as helpful as it used to be.

    Are you also considering UVA? They also have a good engineering program and IME their process for admissions may help you. If you are considering UVA definitely go to any prospective student events you can. My son went to an engineering open house (can't remember where it was, but we are also in Nova) and we also took a visit on campus. He also corresponded a bit with the Nova UVA admissions officer.

    Good luck!

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