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"Chance Me" Thread for 2024 Applicants

XxdreamsXxdreams 2 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
"Chance me" thread for seniors applying this year for fall 2020 admission
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Replies to: "Chance Me" Thread for 2024 Applicants

  • XxdreamsXxdreams 2 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Dartmouth College, Yale University, Barnard College, Cornell University, Brown University, Swarthmore College, Vanderbilt University, University of Notre Dame, University of Chicago, William and Mary, American University, Vassar College, Boston College, Fordham University, University of Virgina, Lehigh University

    -Unweighted GPA: 4.0
    -Weighted GPA (10-12): 4.6

    -# of AP/honors courses: 10
    Honors Pre-Calculus
    AP European History-4
    AP Microeconomics-4
    AP Macroeconomics-4
    AP Statistics-3
    AP US History-5
    AP Language and Composition-4
    AP Physics- currently taking
    AP US Government- currently taking
    AP Language and Literature- currently taking
    AP Computer Science- currently taking

    -Class Rank: 4/230

    -SAT/ACT scores: 1350 superscore 690 Math 660 Reading/Writing

    -SAT II scores:
    US History- 690


    10, 11, 12 4 hr/wk, 32 wk/yr
    Founder/Editor-in-Chief of my school newspaper
    "The Jaguar Post" is the student newspaper of my high school. I founded it the end of my freshman year.

    Student Govt./Politics
    10, 11, 12 4 hr/wk, 36 wk/yr
    Student Leadership/Junior Class President/Treasure
    Improving campus culture through student wide events was Junior Class President and Treasurer for Senior year

    9, 10, 11, 12 6 hr/wk, 8 wk/yr
    Captain/ Academic League
    Traveling for academic competitions with local high schools

    Junior Counselor/ Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership
    Leadership Conference
    10, 11, 12 20 hr/wk 2wk/yr

    10 40 hr/wk, 8 wk/yr
    Intern/Senator Joel Anderson Internship
    Constituent Correspondence

    Pharmacy: Front End Sales Manager/Media Manager 20 hrs/wk 52 wks/yr
    Deli: Short order cook 30 hrs/wk 18 wk/yr

    CASL State Board Finalist

    HOBY Leadership Conference Finalist

    Rotary Club Speech Contest Finalist

    Girl State Alternate

    AP Scholar with Distinction

    -short explanation on recs/essays:
    Common App: my intellectual journey from an ideologue to intellect
    Emphasizes my curiosity, willingness to self-reflect, and criticize my own opinions.
    Letter of Recs:
    10/10 APUSH teacher corroborating my common app to my journey to intellectualism
    10/10 AP Lang & Comp teacher highlight my leadership and my ability to rise up from a loss (losing a huge thing in my life)
    10/10 Pharmacy Employer highlight my work ethic and ideas to strive for better
    10/10 Peer rec for dartmouth (she is attending that school) talking about my strengths
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  • TechnElixirTechnElixir 10 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    edited September 12
    Hi !
    I am an international student hoping to study computer Engineering. What chances in Dartmouth , Brown, Duke, Columbia, NYU, Georgia tech, UIUC, Purdue, Penn State, UCLA, UCB,UCSD, UPenn , Cornell, USC, UT Austin, Texas A&M do I have considering the following profile.
    SAT 1: 1420 ( RW: 660; MATH: 760)
    SAT 2 PHYISCS: 730 but not needed for UC's
    GPA: 4/4 for all 3 years of coursework (12th grade results won't be out before application deadline).

    1. Lead Guitarist of the school rock band performing at National Competitions for 2 years, finishing 1st and 3rd respectively. Also performed at an even that had schools from foreign countries.
    2. Leader of the school Cricket team, the most competitive sport of my city. finished a close second from a pool of around 75 teams. Also won 3 trophies in different competitions.
    3. Designed a motion detection rover for disaster and calamities/ security . Won the best project prize at school's biennial science exhibition. Designing included experience with circuits and coding.
    4. Volunteer work of over 60 hours by being part of school's social service club and also on a personal level, providing meals for underprivileged every 6 months.
    5. Also participated in olympiads and other national competition. Won a gold medal at National Cyber Olympiad but way back in 2013.
    6. Learnt to code in QBasic, C++, Visual Basic, Arduino IDE. Also have my own blog talking about technology.

    Asian, parents can afford education without scholarship. Also recommend safety schools for Engineering.
    edited September 12
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