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chance me ED UChicago

spam55555333spam55555333 0 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
Let me know my chances, and yes I understand they're probably low

-SAT: 1500 (770 r&e, 730 m)
-SAT II: Math I 800, Math II 750, Lit 730
-GPA; 3.93 UW
-Have taken all Honors and APs available at my school
-Senior Class Load: AP Bio, AP Macro, AP Stats, AP Gov, 2 semester-long honors english courses, 2 semester-long honors history courses, seminar course
-My school doesn't rank but I'm regarded as a top student

-Violinist in a selective Youth Orchestra, Violinist in a nationally recognized group, Concertmistress at school's orchestra, Attended selective Study Abroad program for violin, attended Region Orchestra, NHS, member of mayor's youth council, restaurant hostess, Selective scholars program, Brown summer program, UofSC honors camp, SPQR, and other clubs I'm not as much involved in

-Book Award, AP Scholar, National Latin Exam Magna Cum Lauda, Dean's List, Scholar program magna cum laude

-Common App Essay: Every person I've asked to read it has literally said 10/10, it is a funny essay that is unique
-Haven't finished supplementals
-Recommendations: I haven't read them but I'd say they're probably 9/10 based on what those teachers have said

I am white and from a small city in South Carolina, where literally no one I know is EDing to Uchicago, I'm applying for financial aid but don't expect too much
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  • marlowe1marlowe1 742 replies20 threadsRegistered User Member
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    As an old alumnus I'm not au courant on marks, scores and EC's in today's competitive world. Yours seem at least very good. Someone else will be able to comment with more precision. What gets my attention is your last sentence. I think it will also get the attention of the admissions people at the U of C.

    Applicants from small cities in the deep south are perhaps not as rare now as they once were, but they are still unusual. I believe the University wants them in order to balance its overall cultural reach. It also likes aspirational kids who see attending the University of Chicago as a way of realizing their aspirations. In your "Why Chicago" essay you ought to look into your heart and deal as honestly and forthrightly and eloquently as you possibly can with why you want to leave all you know and journey to a formidably rigorous school in a teeming metropolis. That sounds like it could be an appealing story if you tell it well.
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  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying 6775 replies24 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Nothing in your application as presented is problematic, but they will see lots and lots of similar applications. @marlowe1 is correct that the Why UChicago essay is crucial for you. For the Uncommon, choose a prompt that intrigues you and run with it. It can be clever, witty, creative, persuasive . . . whatever you choose. There are other CC threads about these essays if you need more up-front input, and of course UChicago provides some guidance as well on their admissions blog. If you leave your readers thinking they wish they had another essay of yours to peruse, you will have maximized your chances for admission.

    General piece of advice: Don't be too generous in sharing your essays - including the Common App Essay - with classmates, and definitely don't post them online for any reason. Too many do just that and the risk of getting ripped off far outweighs any possible helpful input. You want your voice to represent you, not some other person who likes what you wrote well enough to craft a similar essay. Trusted individuals such as parents, teachers, counselors, alums, etc. should have sufficient enough experience and perspective to provide helpful feedback as to clarity, grammatical correctness and, of course, ability to engage and interest the reader.

    Good luck!
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