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Chance Me For Princeton, UChicago, Northwestern, MIT, JHU, Swat, Pomona, Rochester

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Hi, I'm from Upstate NY, and go to a pretty good suburban school.

GPA: 98.38/102.14 (* 1.05 for honors, * 1.1 for AP) - would be 98.61/102.35 if not counting classes taken in middle school. I've taken challenging courses, but limited advanced offerings in 9th grade
SAT: 1570 (800 EBRW, 770 Math)
Class Rank: No Rank, but definitely top 5 out of 220ish
Subject Tests: 800 Math II, 800 World History, 800 Bio E, 780 Chem
APs (all 5's): World History, Environmental Science (self-studied), Biology
Comp Sci A (self-studied), English Language, Music Theory (self studied), US History
Senior Year Classes:
SUPA Writing (SU Project Advance)
AP Chem
AP Calc AB (going to take BC exam)
AP Physics 1 (going to take C Mechanics exam)
PLTW Engineering Design and Development
Gov/Econ (required by New York)

Science Olympiad:
- President for 2 years
- Multiple State Medals
Mock Trial:
- President for 2 years
Biology Research Internship at local University
Work at Ice Cream Store 20+ hrs per week May-September
- Conference All-State Alternate (Mallet Percussion)
- Area All-State and All-County
- Pit Orchestra (school and external production)
- Youth Orchestra (only sophomore year, was terribly run)
Volunteered at local refugee center
Model U.N.:
- Awards at largest conference in area
Did cross-country and track for 2 years, but didn't like it and wasn't that good

Recommendations (will only send 2 teachers, not sure which yet):
Engineering Teacher: (9/10) had for 2 years in class, Scioly adviser, wrote recommendation for summer program and said they might think I was his son, he wrote such nice things
Bio Teacher: (7/10) done extremely well in class, clearly showed passion for bio, but never really clicked with personality
English Teacher: (7/10) got to know me pretty well, contributed a lot in class
Mock Trial Adviser: (10/10) She freaking loves me, known for 3 years
Counselor: (8/10) Don't know that well, but she said she'd write really good stuff, especially with the self-studying I've done and how involved I am in clubs

Awards: Nothing Substantial :(
National Merit Semi-finalist
National honor Society (means nothing at my school)
AP Scholar
A bunch of in-school awards

Intended Major- Biochem or Biomolecular Engineering
Income-~150000, but cares about financial aid because of three kids in college at once
Double Legacy at Swat
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