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Do I have a chance at getting into UMich, NYU, and the University of Miami?

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Hello, so I am currently a senior in high school applying to college. Of the schools I am applying to, University of Michigan, NYU, and UMiami are probably the most competitive. I was just wondering if anyone thinks I have a chance.

Here is more about me:
I go to a dual-enrollment school. There are about 180 students in total and 54 students in my graduating class. The school has a "13th grade", so you do an extra year of high school but graduate with your associate's degree or close to it along with your high school diploma. I will have 54 credits done when I graduate in the spring. I will also be entering college as a freshman instead of a transfer student. I am also from Michigan and am African-American.
HS GPA: 3.89 unweighted
College GPA: 3.97
AP: none because my school doesn't offer them
SAT score: 1290 (waiting on the score of the one I just took)
College classes taken: a variety of science, social sciences, english, and two math classes (Statistics and Trig)
Intended Major: Biopsychology Cognitive Neuroscience (UMich) and Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscience everywhere else with a pre-med track
Leadership: Student Government secretary, NHS President, Spanish Club Secretary and later President, Yearbook Editor
Job: 10-15 hours a week since I was 16
Long-term Service: Volunteer at a children's hospital for 2 years, Volunteer on a Crisis Hotline for 6 months (since you have to be 18), Volunteer with children with special needs (2 years) (all service is still ongoing)
Total Hours: 450 hours of service
Summer Camps: Camp Psych (Gettysburg College, Summer going into 11th grade)
UMich Health Sciences Pre-exposure Academy (Summer going into 12th), UMiami Summer Scholars Program with credit earned (This past summer)
Internship: with a mental health organization (ongoing since September 2019)
I also took four years of Spanish and am teaching myself to become fluent. I want to be a child psychiatrist or do something working with children and mental health because that is my passion.

I know my SAT score is low for those schools, so I'm praying it miraculously shot up to the high 1300's range. I figured I would get others input, so any help would be tremendous. Thank you!
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