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Chance me for EA at Stanford, Duke and Davidson

isabel72isabel72 10 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
I am a senior applying to colleges and am wondering if I have any chance

SAT - 1560 (800 Math, 760 R)
ACT - 35
GPA - 4.0 unweighted 4.95 weighted
Rank - 24 out of 376
AP's - HG (5), WH, (4) Psych (5), Chem (5), Calculus AB (5), English (5)
Dual Enrolled at local College - US Gov, US Hist, Econ
Senior Schedule - AP Calc BC, College Physics, Symphonic Band Honors, Honors Jazz Band, AP Spanish 5, AP English Lit

Band Leadership Team
AP Scholar with Distinction
Florida Scholar Designation
Florida Gold Seal of Biliteracy
National Merit Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation
Named to Four County Honor Band, and 1st Chair Euphonium
MVP Award Treasure Coast Rowing Club
Florida State Rowing Champion Freshman Women’s 4+
Florida State Rowing Champion Junior Women’s 8+
Prepped Adult masters 8+ boat for Head of the Charles
1st Chair Euphonium JBHS Symphonic Band
Spanish Honor Society Homecoming Representative
Superiors and Superior with Distinction at State Music Performance Assessments in both Euphonium and Piano Solos
Gold Cup award from National Federation of Music Clubs for Piano Solos

Math tutor

Summer Youth Services Volunteer at West Palm Beach Veterans Admin Hospital
Annual Piano recitals for Assisted Living Facilities in my area
Volunteer at annual Marathon of the Treasure Coast since its inception (5 years)
Volunteer at free Learn to Row days

Planning to apply as Psychology major
2 of my recommendations I think are really good, one from my spanish teacher who I have had for 3 years and one from my calculus teacher who has had me for 2 years. Not sure yet how the others are as they have not shown me.

My personal statement is about overcoming Trictrichotillomania (an anxiety disorder) and how it has inspired me to study psychology in order to help others.

I am a hispanic female from Florida, from public high school and will not be applying for financial aid. My father did his medical residency at Stanford.

Would love any input on my chances at Stanford, Duke and Davidson. Thanks

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Replies to: Chance me for EA at Stanford, Duke and Davidson

  • sgopal2sgopal2 3495 replies49 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Of the 3 colleges you listed, only Stanford has EA (restrictive). Duke and Davidson have ED. Davidson also has ED2. Yours stats are definitely within the range for all 3.

    The thing that worries me is that you have a GPA 4.0 UW. But your class rank is #24. This means that 23 people ahead of you also have perfect GPAs. Admissions readers dread high schools like this, because it means rampant grade inflation.

    Good luck
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  • isabel72isabel72 10 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Yes I agree, my school uses the weighted gpa for class ranking and my class rank is lower because I have consistently taken band which is not weighted until Junior and Senior year and only as Honors...so kids that dont do band or chorus can take tons of online dual enrollment classes or aps that inflate their weighted gpa's and therefore bring up their class rank. Band and music is how I relax and express creativity and helps keep me balanced so to me it was not worth giving it up to jump up in class rank. I plan to make a statement to this in the Common App supplemental information. I take Jazz band (it counts as a class) and arrive at school one hour early every weekday for four years and then symphonic band as well. On top of this, I have also taken way more sciences, maths, language and social science/history classes than what is required for graduation. I too have chosen to go to academic summer sessions in sciences through Johns Hopkins CTY program for 3 summers. I hope they realize I really do have a passion for learning and a natural inquisitiveness, but like to balance it with my passion for music as well at the detriment of my class rank.
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  • sgopal2sgopal2 3495 replies49 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Get your counselor to mention the inflation issue in his/her letter. It will be a better place than your personal statement.

    Just want to point out one last thing. Stanford has restrictive EA. This means that you can't apply to another other colleges with non-binding EA (like MIT, UChicago, Caltech). Whereas Duke has ED but still allows concurrent EA apps.

    So you could theoretically apply Duke ED + EA UChicago + EA MIT + EA Caltech. And then if you get deferred/rejected by Duke, you would then be free to apply ED2 and RD. But if you decide to go the Stanford SCEA route, you would have to defer your other apps until after December.
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  • isabel72isabel72 10 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Thanks so much sgopal2 for your advise...spoke with my GC today and she plans to include the class rank issue in her recommendation letter. She said the band and chorus kids unfortunately seem to be the victims of the school class rank system. Will keep you posted.
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