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What are my chances in schools ?

hatchEgghatchEgg 1 replies1 threads New Member
I will be applying to the following schools:
- Cornell (Human Ecology College - Contract school) (ED)
- Haverford
- Colgate
- Wesleyan
- Boston University
- Yale
- Lafayette
- Dartmouth
-Case Western
-University of Maryland
- Some within the SUNY system that are safeties

- Brazilian
- Did all highschool in US (not international)
- Did sophomore and freshman year in Florida
- Junior and Senior year in NY
- NY resident
-Speak 4 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French
- Latino

My stats are:
- 35 on ACT: 36 English, 35 Math, 32 Reading, 35 Science
- 4.0 GPA (unweighted)
- Will be taking SAT Subject tests in Bio, Physics, and Math II
- 4 AP: Psych(5, sophomore), World History (5, junior), US History (5, sophomore), Human Geography (5, freshman)
- I take AP Calc BC in senior year
- My IB classes are: IB Physics HL, IB Bio HL, IB Lit HL, IB French SL, IB Econ SL, IB Math Studies SL (all classes take the exam in senior year)

1. Coding Tutor Organization that I created myself (teach middle school students and any other that are interested in learning how to code, for free)
2. Middle school tutor (tutor in middle school for general school subjects)
3. Part of the Board Committee for the Alzheimer's Association
4. Vice-President of Communication and Member of the National Honors Society
5. Varsity Tennis Player
6. Technology Student Association (TSA) member (placed top 10 in-state -Florida- in 3 competitions while winning 2nd place in one of them and classifying for nationals)
7. Fresh Market Trust board and volunteer (distribute food for families in need and any who are willing to come every month)
8. DECA club
9. National Leadership Conference, Boston at Harvard Medical School.

My only problems are that I think that my ECs are not significant enough, or not consistent since I had to move and they were broken (not so much long term).

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Replies to: What are my chances in schools ?

  • kpopmomrunnerkpopmomrunner 27 replies5 threads Junior Member
    You have an impressive stats! I have no doubt you will get in to quite a few if not more on the schools you listed, both private and public schools. I'm sure you will get into Colgate based on your achievements, stats and background as the school is really trying to diversify their student population. My daughter is a current freshman at the college. She never applied outside of NY. She was wait listed at NYU, got a presidential scholarship at StonyBrook but none at Binghamton, also presidential scholarships and grants from RIT, RPI and Clarkson. Denied at Columbia. It all boiled down to the FA she received and the proximity of Colgate from us, only 30 miles away. Good luck !!!
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 5720 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Safeties are very important. Definitely do not neglect your safeties. However, the SUNY's are in general very good. Also, like @kpopmomrunner I expect you to get into quite a few schools on your list. I am interpreting "Brazilian" as hispanic, which makes you hispanic with nearly perfect stats.

    I am not too worried about your ECs.

    You might want to run the NPCs unless you are fine with being full pay. Otherwise it looks to me that you are doing very well. Good job, and keep up the good work!
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