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chances for nursing????

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Demographics: Female, Asian, New Jersey, competitive public school, first gen

Intended Major(s): Nursing

SAT: 1350
Taking it this December, I’ve been getting 1300-1400s so I’d expect to get around a 1350

UW GPA: 3.2*
Freshman year UW - 3.4
Sophomore year UW - 3.0
*Hoping to get a 3.5-3.6 this year, which would raise it to a 3.3 for when I apply to college. On a good track so far.
Our WGPA scale is weird, it is very different from most schools so I won’t include it.

Coursework: All level 1 classes, only taken 3 honors classes, will have taken 4 honors in senior year.
Honors bio and honors language.
Our school leveling is (easiest to hardest), level 2, level 1, honors, etc.

Awards: rip

Precollege music program freshman year
Staff Writer for school newspaper freshman year
BOLD (BioCONECT Oncology Leadership Development) Initiative summer program at Rutgers
Orchestra first chair cello/principal cellist (solos, leadership…)
Doing Key Club for volunteer hours this year
Volunteered at a hospital over the summer (50 hours)
Volunteering at another hospital currently (will for about a year)
Planning to get a job soon, and hopefully will be able to get summer jobs as well

Planning to write about either an illness I battled or my disabled family member and how it helped me grow as a person. Hoping it will be very strong.

Schools: TCNJ, Rutgers NB, Stockton, Ramapo, Seton Hall, Montclair State, etc.

If you know any other schools with good nursing programs please let me know! I’m very worried as my gpa and sat are not very high but I would REALLY like to go into nursing!!! I did not do very well in bio as I had a bad teacher but am doing very well in chem this year so far. I know that bio and chem are important for nursing. I’d really like to know if I have any chance at these schools. I would LOVE to go to TCNJ, but am unsure if I have a chance. Thanks!
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