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Chance a stressed out lonely boy for T20s

arminsarmins 3 replies5 threads New Member
**Demographics:** Male, Indian, California, Semicompetitive Bay Area Public High School

Class size: 950

**Intended Major(s):** Econ w applied math or Finance

Sat: 1550
SatII math: 750-780 pending
SatII lit: 730-760 pending

**UW/W GPA and Rank:**
UW: 4.0
W: 4.57
School doesnt rank but top 2% (i saw a leaked list of gpas last year and compared mine)

Freshman: Can't take APs, took 2 honors classes

Sophomore: Apwh (4) Only AP available (<10 sophomores take AP science or math) also took 2 honors classes

Junior: USH (5), lang (5), Calc AB (5) + 2 honors classes

Senior: Calc BC, Literature, Gov, Econ, Stat, Bio (all APs)

-AP Scholar with Honor
-VE Microcapital Challenge Gold Award (state competition)
-A few speech and debate awards from districts and for breaking to outrounds at invitationals

Forensics Speech and Debate (11, 12) - Made outrounds to a couple invitationals in public forum, also did speech in a couple events and broke to outrounds same thing as debate

Marketing & Management - Virtual Enterprise (11, 12) - COO of school's simulation company (leadership position) (similar to DECA), I was in charge of managing $10k-30k real funds for the program.

Business Club- President (11, 12) - self explanatory just facilitated meetings it was p fun

Biz Podcast (11, 12) - made a podcast took a few months, did an episode on every business venture i had its about helping teens build wealth and earn money its kinda cool

Restaurant: Marketing (11, 12) - worked at restaurant not only washing dishes and doing basic accounting but also commissioned and edited a website, logo, menu, and contributed to internal improvements as well

Nonprofit intern (12): I might not get a long term position but I comissioned logo, made website, and got the opportunity to raise funds to develop a school for disadvantaged in mother country

Cepheus Co. (9, 10) - Gaming "startup", founded a game server by hiring web and java devs, graphic designers, ingame builders, etc had couple thousand unique joins and i shut it down

Reselling (9, 10, 11, 12) - Game accounts, Social media accounts, shoes, hype clothing and items. Have made thousands in profit, just a hobby ive carried throughout high school

Cross Country; Track & Field Member (9, 10) - got 2 var letters, 1 in each sport

Special Olympics (10) - Coached and competed with special education students in track and field, got to learn about everyones personalities it was a great experience

I dont put numbers on essays and i have two LORs from APlang and APUSH im not gonna put numbers on them but theyre decent

220~ volunteering hours, half from coaching a special ed track team, half from marketing and management course at school

**Schools:** List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc
upenn ED
Uchicago ED2
other Top20s
(applying to others dw...)
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